Three Reports

Dear family,

It’s certainly been a busy summer for us all. There was our 26th yearly meeting at Haus Shneida (North Germany), followed by the Federation meeting in The Netherlands, and then our annual DHO gathering for the USA – this time just outside of Portland, Oregon.

It feels right to share some impressions from 3 of these meetings. I hope the flavor transmits.


This years meeting at Shneida was well attended and very powerful. They just keep getting better. In addition to all our usual fun and frolicking, we had a new bed time story, and a new series of ‘home work’ assignments using the jewels in the centers. The walks continue to develop and grow, as do our German family. Aslan did great job with the dances and the choir (of course) was inspired. Subhan brought a book of his photos from last year’s gathering – how we have all grown and deepened over the past many years. Wonderful to see the teachings take hold in Germany. May the Message of God reach far and wide!


As you have already heard , the Federation Meeting was a loving festival of friends and family. The Sufi Movement (and Sufi Way) were our hosts, and they did a wonderful job of making everyone feel welcome and included into our larger Inayati family.

Our Pir, Shabda Khan, did a fabulous job of holding the energy, and we honored our living ‘elders’ during the meeting. It was very sweet (and long over due) to see the whole group acknowledge and honor Hidayat, Aziza and Karimbaksch. The American contingent included Shabda, myself, Jean Pierre, Aslan and Subhan. It was inspiring to feel our combined Ruhaniat energy within the group.

Inshallah! Next meeting we hope to have our “Lineage Board” operational again –
and show all the leaders of all the orders surrounding Hazrat Inayat Khan.

There was more dancing then usual (which was a treat) and in addition, we had zikrs, walks, morning ragas, reading from the Gathas, commentaries, and an adaptation of one of Hazrat Inayat Khans plays. {I got to play the ‘evil’ magician who attempts to lead the multitudes astray with his magnetism, and his promises of wealth, power, sex, etc.}

Next year (2010) is the 100 year anniversary of Hazrat Inayat Khans coming to the West. All our many activities in all orders will be dedicated to this seminal event, with multi-order activities all over the world – including the Urse in Delhi, and20our 2010 Federation Gathering – which will be hosted by the Ruhaniat just outside of San Francisco – April 28th to May 2nd.

This 2010 meeting of the Federation is being planned to be a Teaching Meeting -open to all of the family, and will feature teachings by the heads of the various Inayati Orders. What a great idea! I can’t wait.


Our Portland meeting was full…Mashallah! It was a treat to see all our American family again, and to join together in prayer and celebration. Folks were there from all over the USA – from west coast to east coast – north and south – The chapel where we met was filled with high energy, and the grounds spoke of loving care. It was a great place to meet and pray together.

I would like to share an extended sample of the meeting:

Najat opened our mornings with a retreat concentration for the day, using the concentrations from the 5 points of the star; Heather Hoppe did an afternoon program of detailing one’s Karma and Dharma walks which was well received. Mansur Johnson led us in morning prayers and made a presentation on the new book he is working on. Fadilla led a class in Meta Meditation, Sarafraz led a gathering on working with what nourishes one, Nasruddin graced us with a comedy break, Mansur & Khadija led us in an evening zikr (with help from Murad). Aslan led us in dances and choir, Michael Endlich brought samples of different jewels for his offering on amulets and amulet making, Azima Lila Forrest led a dream meeting, and helped me with the dream work. Murad led his class on Sufi Qi Gong, and we attempted a general sohbet after the healing ritual…I felt this sohbet went very well, and allowed everyone who wished to, be heard and participate.

We also did the tassawuri walks, and although Noel and Carol were not with us physically, his walk of Hanuman was chosen by a number of folks to do as an offering…sometimes ones presence transends the physical. Alhamdulliah!

There were also a number of young folks who joined us – including Jeniffer Avians 2 daughters and their young men, and Heathers 2 daughters and their young men. It was great to see them again. Laura Avian made the comment that she has never missed one of our meetings. What a sweetheart. All in all a great time was had by all. We also raised over $1,000. To be donated to Lama…am still awaiting the final figures.

Next year at Lama (2010) & the following year on Mt Shasta (2011):

we are awaiting conformation from Lama on the dates – it will be the latter part of June, and in addition, how our 2008 donation for a removable sun roof over the Maqbara is doing.

AND, to those who wish a more comfortable sleeping envir onment at Lama, there are a couple of motels in near-by Questa which are not expensive, clean and can be used as sleeping quarters.



This September, Mark (Muj) Havel and myself are planning on being in Russia. Inshallah! And Khadija Goforth has suggested a DHO meeting in Seattle just prior to the Jamiat Khas in November.

I send all my love and blessings and my prayers that Allah gives us all the ‘Basir’ we need to see our path clearly, and the ‘Aziz’ to follow it with joy – Alhamdulliah!

Yours in service to the real

hakim sauluddin
Charlottesville, Virginia
July 22, 2009

Report: Lama Pilgrimage 2008

Dear family,

What a joy it is to return to Lama and Murshid’s gravesite.

Firstly, the Lama beans were wonderful and supportive, and they made it easy for us oldsters to sing and dance and walk at 8,000 feet plus. Many of them joined us for our processions up the Mountain, and for our evening programs. In addition, they preserved the grave-cloth from Moineddin Chisti, so we could once again place it on Murshid’s gravesite and re-connect their energies.

Over 45 (full & part time) of us gathered to celebrate our connection. As usual, there was zikr, walks, healing ritual, dancing, tea, sufi chi gong, homework, bedtime stories, Ram Nam, prayers, and our greatly anticipated frolicking amidst the new greenery.

