World Wide Zoom Meeting

Dear family,

What a time we are witness to:

the continuing evolving of our spiritual family,
the spreading of the latest virulent virus,
all amidst the destructive destabilizing of our home world.

I am calling together all of our DHO initiates – world wide – to hold our hands and hearts together, united in prayer for the alleviation of human suffering, and the healing of our planet.

All those attuned to this need are welcome to join with us.

September 12, 2020 (Saturday) – Noon-EDT,
(9am-PDT, 6pm-Germany, ~ UTC -4)
Use this Time Zone Converter to find the start time where you live

As Murshid Sam’s Hakim, and as a Servant of The One, I am enjoined to state that our work is selfless, and not directed to personal achievement nor recognition or approval by any organization, or individual.

For this gathering, I would like to focus our attention on our Elders, and God-parents, and their messages of Love, Loyalty, and Selfless Service.

As Moineddin so aptly put it:

“there are those who love Dharma;
and, there are those who love drama.”

I am hopeful that we can, once again, have a gathering of our initiatic family;

to hold the world in our heart’s arms, as we invoke the blessings of our lineage, with special emphasis on our inner guides (especially Quan Yin).

We shall do practices directly given, or inspired by our Elders, as well as an Absent Healing Ritual for our extended spiritual family, and for our Mother Earth.

Inshallah! Ananda will join us for some sung Zikr.

Please spread the word. If you need the Zoom link, please contact Murad.

All blessings upon your work

Yours in Service to the Real
Hakim Saul-uddin
August, 2020


Transmission — by Saul

Beloved family,

It is a great pleasure to have been asked to write an article for our Ruhaniat journal.

Today, I wish to spotlight and honor our specific transmission of Baraka.

We are so blessed to have such a lineage to call upon. From Hazrat Inayat Khan, through Murshid SAM, and Pir Moineddin Jablonski. They are all links in the Chain of Blessings (our silsila) which connects us to our lineage and with which we can connect, both in need and in thankfulness.

In addition, it is also important to honor and recognize all the G-D parents we had in those early days of our independence: Joe and Guin Miller, Frida Waterhouse, Father Blighton, Jiyu Kennett Roshi, Teddy Rich, Rev. Gene Wagner, Dr. Seo, plus all those known and unknown to us, who gave us the strength of their support and recognition.

As future historians will note, “Sufi Dancing” went from a garage in San Francisco to a worldwide phenomena.  And all in just a couple of generations. Murshid SAM had the transmission to give, and his successor, Pir Moineddin Jablonski, not only had it but manifested it.  His Darshan worked, as did Murshid Sams.

Sufism is all about Transmission.  It is not about memorizing what has been written. Nor is it an academic treatise to be discussed. Transmission is what assists and powers us from Fana (surrender) into Baka (realization).

Murshid SAM said (in my presence) that he would be remembered in Sufi annals for his inclusion of Fana-fi-Pir (surrender to the teacher who has passed beyond) into the lineage stream. Traditionally one lists Fana-fi-Sheikh (surrender to the embodied teacher), as a start.  Followed by Fana-fi-Rasul (surrender to the divine Messenger) and finally, Fana fi Lillah (surrender directly to Allah). Murshid SAM inserted Fana fi Pir after Fana fi Shiekh and before Fana fi Rasul.

This hierarchy of receiving teachings is also sometimes referred to as the “boats” that carry us: Shariat (the form of prayer for all), Tariqat (the taking on of a teacher, who then gives one practices), Marifat (when one receives ones guidance from a Rasul), and Haqiqat (when Allah gives one direct guidance).

Murshid SAM’s addition of Fana-fi-Pir came about from his deep attunement to Inayat Khan, and from his openness to the Spirit of Guidance. This allowed him to do copious, profound commentaries on Hazrat Inayat Khan’s writings, which have served us all after his passing, and which he claimed to be Inayat Khan speaking through him. Alhamdulliah!

On a personal note, for any success gained by the performance of the Absent Healing Ritual, I fully credit Murshida Bhakti Engle for her passage of the Shafia’s Baraka. Ya Shakur!

Our order, The Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society, was founded by Murshid SAM, under the direct orders of Pir Dewal Shareef, who gave him the instructions to organize, so as to protect and preserve his work. Murshid SAM said this in my presence.

