The Healing Ritual

A Few Thoughts on the Spiritual Relationships of Transmission, Selfless-Service, and the Healing Ritual

There can be no greater blessing than to open oneself to the realization of the presence of God within us. It is this theme which is carried through all spiritual teachings.

As Murshid SAM said in his lectures to the Holy Order of Mans, “The Sermon on the Mount by the Master Jesus, is all about how to receive the Blessings of God. And, the word Blessing means Blissful. Thus, to be truly happy, do these things.” (paraphrased from memory)

The practices we do are toward the realization of the Spirit of Guidance within us. As it is written in Islam, “Say Allah, and Allah thou shalt become.”

There is another component to this process, which is that the Passage of Blessings (transmission) is included in the giving of a practice. In other words, when one takes a practice, or receives a blessing, from a spiritual teacher, one also receives access to the inclusive spiritual energetic of that being. This may include all their teachers, and spiritually received transmissions.

When we do the prayers, practices and services bequeathed to us by Hazrat Inayat Khan, we are linking our inner beings with him, and with the line of blessings that he carried. We Sufis call this process the Silsila (or chain of blessings).

To me, the most important facilitator to the furthering and deepening of this spiritual connection is to do one’s practice with an open and receptive heart. This allows an accommodation for these blessings to dwell within and grow with no self-created obstruction to the spiritual flow. This obfuscation is another aspect of the interplay of the ego with the mind-mesh. In addition, and most importantly, there is always Divine Grace, but I shall deal with this on another occasion.

One of the greatest and most powerful tools for by-passing the “opinionator,” is doing “selfless spiritual service.” Thus the Healing Ritual, given us by Hazrat Inayat Khan, becomes a direct link to his inner heart. When we are in the empty mind space of loving service, we are receiving his love and blessings and his transmission. the very fact that we do this without the desire of personal benefit, allows the ego-mind to rest, and permits the flow of blessings to enter our beings.

Our attitude and inner state of receptivity are very important components of our spiritual practice. As it is written in Islam, “If we take one step towards Allah, Allah will take 10 steps towards us.”

I wish you all the love and joy, peace and health that Allah has for you.

Yours in Service to the Real,

Hakim Saul