Memories of Moineddin

A short history:

After the ‘branching’ off of the Ruhaniat, we were all a bit dazed.  The membership of the old Sufi Healing Order met in the Garden of Shafayette – our center in San Francisco – and decided what direction we wished to go in.

Folks came from all over the USA.  A large group of over 60 souls met.

It was decided, by the group, that we would continue as a group, but under the name Dervish Healing order.  After all, dervishes were without organization, and sufis were organized.  Most felt that our ‘problems’ were related to organizational and personality issues, not spiritual or service issues.

The group then decided that we wished to remain under the umbrella of the Ruhaniat, but as an autonomous activity.  Many people felt so blown away by the earlier back biting and infighting that they wanted no possible repetition of this in the future.

I was asked to hold the chair, which I agreed to do until someone else came forwards who’s job it was.

It was then up to me to present the groups decision to the Ruhaniat.  I must say they, the Ruhaniat leadership, was not thrilled.

Moineddin suggested a compromise:  The head of the Ruhaniat would approve the Shifayett’s choice of leader (Kifayett).  And thus it was, and is.

We had also decided to give up all foreign name titles – becoming: members, healing conductors, initiators, and director.  Moin later asked us to take them back, to continue the flow of baraka.   Which we did.

For the 30 years that Moin shepherded the Ruhaniat, he was very supportive of our work, and helped us grow into the form we now hold.



It was during my preparation for this past Sunday’s Healing Service (March 4, 2001), which we had dedicated to Moineddin Jablonski, when (once again) I remembered that I was doing the healing ritual because of him.

It was 1970, during the time when he was in hospital with an infection (at that time undiagnosed) that Murshid Sam (still in the body) gave me an order.  “Inayat Khan had this healing service and I guess its time for you to do it for Moineddin,” he said.  “You’ll have to extract it from my commentaries,” he continued.  “But I am sure it will help him get back on his feet.”

So, Moineddin was the outer cause of my doing the Absent Healing Ritual, and he has been on the healing lists around the world for more than 30 years.  I would also like to include a short reminiscence of one day when Moineddin visited our healing service in San Francisco.

It was just after Murshid SAM had passed, and I was living on Ripley Street (above the Mentorgarden).  Moineddin was visiting the Mentorgarden and decided to visit our Sunday service.  Please remember that he was an earth type Capricorn, and in mid 1971 or 1972 was fairly well grounded.

He arrived a few minutes before we started, and made himself comfortable:  He removed his belt, his wallet, his shoes and keys and change and settled down for the meeting.  At the conclusion of the meeting, he said to me, “Well, I can certainly feel the presence of Hazrat Inayat Khan in the room.  Keep up the good work,”  And he left.

After a while, as we were cleaning up, we noticed that he had left behind his belt, and shoes and wallet, and keys etc. It seems he had walked (floated) down the hill to the Mentorgarden in his stocking feet.

What a wonderful giggle we all had afterwards. I feel it was his humanity (and humility) which most endeared him to me.

Till we meet again Bodhisattva.

All love and blessings
Hakim Saul
Charlottesville, Virginia



Beloved ones of God,

Early Tuesday morning (February 27, 2001) our Pir, Moineddin Jablonski, returned to God and Murshid.  Alhamdulliah! When I heard the news, I was struck by a 30 year old memory: When Murshid SAM left us, I was inconsolable, until Shirin Cave gave me a great teaching, which I would like to share with you all. She reminded me, that….

“When the Prophet Mohammed died, the believers were addressed by Abu Bakr who told the multitudes – “If you loved the Prophet, when grief is appropriate as he is dead.  But, if you love Allah, than Rejoice.  For he has returned to Allah, and shall dwell there forever.”

Thank you Moineddin for holding the post for these past 30 plus years.  Amidst personal pain and uncertainty, and the never ending challenges of his personal life and health, he held aloft the vision of the Sufi Message, and was always available for inspiration and support. What a raucous and outrageous bunch we were and are. Yet Moineddin found ways, and means, and heart to accommodate all of our blessings and failings, and to include us all in his vision.

Under his stewardship Murshid Sam’s transmission has spread far and wide, and yet maintained its unique flavor. Mureeds are spread all over the world: From Europe to Asia, and everywhere in between.  And his dances are everywhere. The landed community is a living success, and our joining the Federation of the Sufi Message has opened the greater Sufi world to Murshid Sam’s Baraka. Plans are being discussed to make a unified presentation of Murshid Sam’s writings, much in common with the Sufi Message Volumes.  More on this later.

Ya Allah Moineddin.  Ya Shakur Allah!  Ya Salammo!  God speed and may Allah give you the rest you deserve.  And may Gods light and life and Peace indwell within your family, your loved ones, and your spiritual community.

Yours in Service,
Hakim Saul