Many thanks to Elaine & Habbib for their spectacular Thai dinner; to Rabia for holding the kitchen in such love; to Azima for taking on the organization of the dances in the evening, and for her presentation on the Mayan calender; to Elaine for leading the Shabbos; to Mansur for his presentation of his new book on Shamcher Beorse (his life and work with alternative energy); to Asha for her practice on realizing one’s Intuition and for her wonderful evening of Zikr; to Nasruddin for his evening laughter session; to Siddiq & Sakina for their daily offering of Tea; to Murad for his daily offering of Sufi Chi Gong, and for his powerful zikr practice; to Noel for bringing the Heart of Hanuman to the Mountain; and finally, the Lama musicians and dance leaders, especially Austin, who pitched in and helped make our evenings so juicy and full.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone’s offerings. So many people helped. Thank you all.

One small picture of our pilgrimage to share:

We all gathered around the gravesite, after a slow and measured walk up – fabulously led by Siddiq von Brissen. A number of us laid the cloth from Moineddin Chisti’s tomb over the grave, and we all sang Zuleikah’s song to Murshid Sam – “Shakur Allah, Shakur”. We then recited the prayer Pir, visualizing Murshid Sam. What a rush

The best news is that Lama is alive and well, and that Murshid’s gravesite is protected and safe.

Our visit generated over $12,000. net profit for Lama, with an additional $3,200. ($1,600 from us plus a special matching anonymous gift of $1,600) to be used in 2 areas: 1. A portable canvas shade to be used as removable shade over the maqbara, and the rest to be used to preserve Lama’s existing buildings (which are in dire need of re-mudding).

All in all a wonderful time was had by all.

Next year we are considering a retreat just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The price is certainly right on – about $65 per day, including 3 meals. And, we have a committee which is actively pursuing the layout and ground plans of this offering. A group evening with Cirque de Soleil is only one possibility. Wow

I send all my love and blessings

yours in Service to the Real

Report: DHO 2007 updates

Dear family,

We got the financial figures in from the ‘walk around’ and Jennifer will be delivering a check for $1,733.12 to Khankah S.A.M. for renovation and repair of the hot tub.

Rug sales generated $380.00, and I shall purchase a great rug for Wali Ali & Sabura to welcome them into their new home.

Positive ripples are still going out from our “city experience,” and once again I am so proud and pleased with our family. Not only did we do it, we did it with fabulous style and with great verve. Yeah us!

A Heads-Up on Lama Upcoming:

Dates: June 23rd (Monday) – June 29th (Sunday) – 2008
Theme: Oracles and the Oracular Function (Tuning into the Spirit of Guidance)
Place: Lama Foundation, above Taos, New Mexico
Cost: To be a benefit for the Lama Foundation…more details on costs soon
(Please note – all monies collected will go to Lama)
Registration: We are still uncertain if Lama or us will do the registration – more soon.

I am hopeful we can gather together some of the pieces of the oracular puzzle, and with Murshids assistance, put them to work for us in our personal and professional lives.

Looking forwards to being on the Mountain together again.

I send all my love and many blessings,

October 25, 2007
Charlottesville, VA


Dear family,

One of the “positive ripples” mentioned in Saul’s email was our re-connection with Joe Miller’s family at the Theosophical Society.

Richard Power of the SF Theosophical Society sends us this update:

The Lodge web site has now posted —

  • Almost three hundred digitized photos from the Walk, the Lodge, etc.
  • All of Joe and Guin’s sheet music w/ the lyrics
  • Eight more hours of Joe’s raps (these are from circa late 1970s, few have ever heard them)

As well as a whole lot more …

We offer it to all for free and forever (or at least as long as the Net exists) and hope these resources are used and shared by all.

Please spread the word far and wide.

For a directory of what is available — go to the Miller Archive section of the SFTS Lodge site — here is the URL —

Murad of Eugene


Report: DHO San Francisco Walk Around

Dear family.

It was last year at Lama that this one was given the inspiration to literally follow in Murshid Sam’s footsteps, and visit the places in the Bay Area where he walked, taught and lived.

Alhamdullilah! It was a wonderful and very fulfilling experience.

This was our first “City” or Urban Retreat. Since our first Retreat in 1972 in Marin County, we have always opted to make this yearly event a ‘vacation’ and a rest for our family (many of whom are over worked and stressed in their daily jobs).

There was some trepidation as to whether we would be able to hold the energy together as we moved between meetings, eating and sleeping spaces.

I must start by saying how impressed I am by the maturity and stability of our group. We not only did it, but we did it very well, and with style.

Some highlights:

Pir Shabda helped start our gathering with a beautiful talk on the spiritual nature of health and healing, and then led us in practice.

Rabbi Pamela (Parvati) led us in a celebration of the Shabbos (Friday evening) and then we all jumped on a city bus and went – singing and laughing and doing zikr – to the Theosophical Lodge, where we celebrated Joe & Guin Miller’s (our God parents) lives and teachings, and watched as Mary Kamalduski danced, recited and sang. Truly an experience we’ll talk about for years to come.

Saturday was our “Walk Around,” and 43 of us took a chartered bus together: first we drove to Ocean Beach, singing zikr all the way, where we tuned into Murshid Sam – tuning into Nyogen Senzaki. Wonderful energy. It was great walking on the beach and calling on them both to walk through us.

Then, we all drove (with Ram Nam and more zikr) to the Palace of Fine Arts, and did zikr under the Dome. WOW! Talk about acoustics! We were as close as we could get to where Hazrat Inayat Khan posed for his picture.

Then we drove on – eating our box lunch in the bus – to the Novato Khanka – the Garden of Inayat – where Hassan and Jayanara Hertz, most graciously received us. What a wonderful place they have created and nurtured. We all gathered together, and they answered questions about what it was like living there with Murshid, and what the times then were like for us. They also brought out an old photo album, so folks could see our very old photographs, while we sipped green tea.