Murshid SAM always attempted to follow his spiritual orders, thus not blocking the transmissions he carried.  He felt that obedience to one’s teachers was to act as a Abdul—a slave to the Divine Will. He once remarked to me he had met the Qtub and was made an ABDUL. “It means slave,” he explained. “But it’s a very high position.”

It is this one’s humble opinion that the Dances were created so as to fulfill instructions he was given by Sufi Barket Ali, who directed him to have 10,000 Americans say “Allah!”

I bear witness to its completion: in 1970 at a “Holy Man Jam” in San Francisco, Murshid SAM led an Allah snake dance.  I recall him doing a quick count of the house (there were many thousands present) and turning to Wali Ali (his correspondence secretary at the time) and saying “Write Sufi Barket Ali, and inform him I have completed my assignment.”

It is from such small ripples on the cosmic pond, that events ripen and mature.

Murshid Sam once made a comment about Paul Brunton (A Search in Secret India and A Search in Secret Egypt).  His books were popular with us at the time, and someone asked Murshid what he thought about them.  “They’re all right,” he said, “but I have a problem with him. His teacher Ramana Maharshi asked him to move to Prague in the early 1930’s and he refused. I blame his refusal for the war that followed.”

Tasawwuf, or Sufism, is based on following in the footsteps of the teacher so that we may receive and actualize their Baraka, and carry it forward into the next generation. It is in this surrender to the Ideal that one’s heart/mind becomes one with the Divine.

The Sufi Invocation calls upon us to embody the Message, and there is no better path to doing this than the Tassawuri Walks of the Masters, Saints, and Prophets, given us through Murshid SAM. Or, as Joe Miller said: “It can’t be taught.  It has to be caught.”

Murshid SAM rarely gave walks to his non-disciples.  In open meetings, he would use us as demonstrations of what can be accomplished via mureedship, sometimes as walkers, and sometimes as dancers. Dances with participants of only one element were used to demonstrate the reality of the elements in humanity. In addition, there were specific women’s dances, and men’s dances, as well as dances for mureeds only. His test for remaining in the Advanced Dance Class was not a dance, but rather one’s mastery of one of the Astrological Walks.

I observed him during a meeting dancing a partner dance with a woman, who was not a mureed, and afterwards telling her to see Wali Ali for practices, as she was initiated during their interaction. “It was the energy,” he later said upon questioning.

Transmission does not require a formal organization and may, perhaps, be impeded by it. Nonetheless, our order has saved, and organized Murshid SAM’s “work” for future generations. Thus it serves the written. Ya Shakur! May it continue to serve the living.

Once again, it was a true and real blessing to have encountered a being who manifested such deep open-heartedness and lived his connection to the Divine. My first ‘teacher,’ Mother Mary of Mt Shasta, described a real teacher: “A real teacher is like the sun. They give to all, and ask nothing in return.”

All thankfulness for the opportunity to have been with Murshid SAM for two full and overflowing years. Allah Mubarak!

I’ll close with two simple practices I tend to use when I feel in need of assistance:

The first is to call on Murshid: putting “Ya Murshid” on the breath, and allow it to move through one’s bodies.

The second is calling on the Spirit of Guidance: subvocalizing on the tone “Ya Hu” and feeling it resonate all through you.

May these be as helpful to you as they have been for me

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Saul-uddin

Virginia, April 14, 2020


DHO Oregon 2020 Postponed

Dear family, 

Amidst the current crisis, it is not appropriate for us to act as though we are in a corona-virus free world. 

We have decided not to have our annual DHO meeting in June. We are planning to postpone this meeting for a year, until June 27-Jul 2, 2021 at Alton Collins, near Portland, OR.  

This decision was not an easy one and was made to protect those of us who are elderly, or have a compromised immune system, as well as those of us who would have to travel long distances to attend. It would be a great sadness to have our gathering become an unintentional vector for further infection. 

We have also cancelled our annual Schnede gathering in Germany and are restricting physical participation in our Sunday Healing Service.  

To keep our connections going and to continue being of service in this time of great need, various online Healing Services have been taking place. If you are open to others joining, it would be wonderful to develop a list of these so that all of us from all around the world can attend. Please send your information to Murad.

Remember to follow our Elders’ advice: Stay centered in your heart, watch your breath, maintain proper sanitary precautions, and use this opportunity to practice practice practice what we have been studying, teaching and reading about for years.

