Honoring the Great Mother – from the Goddess to the Crone

“The veil of Isis is this same sky of Malakut, and when once that is penetrated, the Goddess is beheld in all Her glory.”

— Murshid Sam, commentaries on the Bowl of Saki – January 3rd

This year we have two Meetings:

  • June 17-22: Alton Collins Retreat Center – near Portland, Oregon
  • September 6-9: Serenity Ridge Retreat Center – near Charlottesville, Virginia

View the PDF flyers for these meetings:      DHO-2012 – Oregon  /  DHO-2012 – Virginia

Information and registration for either of these meetings contact:
Registration: Jude
Camp organizer:  Murad
Virginia camp manager: Hadi David Hunter


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Future Dates:

2013 – June 17-23:  Lama – start your strengthening exercises, and your chlorophyll supplements now.

2014 – June:  Mt Shasta.  Our work there is not yet finished, and we hope to go a few days later, so that we can have Panther Meadows snow free (dates-to be arranged).


In support of the ideals of harmony and cooperation promoted by the Federation of the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, these events welcome equally the wholehearted participation of mureeds from the International Sufi Movement, the Sufi Order International, and the Sufi Ruhaniat International. Indeed, the mureeds of all Sufi orders, and practitioners from all spiritual paths, are invited to share in the communion of teachings and practices offered at these events.