The next stop was a book signing in Marin for Mansur’s new book Murshid. It was at the Open Secret Bookshop, was well received, and well attended (including Pir Shabda). Very sweet, and a beautiful space.

Finally, in the spirit of Murshid SAM and Joe Miller, I led the group to a Baskin-Robbins and bought everyone an ice cream cone.

We returned via our chartered bus to the Mentorgarden in full spirits. What a joyful, and uplifting day..

The next day was our open Sufi Healing Class – and about 20 newcomers showed up.

Our family offered an enticing and illuminating presentation: Sauluddin opened with a very concise view of “Sufi Healing”; Michael Endlich presented “Jewels and Amulets”; Nasruddin Eddie Greenberg presented “Humor and Healing”; Azima Lila Forrest presented an excerpt from her “Dreaming” workshop, Abdul Shaffee Howard Ballinger presented “Healing Presence”; Murad Malvin Finkelstein presented “Listening to our Body’s messages, energy cord cutting and a general overview of Sufi Qi Gong”; Aslan Scott Sattler led us in “A General Presentation on “the Integration of Tools of Spiritual Healing in Medical Practice”; Sarfaraz Kathy Knight presented “Transitions and a Discussion of the Dying Process”; a great event led by fabulous, highly talented and creative people!

We also did the Walks of the Prophets; with Parvati and myself doing the walks of Deborah (me) and Moses (her), and then switching walks and finally putting them together as a single walk. A new and inspired experience. We also did the walk of Mary Magdalene forthe first time, and of course all the other walks of the Masters, Saints and Prophets – which are such a key note in Murshids transmission.

Plus: Parvati led us in a Hebrew Zikr, and Azima Lila Forest presented an astrological forecast for the ‘coming times.’The lesson is to keep loose, be prepared and keep the family strong, interdependent and interactive.

Finally, Laura Meltsner led us up to Precita Hill, where Murshid SAM did the Call to Prayer in Sun Seed. We did Zikr Allah, and the Maha Mudra there, and sent Love and Peace and Joy to all the lands around us. We then met in Precita Park, when Aslan led us in Murshid Sam’s original dances. What a Flash Back! And how well received by the neighbor kids – they loved it! Riding their bikes around singing Ram! Ram! Ram!

Our last day was the presentation of the DHO Fortune Cookies (with a Sifat-i-Allah inside).

All this, plus a bed time story, great food, and fabulous company.

And, now the homework for the year: Hazrat Inayat Khan brought through the Healing Prayer, Nayaz. In which he says “heal our bodies, hearts and souls.”

The “koan” for the year is: How can the soul, which is perfect, need healing?

Special thanks to Rabia Hunter for being omnipresent, and so supportive behind the scenes. To Jennifer for the registration and financial organization; and to Heather Hoppe and Abdul Shaffee who manifested beautiful invitations to our Open Sufi Healing Class and to the entire event. To Fatima who served us all yummy and delicious food. To our family who sheltered us (thanks Fadhilla and Michael), organized the wildly successful and successfully wild bus zikr adventure (Murad and Michael), the trip to the Theosophical Society (Murad) and the Siffat Fortune Cookies (Fadhilla). Plus, found and secured the dorms for us to sleep in (Jennifer and Jude). Thanks to Shakki for being our travel guide to the Theosophical Society and for being our recorder and to Jude for the beautiful name tags and open Sufi Healing Class program. Special thanks to Murad for keeping me on time and in tune – Yeah! acupuncture.

We also announced our next DHO Gathering – Lama 2008 – dates: June 23 to 29 (Monday to Sunday) – Theme: Oracles and the Oracular Function.

And finally, as this was a benefit for the Mentorgarden we raised between $1,500 and $2,000 for the Mentorgarten – (the final figures are not yet in). Alhamdulliah!

So much happened, and so much energy flowed through us – if I have forgotten or missed someones presentation or support, please forgive me – I tend to see it all as a whole event, and sometimes miss the details.

Am off this Thursday to Germany for the Ruhaniat Summer School, and then on to Estonia for a teaching weekend.

Sending all love and blessings and again, so many blessings to all those who made our “Walk Around happen.

Yours in Service to the Real,

hakim sauluddin
Charlottesville, Virginia – June 27, 2007

P.S. we also are planning a return to the Bay Area in March 2008 – to do a Rug Benefit for Planet Drum Foundation. More on this, plus what open event we’ll do a bit later.

Ritual in India

Hi Saul,

I hope all is well with you. We’re back, and there really IS no place like home

Besides me being a pilgrim on this voyage, and being with our Sangha (there were 74 of us plus) it fell to me to be Musician, Physician and Technician — and I tried to see these roles in that order.

And in addition it seems to be one of my roles to make sure the Healing Ray is not absent from our gatherings. So during the Urs celebration — on the 6th, which was the final day of public Urs events at the Dargah, I scheduled and conducted the ritual, with the support of the other DHO folks present. Neshamah assisted and Rajaji (Roger) sat to my left. Right in his burial chamber.

I had great joy in doing this, and also in the thought that we were bringing it back home to Papa (along with the Dances, the Zikrs, the UW, and the Ruhaniat’s special energy).

I made a variation on the script, which was only for that exceptional day, and I announced that I was doing so.

As I say, I’ve done this before, introduced the Healing Ritual into a large gathering; and it hasn’t felt right to me to limit ourselves to ten names on the list and exclude everyone else’s names. So as I sat at the Dargah it came up within me to do a slight variation. Before the actual service, while we were chanting “Allah Shaffee, Allah Kaffee” I brought the voices down soft and then invited the forty-odd participants (many brown faces as well as white) to call out the name of anyone who wants healing, to put all those names into the energized space.

