DHO Meeting at Shasta 2019

Acknowledging the Space Between the Dots:
The Metaphysical and Occult Transmissions of Our Lineage

Dear family,

Once again, we will dip into the Occult and Metaphysical portions of our transmission: Prophecy, intuition, inner sight, and the tools needed to train oneself: I Ching, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, and the Bowl of Saki as ‘Openers’.

As we begin our preparations for our Shasta Retreat (June 16-21, 2019), it feels right to remind folks that Murshid Sam and Mother Mary were already connected through Basira and myself, although they had not met on this plane. Later on would come a few more mureeds from Shasta.

Murshid Sam made, in my presence, one of the most remarkable statements I’d ever heard from him: “I will take as my mureeds, any of her students who wish to be initiated.”

He obviously considered her, as we did, to be a deep wellspring of spiritual blessings. And those who were attracted to her as real students on the path.

There are many stories around her, and her relationship to Inayat Khan – through her dear friend Murshida Bhakti Engle. I look forwards to sharing them on the Mountain. And, am sure that Jeff Whittier (Mother Mary’s biographer, holder of her sacred objects and guest presenter at our meeting) has many others.

Along with stories, encounters, practices, rituals, and our long awaited ‘frolicking amongst the trees,’ we shall visit Shasta Abbey. Shasta Abbey was founded by our Godmother, Jiu Kennet Roshi. She and SAM were graduates of the same Buddhist monastery in Japan, and became our Godmother after his passing. We plan to meditate in their fabulous meditation room and do the Prajna Parameta Sutra around her cenotaph along with leaders of Shasta Abbey. We also plan a day trip to the Mountain: Widow Springs and more.

So much to do, and see, and become.

Until we meet again Bodhisatva. See you on The Mountain.

Only love and blessings,
Hakim Sauluddin

SHASTA June 16-21, 2019 – Information for Registration

This year, we will be meeting at the College of the Siskyous in Weed, CA – highly recommended by our local DHO folks.

There will be 2 housing options:

1) On-site housing in the dorms – double rooms with shared bathrooms on each floor. There is a limited number of these rooms available. If you want one, reserve early.
If you stay in the dorms at the college, the Camp Fee from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon is $455. Camp Fee includes on-site housing and on-site meals.

2) Off-site housing in a local motel – If you want a single room with your own bathroom, there are a number of motels within walking distance of the college. We will be arranging shuttles from the HiLo Motel to the College for those who need them.
If you stay in a motel, the Camp Fee from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon is $310. Camp fee includes meals and everything else EXCEPT housingYou will be responsible for booking and paying for your own motel.

Please note: all DHO staff are volunteers, and pay full fees. Left over monies are donated to a local charity. 

Contact information for the local motels
Hi Lo Motel (Recommended) about ½ mile from college – HiLoMotel.com 530-938-2731
Town House motel across street from Hi Lo – 530-938-4431
Motel 6 about 1.5 mile north of the college – 530-938-4101
At the South Weed exit is a Siskiyou Inn, Comfort Inn and Quality Inn

If possible, please send your full fee to Jude at 922 Stanyan Street, SF, CA 94117. You can also reserve your place with a $100 deposit. Please let us know if you have dietary needs (dairy free, gluten free, vegan) and if your housing in the dorm has to be on the first floor (no elevators).

Questions? Murad (Camp Manager) or Jude (Registrar)

Letter From Saul

Dearest family,

Greetings of the Season. As the old year winds down, and the Winter Solstice beckons, I am moved to share some concentrations to help the coming year move in a more peaceful and loving manner.

Most Important:
Do not despair. Despair only blocks the heart, and impedes the flow of baraka. Always know that you are not alone. Your initiation links you with multitudes of realized souls who can be called upon to share light, and love and happiness. Start with your initiator, and work backwards. Sometimes, just repeating their names as a mantra can be most beneficial.

Also important:
Do not surrender, or abandon your Concentration of Peace manifesting through the agency of Love, Harmony & Beauty.
Our founders (Sufi Inayat Khan, Murshid Sam, and Pir Moineddin) all had major disappointments in their lives; but did not allow the darkness to cloud their inner vision and never curtailed their work for The Message.

Always remember the great question:

‘If not me, then who?
If not now, then when?’

On a personal note: all is well in Virginia. Snow is melting, and our hearts are warm. Looking forward to soon being a fully retired former tribal textile person.

