Aspects of Spiritual Astrology

A Spiritual Guide to the Positive and Negative Aspects of the Zodiac & Planets
by Frida Waterhouse
Copyright 1982 Firefly Press • By permission


Symbols • Living Water & Breath of God
Positive: Liberal, Humanitarian, Innovative, Inventive, UNIVERSAL LOVE
Negative: Rebellious, Eccentric, Overly intellectual, Cold, Distant, Egotistical

ARIES • Fire
Key Words • “I Am”
Symbol • The Ram
Positive: Courageous, Pioneering, Energetic, Aggressive, Determined, Resourceful
Negative: Vain, Conceited, Self-Centered, Impulsive, Defensive, Domineering, Opinionated, Does NOT complete projects

CANCER • Water
Key Words • “I Feel”
Symbol • The Crab
Positive: Sensitive, Tenacious, Receptive, Protective, Home loving, Motherly, Mature in later life
Negative: Over emotional (needs to control emotions), Self-protective (hides in shell), Defensive, Overly sensitive (can dish stout, but can’t “take” it), Hangs onto possessions and relationships

Key Words • “I Use”
Symbols • The Scapegoat and the Dolphin, Symbol of Resurrection
Positive: Organized, Structured, Practical, Strong Sense of Discipline, Ambitious, Slow and Steady, Self contained
Negative: Rigid, Restrictive, Crystallized, Cold, Superior, Patronizing, Seeks to control

Key Words • “I Think”
Symbol • The two natures of Christ — the human and the divine
Positive: Alert, Versatile, Communicates easily, Adaptable, Flexible
Negative: Scattered, Superficial, Indecisive, Does too many things at a time, Mercurial in temperament, Not always there when needed, Twins running in opposite directions, Two personalities with different goals

LEO • Fire
Key Words • “I Will”
Symbol • Fire
Positive: Leadership Ability, Proud, Energetic, Courageous, Creative, Strong willed, Magnanimous
Negative: Arrogant, Imperious, Egotistical, Self- willed or willful, Interferes with others for their own “good,” Likes to be center stage, Likes flashy things

Key Words • “I Balance”
Symbol • The Scale; The cross = karma. Reward: The crown
Positive: Diplomatic, Friendly, Gracious, Loving, Hospitable, Peaceful, Creative, Musical, Appreciates the arts
Negative: Difficulty in being alone, Needs partners, Changes partners often seeing romance, Often imbalanced on one end of scale or other, Will avoid confrontation, but if cornered, watch out, First half of life makes best clinging vine you ever saw

PISCES • Water
Key Words • “I Believe”
Symbol • The Fish
Positive: Compassionate, Sensitive, Imaginative, Spiritually inclined, Psychic & healing abilities
Negative: Indecisive, Confused, Wishy-washy, Deluded, Deceptive, Spaced out, Fish swimming in opposite directions, Evades facing reality by hiding, Tendency to pick up others’ pains in contact healing, Martyr, Self-sacrificing

Key Words • “I Aspire”
Symbol • The Archer
Positive: Philosophical, Expansive, Optimistic, Devoted to truth and knowledge
Negative: Too idealistic, Scattered, Overly optimistic, Tendency to proselytize

Key Words • “I Desire”
Symbols • The serpent must be crushed;
The battleground of the Zodiac — the battle between fire and water
Positive: Uncompromising, Born Generals, Concerned with growth and regeneration, Probes deeply into things, Intuitive, Psychic and healing abilities, Can be the eagle flying free
Negative: Jealous, Possessive, Cruel, Overly sexual, Self-willed, Stings then runs and hides, Secretive

TAURUS • Earth
Key Words • “I Have”
Symbol • The Bull
Positive: Practical, Dependable, Steady, Stable, Plodding, Love of gardening and earthy things
Negative: Obstinate, Fixed, Rigid, Unyielding, Hang on to family and possessions, Materialistic

VIRGO • Earth
Key Words • “I Analyze”
Symbol • The Virgin
Positive: Modest, Meticulous, Concerned with health, Likes to serve, Analytical mind, Discriminating
Negative: Critical, Fussy, Prudish, Petty, Aloof, Dry, Demands that others act likewise, PERFECTIONIST


Rules Leo
It is hard to think of the Sun as positive or negative. It is: vitality, energy, strength, the basic essence or quality of being. The Sun governs the heart and rules the male side or the father.

Rules Cancer
It refers to the emotions, feelings, the feminine and instinctive side of consciousness;
also our habit patterns, the mother and women in our life.

Rules Gemini & Virgo
Positive: Communicative, Quick mind, writes well, speaks well
Negative: Overly mental. Nervous, Changeable (mercurial temperament)

Rules Taurus & Libra
Positive: Loving, Creating, Appreciates art and beauty, Social
Negative: Possessive, Materialistic, anti-social

Rules Aries
Positive: Strong motivation, Courageous, Balanced aggressive tendency
Negative: Fearful, Overly aggressive, Argumentative, Disruptive

Rules Sagittarius
Positive: Expansive, Philosophical, Religious, Love of travel
Negative: Over-does things, Indulgent, especially in food and drink, Over weight

Rules Capricorn
Positive: Responsible, structured, Orderly, Sense of discipline, good teacher
Negative: Restrictive, Limiting, Crystallizing, Inhibited

Rules Aquarius
Positive: Original, Innovative, Intuitive mind, Breaks up patterns
Negative: Eccentric, Erratic, Unstable, Bizarre

Rules Pisces
Positive: Compassionate, Mystical, Musical, Poetic, Love of dance, drama and film, Loves water and the ocean
Negative: “Spaced out,” Unclear, Foggy, Tendency to escapism, Alcohol, drugs, Idealistic

Rules Scorpio
Positive: Transformations, Death and Rebirth process, Healing, Probes deeply, Purging, Cleansing
Negative: Underground, Secretive