Then during the ritual itself, instead of ten names I had my assistant name ten CONDITIONS which I had written down, and we had the usual silence for each.

I’m going to write them down here …

  1. All those afflicted with the pain and suffering of illness, injury and aging
  2. All those afflicted with the pain and suffering of stress and disease of the mind.
  3. All those afflicted with the pain and suffering of anger and hatred.
  4. All those afflicted with the pain and suffering of poverty gone wrong.
  5. All those afflicted with the pain and suffering of wealth gone wrong.
  6. All those afflicted with the pain and suffering of violence and the threat of violence.
  7. All those afflicted with the pain and suffering of social upheaval and displacement.
  8. All those afflicted with the pain and suffering of abusing or of being abused in any form.
  9. All those afflicted with the pain and suffering of attachment to who we think we are, and of trying to defend the ego above all.
  10. All those afflicted with the pain and suffering of separation from the Truth.

It was a most fulfilling day for this one, and I believe an excellent manifestation of the initiation with which I have been entrusted.

All love and light to you — Abdul Shaffee

Report: DHO at Lama – 2006

Beloved Family,

This years American DHO Gathering was at Lama Foundation, and I am happy to report that Murshid is alive and well, and Lama continues to lovingly care for his Maqbara. Alhamdulliah!

Our dream work (home work) reported many of his visitations and instructions. Ya Shakur.

Forty of us gathered together from all over the USA & Canada, and we raised $12,135.00 for Lama, of which $10,520, came from registration, and $1,615 was a direct donation towards the repair of their leaking community roof.

As part of our continued attempt to offer the original teachings of Murshid Sam, we felt it was important to reintroduce both the prayers, and the 10 Sufi Thoughts. The former were done before our morning meeting, and the later were used as a theme for the nights `homework.’

Mansur Johnson was our guest, and shared some more of his forthcoming book on Murshid SAM. Due in October 2006 from Peaceworks (thanks Saadi and Jelaluddin for taking this on).

New Mexico is experiencing it’s worst drought in 133 years, but the love and joy we experienced kept us all in such a heart centered place that few of us noticed it. In addition, Lama is greener than expected, and their new trees and plants are prospering with all the loving care they receive.

Very Special Thanks to:

  • Mansur Johnson for leading our procession up to the Maqubara.
  • Scott Aslan Sattler for the choir, and for leading Murshid Sam’s original dances at night.
  • Fadilla Bradley for leading us in the con-fraternity prayers each morning.
  • Siddiq & Sakina von Brissen for their Japanese tea classes, and for doing an all camp tea under the big dome – wonderful!
  • Elaine Sutton for being our Rabbi for Friday night Shabbas, and for her writing class.
  • Ananda Cronin for leading us in the Bon meditation that links us directly to a departed elder, for leading the woman’s circle, and for shlepping her harmonium through 27 airports so we could do sing zikr at the Maqbara.
  • Eddie Nasruddin Greenberg for a hilarious 30 minute stand up routine.
  • Noel Hale for manifesting the Heart of Hanuman.
  • Murad Finkestein for sharing his meditation experiences in the Taoist caves of China, and for leading Sufi Chi Gong.’
  • Asha Greer for holding the energy so well during tea, meditation, the woman’s circle, and for leading us into the Lama Meditation Chamber.
  • Jean Pierre for manifesting his practice of the 99 Names (or pathways).

And to all of our family who participated in the flowering of Love, Harmony & Beauty. Ya Shakur! Alhamdulliah!

We are also most pleased to announce that there were three initiations given at Lama:

Jean Pierre David is our latest Shafayette, and Eddie Nasruddin Greenberg, and Michael Endlick are now Initiators. May the Message of God Reach Far and Wide.

A few additional memories of the Lama Gathering:

  • The deep inner silence we all shared in the Lama meditation room (the old “Khiva”).
  • The loving and supportive Lama Beans who constantly blessed and
  • nurtured our work.
  • The kitchen crew who manifested delicious and nourishing food in cornucopious amounts.
  • Watching us all become children again and snuggling up for a bed-time story.

More News:

Next year we are talking about having our gathering at the Mentorgarten, and having an extended field trip to visit our historical elders favorite places – “Walking in the Footsteps of the Teacher.”

Plus, an additional day dedicated to a structured approach to the teaching of Sufi Healing. More on this soon.

This September I will return to Russia with Mujahid Havell – my 12th year. 2007 we are scheduled to be in Prague.

The Harmony Committee has finished its work, and the letters of support and regret are starting to circulate. Mashallah! It has been a long, painful and joyful process, but it feels worth all the effort. If there are any questions or comments on the letter, please feel free to write me.

And, Along these lines:

The 2007 Meeting of the Federation of the Sufi Message will be held in Charlottesville, Virginia.

April 11 -15. Mark your calendar, and pray that ALL the streams of the Sufi Message will be present and accounted for.

And, there will be a joint healing meeting of the Dervish Healing Order & the Sufi Healing Order in Kansas City – March 10, 11 & 12. Devi Tide and myself will be leading it. A landmark event.

I send you all my love and blessings and prayers for your continued health and inner peace.

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin
Jennifer Avian – our camp planner
Jude Sargent – our secretary
Jean Pierre David – our web master

Report: DHO at Shasta – 2005

DHO -Mt.Shasta and Onwards….

Beloved ones of God,

Much love and many Blessings fromVirginia.

We are just returned from a memorable gathering onMt.Shasta, and wish to share some impressions with you.

Firstly, this was our 32nd annual gathering, since our first Healing Camp in 1973. There were over 50 of us attending: including 3 Murshid(a)s, and 10 Shiekh(a)s, and Khalif(a)s.

