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Mirrored calligraphy for Shafee

The mirrored calligraphic art above is “Shafi” or Shafee” *

It is the first half of the practice: Ya Shafi (Shafee), Ya Kafi (Kafee);
and together, these have been variously translated as:
‘Oh Divine Healer, O Divine Remedy’
‘The healing power of God, the all-pervading life of God’
and by Hazrat Inayat Khan in the papers on breath as:
‘Pour Thy Divine healing power upon me, I radiate healing power through me’

* Please note that transliteration from Urdu/Arabic/Sanskrit from the original into Roman/Latin lettering is imprecise at its best. The aim is to spell words so they will be pronounced as closely as possible to the original language, based upon how words are pronounced in other countries. We present on this website two common transliterations for the healing practice.