Yours in Service to the Real
and, until we meet again Bodisattvas,
Hakim Saul-uddin
March 19, 2020Virginia

Workshops Postponed

Dear Ones,

Due to the very real need to minimize social proximity, the March 28-29 “Sing Your Heart Out” gathering in Nevada City, and the April 3-5 “Melding Spirituality and Healing” DHO workshop in Boulder, have been postponed. 

Let us, in this time of necessary social distancing, join the spirit of the Italians who are singing out love, harmony and beauty from their balconies! And let us pray for all those, known and unknown, who are in need of healing. 

Clearly it is time now for us to increase our use of the healing tools and practices we have been given: Irfan, the Heart with Wings, the Healing Breaths, the healing prayer Nayaz, the evoking of the Pillars, the healing ritual (remember that it only takes two people), and so many more.  If you are drawn to explore this aspect of the Message, hook up with the DHO in your area.  We are currently expanding our capacity to share Hazrat Inayat Khan’s healing attunement and practices online.

May Peace and the Blessing of the Divine be with you through these trying times.


Haus Schnede 2020 cancelled

Dear ones,

It is with a heavy heart that I am moved to cancel our planned gathering at Haus Schnede this coming May 18 – 23rd, 2020.

We are following the advice of our elders – “Trust in G-D, but tie your camel.”

We are all hopeful that we shall meet again next May 10-15, 2021.
As it is said in the story of the king and the amulet – “This too shall Pass.”

Until then, please be true to your path of selfless service. A positive and clear attitude, extra care in sanitation and group contact, along with an open heart (with a strong sense of your own self worth), and an active linkage to our silsila, can go a long way in self protection amidst any pandemic.

Remember to attend, either in person (carefully) – or on line, the Absent Healing Rituals. Thus, we may link up on the inner planes, and send the Shafia around the world.

The ritual is a perfect way to send positive, loving and nurturing energy to those in need. Especially during the last section for the Known & Unknown.

We shall continue our Sunday service – our ritual starts at 11:00 our east coast time. You may join us on the inner plains.

I plan on sending out a new homework assignment to carry us through the coming year within the next few days.

Until we meet again Bodisatvas…

Yours in Service to The Real (and with all my love)
hakim saul-uddin
Virginia, March 14, 2020

Healing Workshop in Boulder, CO

Healing Workshop in Boulder, CO
April 4-5, 2020
“Melding Spirituality and Healing”
Khalifa Sarfaraz Catherine Knight and Murshid Aslan Scott Sattler

The retreat will include Dances of Universal Peace, Spiritual walks, ZIKR, singing, magnetism & breathing practices. We will enliven our capacity for healing with the Healing Ritual from Hazrat Inayat Khan as well as ways to share healing with others & the planet.

Aslan is a physician as well as Shafayat in the Dervish Healing Order and Murshid in the Ruhaniat. Sarfaraz is Shafayat in the Dervish Healing Order & a Khalifa in the Ruhaniat.

Aslan and Sarfaraz have great experience and desire to share knowledge with others from their hearts; knowledge of how to combine Spirituality and Healing; knowledge that will be useful not only to those who are on the path of healing, but to all of us in everyday life.

We have a unique opportunity to be together; to be filled with life-giving healing energy; to send healing energies and love to family, friends, other people and to those places on the planet that need Harmony and Peace.

Let’s create a Healing Space (Healing Circle) together!
More information about the venue and schedule coming soon.
The retreat is open to all and will be offered on a donation basis.

50th Annual DHO Gathering

June 21-26, 2020
Alton Collins Retreat Center – near Portland, OR

From Hakim Sauluddin

Health, as personal, planetary, and political is perhaps the most important subject of our time. As we observe our world in decay, our country in reaction and our safety net being eroded, it is imperative to remember that we are not helpless.  There are inner and outer activities we may manifest, so as to counter these disruptions, and bring about a more equitable balance. Firstly within ourselves, and then toward the world.

In Murshid SAM’s first published study – Toward Spiritual Brotherhood – he details how the group can function in the absence of a TEACHER (1). When Murshid SAM refers to a TEACHER, he means an enlightened being – as was his teacher – Hazrat Inayat Khan, who continued to inspire and manifest to and through him his whole life.

Murshid SAM used the Absent Healing Ritual as an example of the power to change situations – when open hearted and selfless people come together in a circle to ask help and guidance for others.