Murshida Rabia participated, as well as Shiekh Mansur Johnson (Murshid Sam’s original esoteric secretary) and his son Nathan. It was a great treat to see Nathan after more than 30 years.

Mornings were spent doing zikr, practice, and the Healing Ritual. All evenings save for the first were dedicated to dance, walks, practice, homework, and a bed time story.

The first evening we focused on the relationship between the Ruhaniate and it’s healing activity – the Dervish Healing Order. This was a productive and informative discussion. Much clarity and love was focused on our lineage and on our inner and outer connection.

Alhamdulliah! Any potential discomfort was dissipated and harmony reigned. Mashallah!

The next afternoon our “Seniors” offered classes: Shiekh Murad taught Sufi Chi Quong, Caliph Aslan offered Sufi Choir, Jennifer led DHO 101 (our basic training of breath, attunement, energy work – sending and transmuting, protection, and so on), and Ana Farishta taught the Mevlevi Turn.

The following afternoon was devoted to Mother Mary May Meier, and the transmission of the Mountain. Two of her seniors (Jeffrey andLinden) drove up for lunch, and spent the next 5 hours regaling us with history, stories and a new manuscript of her biography (with powerful photographs). All 20 copies were gone in minutes.

The book lovingly refers to Murshid Sam, and kindly names some of us. It should be printed soon, and I will keep you all posted.

Murshid Sam told me after Mothers passing (January 1970) that he would take on any of her ‘students’ who wished to study with him. As I recall, at least six of us took hand with him.

It was truly wonderful to have some “conformation” on the stories I have been telling about Mother and the Mountain for these past 36 years. Inshallah! More to come.

The next afternoon was a “field trip” to visit Shasta Abbey, the home of our ‘sister order’ The Zen Mission Society of Jiu Kennett Roshi, our Godmother.

She and Murshid Sam went to the same monastery inJapanat different times. When she arrived inAmerica, she flew over the Mountain and it winked at her. She then called Murshid and asked if he knew anyone who was familiar with the Mountain and that area, as she wanted to purchase land, and build her monastery there. Murshid sent me, and thus began our life long friendship. Ya Shakur!

Their Meditation Hall is glorious and light filled. Entering it ones truly enters the Vast Silence. One only wishes to stop. To sit. To meditate. We were honored by being permitted to make any offering of incense. Time stilled. The heart was open. What great bliss.

We then were shown her gravesite. We did zikr, sang and did prayers around the stupa.

Once more we were deeply moved by the experience.

After some lovely refreshments under the trees, and a very productive visit to their gift shop, we caravaned onto Widow Springs – the healing springs on the Mountain.

The waters were cold and refreshing. A few of us went swimming – and a few of us slipped in. Many of us carried water home with us, and some of us took pictures. We hope to have the pictures for our web site soon which show all the beings of light which appeared on the pictures, as well as the many rainbows which also spontaneously appeared.

Truly a magical time in a magical place.

I wish to thank and acknowledge a few of the many folks who added so much to our Bliss:

Shiekh Johannes for leading the walk of Zoroaster – Shiekha Ananda for harmonizing her morning sung zikr with the sounds of the rushing, mountain stream just outside our meeting room – Murshida Khadija for leading the concentration on Mary, the mother of Jesus – Shiekh Mansur Kreps for leading us in Zikr, and holding the rhythm during our gathering – Nasruddin for his humor – Hakku Ron Rivard for locating the Spring and leaving us directions – Noel for leading us in the walk of Hanuman – Shiekh Mansur Johnson for reading us some extracts from his newest book on the life and work of Samcher Beorse – Shiekh Mujahid and Majid, who drove down from Oregon to make their first ever DHO Gathering, and brought us all up to date on their daughters and lives since leaving Charlottesville, and finally I wish to acknowledge the three mothers who brought their daughters: Jennifer and Laura, Khadija and Jamiell, and Iromee and Anoka – and to all those known and unknown to us whose blessings and love helped to make this gathering so wondrous. Ya Shakur Allah!

Next year (2006) at Lama – Murshid SAM 35 – June 21 to June 27 – more on this later.

Finally let us offer prayers and protection to all our sons and daughters who are in service inIraq, andAfghanistan. And, most especially to our newest DHO initiate Jamiell Goforth.

May the Grace of God enfold, protect and nourish all our children who serve in harms way.

Return to us sound in body, mind and spirit – Ya Ali!

I send you all my love, blessings and prayers for your continued growth into the Light.

Yours in Service to the Real

Hakim Sauluddin

Visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau, 3/2005

When lights went out ………….all over Europe

Visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau, Palm Sunday 20 March 2005

In early March this year I offered to go with my friend Jo to Poland, specifically to visit the concentration camps near Krakow.  Jo, a non-Sufi non-DUP yet like-minded friend of many years, had recently been inspired to create some artwork on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz/Birkenau and now wanted to visit there in person.

We flew to Krakow on a Saturday, and that evening Jo and I prepared for our visit with the healing ritual, adapted for places of great suffering as recommended by Saul.  During our bus journey the next day, and throughout our time at the camps, the Sufi Invocation was constantly on my breath, and I felt an increasing gratitude for this constant sense of support as, entering beneath “Arbeit maketh frei”, we were surrounded and immersed and had no choice but to look, see, imagine.  I was aware of my face becoming more and more drawn, I avoided looking at others, and noticed that most people were responding similarly.

That evening, back at our hotel in Krakow, having showered and changed our clothes, Jo and I found our own ways of beginning to process some of what we’d experienced. She wrote and wrote whereas I sang and danced, sang and danced.  First, all the Dances of Universal Peace honoring the Jewish tradition, again and again.  Then the first line of the Aramaic Prayer, closing with saying the whole prayer.  Finally the spoken Fateha, switching my focus of concentration to peace in the Middle East.