AND: June DHO approaches – June 16-21

Shasta amidst the re-growing greenery, and regrown ice pack.

Once again, we will dip into the Occult and Metaphysical portions of our transmission:

  • Mother Mary May Meyer, Swami Jugud Bundu, The Great White Brotherhood, Ascended Masters, secret machinery within the mountain, flying saucers, aliens, – Wow! and that’s just a portion of it:
  • Prophecy, intuition, inner sight, and the tools needed to train oneself: I Ching, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, and the Bowl of Saki as ‘Openers’.
  • We plan on visiting Shasta Abby & Jiu Kennet Roshi (our God Mother), doing the Praja Paramati Sutra at her cenotaph, and remembering our times together.
  • Inshallah! Panther Meadows will be open and available. If not there’s Bunny Flats.
  • Widow Springs for the healing waters, and the headwaters of the Sacramento River.
  • And, hopefully, our dear brother Jeff Whittier (holder of Mother Mary’s physical treasures, and author of her biography – ‘ Good is Never Lost ‘) is planning on joining us.
  • Many, many stories to share – from The I Am Society to Jack Schwartz.

Have sent in my deposit. Looking forwards to see you all in June.

all blessings and love
Hakim Sauluddin
North Garden, Virginia
December 21, 2018

SHASTA June 16-21, 2019

Information for Registration:
We will be meeting and staying at the College of the Siskiyou’s in Weed, CA. Costs are still being worked on, but please send a $100 deposit to to reserve your space. Housing at the College is limited.

Send to Jude Sargent, 922 Stanyan, SF, CA 95117-3807.
Questions? Email – Murad or Jude

Please note: all DHO staff are volunteers, and pay full fees. Left over monies are donated to a local charity.

A Taste of Shasta

Dear ones,

Enclosed is a link to an audio file –

A Taste of DHO-Shasta-2014

For those of you who were able to make it there, here is a reminder.
For those of you who were not able to make it there, here is a taste.

There were, of course, many other wonderful parts, including Saul’s walks class, lots of Saul’s stories about Murshid Sam, Mother Mary and Kennet Roshi and much more.

Thank you to those on this audio tape –  Sauluddin, Mariam, Aslan, Michael Endlich, Eddie (the Nazz) Greenburg, Murad and to the leaders not on the tape – Sarfaraz, Siddiq, Sakina, Noel, Richard Mann, Isa. Estafurgh’allah if I forgot anyone.


DHO 2014 at Shasta getting close…

Dear family,

June is upcoming, and we are amidst our preparations for our annual gathering.

This year is on Mt. Shasta, where we will explore our “occult” and “metaphysical” transmissions – June 22 (dinner) to June 28 (lunch) – 6 full days.

Our Theme: Hearing the Inner Voice.

Mt. Shasta is a great place to share the teachings, practices – and Inshallah!  experiences from Murshid Sam, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Mother Mary, and Jiu Kennet Roshi.

To those who may not know the connections between Murshid Sam, Mother Mary, and Jiu Kennett Roshi:

Murshid Sam never met Mother Mary, but honored her, and after her passing, offered to take on All of her students – sight unseen – an amazing offer on his part.

Jiu Kennett Roshi, went to the same monastery in Japan that he did (although at different times).  And when she arrived in the U.S., she had an experience viewing Mt. Shasta, and after querying Sam, he sent me to her.  She became our active God Mother.

We plan on visiting Jiu Kennet Roshi’s Cenotaph at Shasta Abbey, Widow Springs (for the healing waters), and doing Mother Mary’s Heart Meditation at Panther Meadows (on the Mountain).

Costs vary based on where you sleep – $670-$815 ($115 to $140 per night) – more for singles. Staff receives neither reimbursement, nor honorarium, and pays full fees.

To Register: Please make your checks payable to:
Jude Sargent  – 922 Stanyan Street – San Francisco, California 95117-3807

We hope to have a full crew. So make your plans, and register soon.

The sound and power of the River still calls to me.
Looking forwards to our being together once again.

all blessings,
hakim sauluddin

DHO 2014 at Shasta

Our Magical Mystical Tour: The DHO on Mt Shasta-Part 2

June 22 (dinner) to June 28 (lunch) – 6 full days
Stewart Mineral Springs, Mt. Shasta, CA
Theme: Hearing the Inner Voice

2014 is upon us. Amidst the frozen pipes and fallen trees there are the beginning signs of Spring and Renewal.