As a historical note: It was when modern medicine mis-diagnosed Moineddin Jablonski’s condition (sepsis), and failed to correct it, that Murshid SAM asked Murshid Sauluddin, as his Hakim, to resurrect and lead the Absent Healing Service for Moineddin. Moineddin lived another 30-plus years with at least 2 new kidneys, and many of our healing circles continued to include him in our weekly formal prayers until his passing.

If your community does not already have representation of this point of the Five Pointed Star, as envisioned by Hazrat Inayat Khan, we offer free training and initiation to those on the Selfless Path of Service. Please consider adding this Ray of the Star to your community.

Training and initiation are without cost. One need not be a medical professional to participate or lead the service.  The development of the Shafia – (the healing presence) grows with participating in the service. This can be of benefit to all, and especially to medical professionals.

Looking forward to seeing you at our 50th annual gathering.

(1) Murshid SAM’s first publication was a poem (The Rejected Avatar’ – Thanks Hassan Hertz, Prophecy Pressworks)

Registration Information:
June 21-26, 2020
Alton Collins Retreat Center – near Portland, OR
Double rooms – $625, Triple rooms – $410
Please note, all presenters pay full fees and there are no honorariums or travel reimbursements

Register: Jude Sargent
Send full payment or $150 deposit to
Jude Sargent, 922 Stanyan Street, S.F., CA 94117

Please register early – there are a limited number of rooms onsite

Cancellation: The facility has cancellation policies

  • Within 30 days of the beginning (May 22) – $50 charge
  • Within 15 days of the beginning (June 6) – No refund

Love and healing,

DHO Update Report

Dear family,

Our 20th anniversary celebration of the Federation of the Sufi Message just concluded – here in Charlottesville – where it all started 20 years ago. The energy was sweet and the participants were heart filled. Joy abounds. 

We began with a Remembrance Ceremony for those who have passed away this past year, plus some who were both the inspiration and guiding force for this coming together to actually occur. And ended with a healing ceremony for all of our Inayati family. 

Now to prepare for our Summer at Shnede, and our annual DHO gathering. This time at Mt Shasta – June 16-22, 2019. 

Murad has written that Shasta Abby has confirmed our visit and will open their meditation hall for us.  Yummy. And Mary Beth has mapped out our route to Widow Springs. So, it looks as though we are all set to go. 

If you are planning on join us, and haven’t yet registered, please inform Jude soon. There are motel overflows available, but tempis fugit (Time Flies). Early birds get the best spaces. 

All blessings
Hakim Saul uddin

PS – We are confirmed for Friday evening, June 14 at the San Francisco Theosophical Lodge. As previously mentioned, I will be bringing with me, the one physical object that connects Mother Mary, Murshid Sam, and Joe Miller.

809 Mason Street, San Francisco, 94108. Doors open at 6:00 pm.
Meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Registration info:

If you stay in a motel, the Camp Fee from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon is $310. Camp fee includes meals and everything else EXCEPT housing. You will be responsible for booking and paying for your own motel.

If possible, please send your full fee to Jude. You can also reserve your place with a $100 deposit. Please let us know if you have dietary needs (dairy free, gluten free, vegan). If you want dorm housing, there may be some space left in the dorm or you can ask to be on the wait list if we get cancellations. $455. Camp Fee includes on-site housing and on-site meals.

Contact information for the local motels:

  • Hi Lo Motel (Recommended) about ½ mile from college – 530-938-2731
  • Town House motel across street from Hi Lo – 530-938-4431
  • Motel 6 about 1.5 mile north of the college – 530-938-4101
  • At the South Weed exit is a Siskiyou Inn, Comfort Inn and Quality Inn

All DHO staff are volunteers and pay full fees. Left over monies are donated to a local charity.

Questions? Murad (Camp Manager) or Jude (Registrar).

San Francisco Theosophical Lodge Meeting

Dear family,   

As we begin our preparations for our Mount Shasta adventures, a note about our Godparents and a pre-Shasta meeting in San Francisco.

Looking back, I am still so grateful for the active support we were given, when we were suddenly handed Murshid Sam’s work to hold and continue. Our Godparents were a blessing and a strength, which enabled us to not only survive, but to mature and grow.  Joe and Guin Miller attended most of our yearly gatherings and literally sat there pumping out energy.  In addition to being our god parents, Joe and Guin were Theosophists, Buddhists and honorary Sufi Murshids. Joe was the only one of Sam’s intimates who never even hinted to me that he was the successor — but rather supported Moineddin and our work, both in general and in specific.