Some days later, back home again in Edinburgh, I opened my computer and began to write about my experiences – and this is what I’d now like to share with you …………

Aware of my feet as I walked along Edinburgh’s streets, it seemed incredible that these same shoes had, only a few days previously, walked along stony paths, along concrete corridors, through mud and across rubber matting, up stairs, along railway sleepers, across grass.  They had taken me to Poland.  They had taken me to Auschwitz and Birkenau (known also as Auschwitz II).  They had followed our Polish guide as she expertly swept us along in the allotted time from room to room, building to building, all the while delivering a clear and factual account of what was before us.  And today, before walking out in them again in my home town of Edinburgh, I had stopped to recall where these shoes had last walked before brushing the dust of Auschwitz from them.

Shoes, shoes, shoes.  A mountain of shoes behind glass, footwear of all kinds, heavy shoes and light shoes, expensive, cheap, tatty, new, adult’s, children’s, sandals, clogs.  Colored shoes were there for sure, yet somehow the memory is of grayness, dust-covered, worn-down.  Where had these shoes been worn for the last time?  Did they walk to the gas chambers, the solitary cells, the execution yard?  Were they scrabbling for footing at the sides of ditches being dug for the corpses?  With respect, human security, even self-respect and hope of every kind completely gone, did they in fact carry their owners willingly to their demise?  Was that final walk, for some, made in dignity and knowingness, a voluntary giving up of life when the life left to them was no life at all?

Shoes were not the only items on display behind glass walls.  Women’s hair filled another huge display area; pots and pans and various kitchen items; walking sticks, crutches and artificial limbs; hair and shaving brushes; dentures; spectacles; clothing, even from babies.  Everything that could be salvaged from the human body was salvaged.  Taken from the despised, nevertheless it was all destined for recycling to help support German soldiers wounded in battle – also providing a double bind for the SS themselves, double binds being needed to keep them in thrall to an insane regime.  A terrible symbiosis underpinned by fear on both sides.

Our introduction to Auschwitz had been by means of a video in a room full of people, many standing.  Some scenes were familiar, but what was new was that many of these photos were not stills – sudden movements of the emaciated and hollow-eyed somehow seemed shocking, a timely reminder that, in spite of their appearance, these people had indeed been alive when the photos were taken; a reminder of the endurance of the human spirit, with body wasted and frail beyond imagination; a reminder of the strength of the will to live, perhaps seen here in its last resort.

In Auschwitz we saw cells for solitary confinement, the suffocation cell, an enclosed yard where executions by firing took place.  We saw improved quarters for camp informers and the superior rooms used by the SS.  We also stood inside the old gas chambers beneath the holes from which cyanide had been dropped.  Bodies had been crammed into the space to provide sufficient natural heat to vaporize the cyanide pellets.  We saw the ovens.  But extermination at Auschwitz was not efficient enough.  With 700 bodies per day to dispose of and the crematoria only able to cope with half that number, the gas chambers and ovens were closed down in preference to the more extensive and efficient procedures being built at Birkenau, a huge concentration camp intended to take in men, women and children.  Whereas the buildings at Auschwitz were brick-built, having previously been an army barracks, those at Birkenau were wooden pre-fab constructions, supplied from Germany.  Originally intended as stables for 50-plus horses, at Birkenau each hut provided sleeping space for 700, sometimes increasing to 1,000.  Night-time space would be a better description than ‘sleeping’, the wooden-slatted bunks being in tiers of 3, each wide enough for 10 bodies, provided all turned at the same moment.  Space between the bunks was minimal, so the scene as one looked down the length of the room was of almost continuous wooden slating interspersed by upright supports.  It was the fittest who were able to climb into the preferred top bunks, knowing at least they would not be covered by dripping excrement from bodies exhausted with diarrhea lying in the bunk above. A few burning coals in a bucket were provided when the temperature dropped sufficiently below freezing, and this in Silesia, a coal-mining area of Poland.  Ironically these rooms provided jobs in which people were most likely to survive – cleaning the latrines, the battery of holes barely giving shoulder-to-shoulder space and which in-mates were allowed to use twice a day.  Cleaning these was preferable in terms of life-expectation, in spite of the stench and risk of infection, to having to walk in all weathers to hard manual work in the labor camps.  Running water was laid on after Birkenau had been functioning two years – prior to that prisoners had no alternative but to drink supposedly purified recycled water from latrines and primitive washing facilities.

Birkenau is enclosed by deep ditches inside double perimeter fences of wire and barbed wire, interspersed by watch towers.  I stood between these double fences, attempting to imagine escaping through one in darkness only to be caught by searchlight before the second. The tallest tower above the entrance gate, with rail tracks passing beneath, provides a view of the whole camp.  I stood here also, this time attempting to imagine myself in SS shoes, hearing the rumble and clanking of the next trainload to arrive. Gazing across the huge area of the camp I imagined it filled again with the wooden huts that once occupied this space.  Complete huts only occupy the foreground now, the SS having burned down the majority in the last days of January 1945, before liberation.  Only the brick chimneys survived, two to each hut, neat rows of twin chimneys now covering the ground to the far perimeter fence.  Beyond the fences the land between Auschwitz and Birkenau had been kept free of buildings and trees, so that escaping prisoners could be better seen, and this was also where ash from the crematoria was spread, as fertilizer.

