Selections from “Life/Death Motifs”

These selections of Frida’s teachings all come from “Life/Death Motifs” — which was a
presentation at a Healing Seminar given by Saul Barodofsky in Fairfax, CA in early 1976.


Let’s talk about HEALING INSTRUMENTS from a little different point of view. No one is a healer. He/she is an instrument through which to some degree, healing energies can flow. It depends on how much personal garbage has been eliminated to clear the channels. For example, I was called in when a friend of mine was going through his second major heart attack. One look at him told me that Frida Waterhouse, persona, couldn’t do a thing for him. I was scared spitless because at the time I wasn’t a minister so I could have gone to jail for not calling a doctor. The realization has stayed with me to this day that there is a healing instrument. Even then I did not ask that he be healed. I simply asked that his highest plan be fulfilled and that I be used as an instrument. It wasn’t until about 3/4 of an hour had passed that I knew he was going to make it.

It’s a dedication to a principle to be an instrument of healing and whatever it takes to become this. How can you be a clear, dedicated instrument when all of you (including myself) have unfinished business, call it garbage or whatever? What makes you an effective healing instrument is you ability to go into a neutral place where you are listening and being guided by the highest wisdom directed from your High Self and not be tempted to put in your two cents worth. In other words, your mind trips have been neutralized. Be an observer, observing but not interfering so that the quality and the strength of the energy that comes through you on an individual basis can have the fullest potential. Sometimes the amount of energy that comes through a group can be stronger than that of an individual because it would be a melding of both those who were clearer and those who were muddied.

— On Concentration —

The ability to concentrate which your spiritual disciplines and meditation practices give you has a lot to do with your centeredness so that you or a group can focus on the energies needed to come through. The self-acceptance that you feel has a lot to do with the kind of instrument you are and I’m not talking about an egocentric trip. I’m talking about how much do you really know that you are a child of God? To what extent can you go into your heart center and rest securely on the knowledge that “I am that I am”? It’s not theoretical, but a “knowingness” so that you have that rock upon which you abide. Then any of the things that happen on the periphery of your being, all the emotional challenges (we do have them every day!) won’t throw you quite so high or low so you can center more easily.

The super-duper instrument of any kind, for healing or other purposes, is the one who has the ability to hear the highest direction from the wisdom sources. It can be a healing hierarchy coming from the Inner Planes, the Angelic Host, the Christ consciousness (the Buddha, Master Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tsu, whomever), so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what your are hearing comes from the highest source for the greatest good for the purpose on which you are concentrating.

— On Asking Permission —

I do want to say this about healing. When I was blind and at that time my commitment was not to regain my sight, a group decided to do some healing work on me without asking my permission. They couldn’t get through, and I told my friend who prompted this that she had no right to do this because I didn’t want them or anyone working on my sight. She and her group couldn’t get through my protective barrier — I was too well protected because it wasn’t in the Divine Plan to heal me at that time.