Upcoming before Shasta this June:
I have been asked to present at the Friday evening gathering at the San Francisco Theosophical Lodge, the Friday evening just prior to our Shasta retreat. Your participation is requested. It would be sweet to have some of us oldies around to remember and honor Joe and Guin. Meeting is without costs. And a dinner will be served afterwards.

Friday evening – June 14.
Doors open at 6:00 pm — Meeting starts at 7:00. pm
809 Mason Street, San Francisco, 94108  

I plan on bringing with me the one physical item which links Mother Mary, Murshid Sam and Joe Miller.   

Hope to see you at The Lodge, and later on at Shasta – June 16-22.
For Shasta registration, contact Jude — 922 Stanyan Street, SF, CA 94117

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin

DHO Meeting at Shasta 2019

Acknowledging the Space Between the Dots:
The Metaphysical and Occult Transmissions of Our Lineage

Dear family,

Once again, we will dip into the Occult and Metaphysical portions of our transmission: Prophecy, intuition, inner sight, and the tools needed to train oneself: I Ching, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, and the Bowl of Saki as ‘Openers’.

As we begin our preparations for our Shasta Retreat (June 16-21, 2019), it feels right to remind folks that Murshid Sam and Mother Mary were already connected through Basira and myself, although they had not met on this plane. Later on would come a few more mureeds from Shasta.

Murshid Sam made, in my presence, one of the most remarkable statements I’d ever heard from him: “I will take as my mureeds, any of her students who wish to be initiated.”

He obviously considered her, as we did, to be a deep wellspring of spiritual blessings. And those who were attracted to her as real students on the path.

There are many stories around her, and her relationship to Inayat Khan – through her dear friend Murshida Bhakti Engle. I look forwards to sharing them on the Mountain. And, am sure that Jeff Whittier (Mother Mary’s biographer, holder of her sacred objects and guest presenter at our meeting) has many others.

Along with stories, encounters, practices, rituals, and our long awaited ‘frolicking amongst the trees,’ we shall visit Shasta Abbey. Shasta Abbey was founded by our Godmother, Jiu Kennet Roshi. She and SAM were graduates of the same Buddhist monastery in Japan, and became our Godmother after his passing. We plan to meditate in their fabulous meditation room and do the Prajna Parameta Sutra around her cenotaph along with leaders of Shasta Abbey. We also plan a day trip to the Mountain: Widow Springs and more.

So much to do, and see, and become.

Until we meet again Bodhisatva. See you on The Mountain.

Only love and blessings,
Hakim Sauluddin

SHASTA June 16-21, 2019 – Information for Registration

This year, we will be meeting at the College of the Siskyous in Weed, CA – highly recommended by our local DHO folks.

There will be 2 housing options:

1) On-site housing in the dorms – double rooms with shared bathrooms on each floor. There is a limited number of these rooms available. If you want one, reserve early.
If you stay in the dorms at the college, the Camp Fee from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon is $455. Camp Fee includes on-site housing and on-site meals.

2) Off-site housing in a local motel – If you want a single room with your own bathroom, there are a number of motels within walking distance of the college. We will be arranging shuttles from the HiLo Motel to the College for those who need them.
If you stay in a motel, the Camp Fee from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon is $310. Camp fee includes meals and everything else EXCEPT housingYou will be responsible for booking and paying for your own motel.

Please note: all DHO staff are volunteers, and pay full fees. Left over monies are donated to a local charity. 

Contact information for the local motels
Hi Lo Motel (Recommended) about ½ mile from college – 530-938-2731
Town House motel across street from Hi Lo – 530-938-4431
Motel 6 about 1.5 mile north of the college – 530-938-4101
At the South Weed exit is a Siskiyou Inn, Comfort Inn and Quality Inn

If possible, please send your full fee to Jude at 922 Stanyan Street, SF, CA 94117. You can also reserve your place with a $100 deposit. Please let us know if you have dietary needs (dairy free, gluten free, vegan) and if your housing in the dorm has to be on the first floor (no elevators).

Questions? Murad (Camp Manager) or Jude (Registrar)