From Summer School 1925


♦  The Soul is the Divine Breath, it purifies, revivifies and heals the instrument, through which it functions, (The Soul Whence and Wither). This is the central point of life. (Concentrate every day a few minutes on it).

♦  All diseases are created in the mind, before they come into the body. The Soul constantly heals mind and body.

♦  All illness, pain and discomfort is unnatural.

♦  Disease is lack of life.

♦  The trouble is caused by lack of rhythm.

♦  If you are out of rhythm and tired — relax!

♦  If you find difficulty in relaxing, try and relax your eyelids. It will make the relaxing of your body easy.

♦  For relaxing: breathe 11 (eleven) times rhythmically, saying mentally, when inhaling: “Ya Shafi,” and when exhaling: “Ya Kafi.” One must do this relaxing exercise very resolutely. Do this every time you feel yourself out of rhythm. One can also do this for another, by thinking of him/her.