Eric Berne taught that, under stress, we regress to either a childish part of ourselves or a part that we involuntarily absorbed from our parents, depending on who we are currently communicating with and the context.  Thus, under the conditions of a concentration camp, in-mates would be likely to react from their Conditioned Child ego-state towards the very real (rather than subjectively perceived) Authoritarian Parent ego-state of their aggressors.  The Games People Play (Eric Berne, 1964) would be played out at the ‘nth’ degree, with destructive or self-destructive endings.  Further, if the SS were to function effectively, they needed to be kept in bondage to their insane regime – and that was carried out not only from the threat of death they themselves faced if they failed in their duties, but from believing they were morally right to do what they had to do.  In a wider context, perhaps one needs to remember that the so-called science of eugenics had been interesting Western intellectuals for some time.  Any humane feelings that might begin to surface in an individual Nazi were therefore a threat to their own life and had to be squashed; any feelings of compassion and the whole house of cards could start to come down.  Unlike the ‘Games’ that people usually ‘play’ (ibid), the whole set-up was self-perpetuating with no likelihood of an end being brought about by the ‘role’ change normal in human social interactions.  Only intervention from outside could do that – and contemplation of that raised questions in my mind of the outside world, of not only Poles, not only Germans but the whole of the Western world. Where was the country that really opened its doors to Jews and Gypsies?

The words of a children’s song ask: “When I needed a neighbor were you there, were you there?  When I needed a neighbor, were you there?”

Knowing, feeling, accepting that the darkness of the concentration camps, of victims and perpetrators both, is shadow residing within myself, since Palm Sunday this year I’ve found myself changing the words to: When you needed a neighbor, where, oh where, was I?

Lights indeed went out all over Europe.

Alice Fateah Saunders
March 2005

Remembrances of the 33 Bead Pilgrimage

* The Lama air, the Lama earth, the Lama sky, the Lama sunsets!

* The magnificent dome, looking out through the 8-foot octagonal window transports one through time and space *The Prayer room, not the KIVA, is steeped with so much PRESENCE.  We were graced with morning sits, afternoon healing ritual prayers with Asha, and evening transformational wazifa with Firdousi.

* The incredibly delicious food, presented with such beauty and passion.

* The Joy of REUNION with so many new and old BELOVEDS

* The Processional up to Murshid's Maqbara was powerful. The mass energy helped to propel even the non-hikers.

* The laying of white, green and gold darga cloth of Moineddin Chisti on Mursid's was given to Lama and will be kept in the Maqbara Hut.

* The laying of the calligraphy rug that Saul was given by Auntie Helen which covered Murshid's body until burial. (What a story of how mother Mary instructed Auntie Helen to go buy the rug...and the money appeared)

* The openness and candor of Mansur Johnson relating stories of Murshid and our family. Thank you for your priceless work, and we will all buy cases of the book, MURSHID!  Please come again.

* Meeting  Sara Morgan, hearing her Murshid stories. "God is your LOVER not your jailer!" Hearing her talk about Murshid's woman's class and how special that  transmission was. I wish we could do a Mushid's Woman's Weekend and invite many of the original woman's class so we could feel the energy.

* Having the "subtle TEA" ceremony with Asha.. .perhaps the crown of ALL the Dervish Tea Ceremonies!

* Zikr with Ananda is like tuning the radio to the ECASTY station. Many beautiful tunes... same incredible frequency.

* The pre-Tibetean "BON meditation on transmission" was given to us by Ananda at the Maqbara one early morning. She took us to levels on other planes impossible to describe. I felt a sensation of opening going across my shoulder blades, energy going back and forth, I soon realized it was a chipmunk that was trailing across my back and soon ran down my arm.

* The woman's zikr of the prophets in the female form was the most powerful expression of this song I have witnessed.  We are so blessed to be in the PRESENCE of so many  who can tune into the transmission and make it a REALITY.

* The work of Murad in helping us integrate our body & spirit. So simple, yet so powerful when done.

* The saying of the Heart Sutra by Jean-Pierre at the Maqbara by heart...

* The morning meditations at the maqbara, doing Mursid's zikr followed by the BEAUTIFUL HU dance around Murshid's grave.

* The hike to the high ridge, the flutter of the pinion leaves, the radiance of the flowers, the REMBRANCE of true beauty beyond the fire, beyond the form.

* The group concentration on " Transitions and Transformations" was an incredible process. So much hima, longing for manifestation for a higher ideal, whether it be aging to saging, wholistic hospice care, Sufi centers engaging both both pre-school and elder care... with the guidance of Murshida Mariam and Farishta MAY OUR WORK BE MADE MANIFEST.

* The making of the 33 BEAD flower essences from the flowers on Murshid's grave.

* The HOMEWORK Saul would give us at night. The first one was as we go to sleep to ask Murshid Sam what our next 33-year assignment was! One other piece of homework I remembered was to reach our hand up to Murshid as we were going to sleep. Dreams the next morning are always interesting.

* The finding the GREAT INVOCATION in the outhouse. (Saul had left it there...and I picked it up)

* The walk of Hanuman the Servant as given by Noel is a gift to be remembered as well as the walks of Mary in her many forms given to us by Khadija.

* I love Saul's presentations of the many walks, an accelerated class that is a great model for teaching us concentration in a multitasking world.

* The energy of the the Healing Ritual in the Dome knocked me off my feet.

* So many blessings, it goes on and on. 33 many beautiful expressions of Murshid. We are so very lucky to have the freedom, power, and joy of this transmission.

* Thank you for your service Lama... Thank you Murshid.