 DHO-2014-ShastaOnce again we can look forwards to a daily Bowl of Saki retreat concentration; Absent Healing Ritual; zikr; mantra; laughter as healing; amulets and gemstones as healing tools; Sufi Qi Gong; yoga; tea; choir; dance & walks; Sohbet; rituals – both traditional and inspired; Sufi Stories; Home Work; and more R & R time together.  We are hopeful that we will be blessed with Hanuman’s presence.

PLUS all the Mountain trimmings:
Mother Mary, The Great White Brotherhood, & Flying Saucers.
With visits to Shasta Abbey (our God Mother Jiu Kennett Roshi’s cenotaph is there),
Widow Springs (for healing waters), and
Panther Meadows (X marks the spot for manifestations of the Brotherhood)

Costs vary based on where you sleep –
$670-$815 ($115 to $140 per night) – more for singles

Staff receives neither reimbursement, nor honorarium, and pays full fees.
Please make your checks payable to Jude Sargent
922 Stanyan Street – San Francisco, California 95117-3807
We hope to have a full crew. So make your plans, and register soon

Report: DHO Mt. Shasta – 2011

Dear Family,

Our pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta was spectacular. Not only did we have the blessing of Pir Shabda’s company, but also the presence and blessings of Murshid Saadi and Murshida Mariam. All told, about 70 of us participated.

Once again our ‘field trips’ took us to places of great import: Shasta Abbey, Mother Mary’s old hotel, and Widow Springs on the Mountain. The snow was still in place on both Panther Meadows and Bunny Flats, so our time on the mountain was limited to drinking the ‘Healing Waters’ from Widow Springs.

Our ‘special guest’ was Jeff Whittier, who spent hours regaling us with stories of Mother Mary, and the ‘White Brotherhood.’ His book is finished, but not yet printed. Jeff brought some ‘final edition’ spiral bound copies for distribution. He told me he would inform us when it is printed, so we can order if we wish to.

The sound of the rushing river became our ‘leit motif’ for the week, and our homework was all water based. It was a time of letting go, and allowing the river to carry away all of our stress, pain, sorrow and troubles.

At least 4 people came to me after camp and said what a healing time it had been for them. Their anxiety and depression had abated, and they felt centered enough to resume their lives – Inshallah! on a new and clearer note.

Kudos to Mary Beth (who held the post of ‘road woman’ and local guide, making sure all was in readiness for us), Jude (who handled registration and finances), and Murad (who acted as our liaison with the camp, and the kitchen)…by the by, Murad’s daughter went into labor just at camp’s start, and he was needed at the birth, so he missed the first few days, but caught up with us at the end, and had time to give me an acupuncture treatment, plus leading a session of Sufi Chi Gong. Yeah!

Although our gathering was very full with practices and events, there was still time for reflection and repose. And what a fabulous place to do it in.

Special thanks to Solomon for helping me decorate the meeting space with his beautiful Bali textiles.

Some highlights: Najat started each morning with a kilvat practice and focus for the day, Rabbi Pam Frydman read some stories and practices from a new paper she is writing, and led us in a Hebrew zikr – Wow! – Jean Pierre shared how he balances his spiritual practice and his work – Fadilla accepted the title of Shafayat & Nur Un Nisa was initiated as an Initiator – early morning Japanese Tea (thanks to Siddiq & Sakina) – Richard Mann’s early morning yoga – Aslan’s evening dances, and choral graces – Sarfraz’s walks of the Masters – our daily healing ritual (with 4 new conductors initiated) – the Europeans who attended – (Natalia {who finally got her visa!}, Simone from Germany & Zubin from Holland) – the mineral baths and sauna – the all pervading river – plus a number of ‘former’ priests from the Holy Order of Mans {one could feel their energy and devotion during the Walk of the Master Jesus} – once again, Noel brought through Hanuman, Mashallah! and we all followed him in the walk – Mansur shared some memories of Shamsher Beorse and his alternative energy projects – Nassruddin enlivened our gathering with fabulous humor, Michael Endlich made a short presentation on amulets, and, onwards and upwards.

Our visit to Shasta Abbey was much anticipated by the monks. They even requested that we sing the Gate Gate melody we did last time we were at Kennett Roshi’s grave site. In addition we recited the Heart Sutra, and lit incense, over her memorial, and sang Allahuddins “Till we meet again Bodhisatva.” We shared our box’d lunches with our hosts, and ate looking upon the most perfect view of Mt Shasta. Wonderful visuals! Fabulous energy!

