DHO Report – Shnede 2018

Dear Family…

Greetings from Virginia..

Ramadan Mu Barrak! 

Some comments and impressions of our 35th annual gathering at Hans Shnede:

Over 90 of us came together amidst the splendor of a lush, late spring in Northern Germany. 

From California to Moscow & from Edinburgh to Berlin, with all the places in between: it was a splendid International group.

Of course, our concentration was on healing, and we touched on all it’s manifestations – from song and mantra to laughter, plus sharing empowerment through the ritual, the prayers, the walks and the dances.

There was ample space between activities, so there was opportunity for both reflection and absorption.  And the night birds – whippoorwill and cuckoo were magical.

The sung mantras, prayers and chants still reverberate. Mashallah!

It was Spargle Time (white asparagus) once again.  Fresh picked, and only hours old. Our Master of the kitchens’ heart (Atesha) outdid herself. She truly manifests the hearts’ blessing in the preparation of great eats.

We celebrated our Godmother with the “ Aziza Inayat Khan Memorial Candy Giving.”

It is amazing how many of us ‘elders’ become children when the sweets appear.

Below is a photograph of most of the children of Shnede.  The older ones have all grown up with us, and are now campers. They are our future.