Sarfaraz Cathy Knight

Report: 33 Beads Gathering at Lama Foundation

Beloved One of God,

Through the rays of the sun in the New Mexico Mountains at Lama Foundation, through the waves of the air at 8,600 feet of altitude, through the all pervading life in space the DHO family came together again. Lama and its surrounding have come back from the devastation of the fire. Burn trees stand everywhere as witnesses overseeing the new growth under the supervision of a competent perm culture expert. Lama has rebuilt its facilities and provided adequate accommodation through yurts, camping sites with view on the valley below, great vegetarian food and even hot showers. The main dome with its prayer room and washroom and the kitchen were not touched by the fire, so it was received as an omen that the places for purification and nourishment of body and heart left untouched would facilitate the continuity of the endeavor on that site. Of course, Murshid presence reminded us “The soul does not seek, the soul does not shun, the soul is not concerned with thought. The soul is concerned with the experience of God and can find it without regard to pleasure. Any experience can lead to God, any experience can increase the clouds over the mind and can harden the heart. It is only when all attachment to experience is abandoned — including all thought connected with the idea of attachment — that the soul can find its peace and rest in God, be concerned with God no matter what the material or mental circumstances.”

What most beautiful place to experience peace and rest in God but at Lama, near Taos, New Mexico.

Above and beyond all the highlight of the retreat, the shared love and joy of meeting old friends and welcoming new members of our family was overwhelming. Juanita originally from Columbia, Umbreen originally from Pakistan, Deirdre from New York were with us for the first time. A total of 50 people came to this pilgrimage to the Maqbara of Murshid Samuel Lewis.

Tears were shed when Sheik Mansur Johnson read passages of his manuscript (hopefully soon to be published) about Murshid Samuel Lewis. Mansur touched all hearts when he told us at the Maqbara how he lost his still beloved wife Taj so many years ago, who became Pir Vilayat Khan girlfriend and gave him a son who today is Pir Zia. He read a children book that he created to explain to his child the new parameters from three to four people in their family. Mansur could not even start reading from his manuscript of Murshid, the memory of his beloved teacher Murshid Sam was enough to bring a flood of tears that inspired more tears in all those present. Welcome back around the family Mansur, we love you.

Zuleikha was another highlight of our retreat. She shared how she fulfills her dharma for service by teaching dances to young girls in India and Sri Lanka. Zuleikha established a non-profit program, The Story dancer Project, of exercise, rhythm and melody to bring enrichment and awareness of health and body to orphanages, street children, teenage girls and women in impoverished areas of the world. She told stories, read poetry and led a square formation Zikar with men and women facing each other, the musicians in the center and Zuleikha manifesting Qadir, holding the center point while everything else whirled around her.

So many great teachers were present with Murshida and Shifayat Asha Greer who presented an imaginary tea ceremony, Murshida Khadijah Goforth who lead many beautiful dances, walks and Zikars with grace and presence, Sheik and Shifayat Siddiq von Brissen who offered a daily tea ceremony, Sheik and Shifayat Murad Finkelstein who taught us a Chakra practice inspired from Gong Li tradition and his studies. Sheikha Ananda Cronin who lead heart warming daily Zikar with her soft and centered tone inviting us home again as Rumi told us to come back 10000 times. Sheik Mansour Kreps led a most powerful Zikar in a practice for men only at the old circle arena. Sheikh Firdousi Wirick lead us in one night of dances of universal peace while many caught sight of Murshid dancing among us with his imaginary flute in his hands. Sheika and Shifayat Sarfraz Knight lead us in most inspiring healing ritual and dances with a gracious and gentle presence. Sheik Jean Pierre David shared a Zikar of the 99 beautiful names of Allah inspired by the work of Murshid Saadi.

Of course Murshid & Kifayat Sauluddin was extraordinary once again. He presented the walks of the planets, prophets and elements. He conducted his powerful Allah Zikar. He told us stories and bedtime stories as well. He reminded us of the role of the Dervish Healing Order, not an organization but a family holding a concentration, without even a bank account, that raised $11,000 for Lama and contributed $2,000 for collecting rainwater from the main kitchen roof gutter system. As you know all the teachers paid their own way and did not receive any emolument for their services. All the money went to Lama.

We were blessed with many Murshid stories shared by Sheika Sarah Morgan and also Mansur Johnson, Siddiq von Brissen and Sauluddin. Sarah told us how she met Murshid for the first time after having crossed the US with Pir Shabda Khan and having serious doubt on Sam’s credentials as a mystic because he certainly did not fit what her expectation of a holy man should be like. However, he touched her heart so quickly, telling her that “there is no taboo in Sufism” that she could not recall which one of the two (sex or ice cream) she reached out for first after this liberating new freedom. Sauluddin and Mansur spoke of their famous trip to Canada with Murshid visiting his relatives with Sauluddin’s dog on his laps. Siddiq spoke of the first visit of Murshid at Lama.

The last night men and women split off for separate practices and joined back one hour later. It is the second time that such experience is shared at Lama and that was very welcomed by both men and women. Each group performed practices and Zikar and enjoyed the special energy and bonding while appreciating even more coming back together towards the one.

Beyond all practices and prayers, the sharing of hearts among all was the greatest time to be had at Lama. Such meeting creates a high (Ya Ali) independently of the mountain altitude that takes weeks to assimilate as we travel down to our daily life. The light that filled the new adopted members of our family witnessed to that happening of Love, Harmony and Beauty.

“The Dervish Healing Order serves as that aspect of the Sufi Ruhaniat International which maintains and promotes the vision of health and Divine Healing as presented by Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. The work of the D.H.O. is to hold the concentration for the health of the Ruhaniat on all levels. One of the tools given to us by Pir-O-Murshid is the Healing Ritual. In addition we are guided by breathing practices, healing meditations, visualizations and by a body of esoteric papers on healing from Pir-O-Murshid with commentaries by Murshid S.A.M.. Individuals of the Ruhaniat and others who desire focused healing energy are encouraged to contact the D.H.O. for inclusion in the concentration of the healing ritual and in our prayers.” The D.H.O. function on the Moineddin model being semi-autonomous from the Ruhaniat.


Come, come, wherever you may be… until next time.
Jean-Pierre David