Healing Circles

It is through our Healing Circles and camps that we do most of our training in the DHO. If you are interested in this work, please contact us with your location and other contact information, and we will attempt to connect you with someone in your area with whom you can work.

Currently Healing Circles are being held in the following cities:

In the United States:

Berkeley CA
Eureka CA
Larkspur CA
Potter Valley CA
San Diego CA
San Francisco CA
Santa Cruz CA
Sebastopol CA
Ukiah CA
Moscow ID
Prairie Village KS
Boston MA
Cambridge MA
Gaithersberg MD
Asheville NC
Durham NC
Santa Fe NM
Silver City NM
Pulteney NY
Eugene OR
Portland OR
Talent OR
Greenville SC
Charlottesville VA
Seattle WA

Around the World:

Aachen GER
Bergneustadt GER
Berlin GER
Ebersburg GER
Hannover GER
Kirchheim-Teck GER
München GER
Ottersberg GER
Schopfheim GER
Siegsdorf-Hörgering GER
Werder / Havel GER
Wienhausen GER
Arnhem NLD
St. Petersburgh RUS
Edinburgh SCO