If you haven’t visited their meditation hall you are missing something sublime. I found myself, moving into meditation with a single breath. Murshid Saadi remarked that it was the most powerful space he has felt since he spent 3 days meditating under the Bodhi Tree.

They have a new Abbess, from England, and although they were amidst a retreat, she took time to greet and welcome us. A strong and loving presence. May she do well.

A number of folks took pictures: Thanks to Ayshia who has already posted hers on the DHO Facebook page, and to Mansur who took a short video at the Abbey. These are wonderful, and bring it all back in spades.

So many folks made this happen. I hope I have acknowledged all of them. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We raised enough money to send almost $2,000.00 to the local “Meals on Wheels” – Shasta area is very economically depressed, and there is not enough money to feed the elderly and stay-at-homes.

In addition, there is a project to help save the Mountain from development and commercial fracking. Please contact Mary Beth if you feel called to donate, at globalhealing@mannapages.com , or +++Mary Beth Granberry – P.O. Box 153 – Mt Shasta, California – 96067.++++I sent my check today for $101.00…

We are still working on next year’s location. More on that soonish.

All blessings and love and many, many thanks

hakim sauluddin
June 30, 2011

Mother Mary and Murshid SAM

Dear family,

Murshid Sam made the most incredible statement to me about Mother Mary (of Mount Shasta): I will take any of her students as my mureeds.” (He wound up with 4 or 5, that I recall.)

I never heard him make such a statement about any other spiritual teacher and their students. He also attempted to meet with her, when Mansur (and myself) drove through Mt Shasta en route to Vancouver, to see Sam’s uncle Harry. We missed her, but did get to hang out with Helen Fetterman (Mary’s Lieutenant) and visit Crater Lake.

Helen later drove down to San Francisco when Murshid passed and helped console us, as she “witnessed” the funeral arrangements, and the court battle to fight his autopsy. (We didn’t want his body cut, and Pir Vilayat showed up to assist us in this. He actually called Sam a Sufi Saint – under oath – in Marin County Court.)

Basira (then called Gypsy) first told SAM about Mother Mary, and he sent her and Shirin up to Mt. Shasta to meet her, and for Shirin to see a living High Priestess in action. Shirin later said she was a real one. It was this duo (Shirin and Basira) who brought me to meet Murshid, and I was hooked from the very beginning.

I share these stories, as I believe that a direct spiritual connection exists between these two lights. And, am deeply touched, that I was blessed to be able to “walk with her” and “take hands” with Murshid. Murshid once remarked to me: “You call her Mother,” he said. “But I’m really your Mother. She’s your Father.” I got it, and it’s true – the Father directs, and the Mother nurtures. Mary started me out, and Sam nurtured my path.

So, our gathering on Mt Shasta will bring forth these joint blessings: From Hazrat Inayat Khan (whom Mother claimed to have met in vision – she was also good friends with Murshida Bkati Engle, and of course knew all about Bakti’s teacher), to The Great White Brotherhood, the Order of Melchizadeck, and the Space Brotherhoods.

We will be joined by Jeffrey Whittier (whose book on Mother Mary should be bound and ready for distribution), and Linden Carlton (Mother’s driver on our trip to meet the Hopis in 1968) as well as a goodly number of senior teachers in the Ruhaniat. So far we have commitments from: Murshid Saadi Klotz, Murshida Mariam Baker, Shiekhs Jean Pierre David, Aslan Sattler, Murad Finkelstein, Siddiq von Brissen, Mansur Johnson, Sarfaraz Knight & Najat Roberts – and of course myself. Plus our own Michael Endlich, Fadhilla Bradly, and Nazruddin Greenberg; and Special Guests from the Mountain.

We’re looking forwards to a great time, with gourmet food, many presentations, and visits to the Mountain, Shasta Abbey (Jiu Kennett Roshi) and Widow Healing Springs. All this plus Flying Saucers.

JUNE 19th (dinner) to JUNE 24th (lunch) – 5 Full Days.

Stewart Mineral Springs, Mt Shasta, California: www.stewartmineralsprings.com
Looks like costs will be between $117 per night to $171 per night – all inclusive.
For specific costs and reservations, contact: Jude Sargent

Please note: Staff receives neither reimbursement, nor honorarium, and pays full fees.

See you on the Mountain:
All Blessings
Hakim Sauluddin

The Wintu or Wintun People of Mt. Shasta


The original Peoples closest to Mt. Shasta are the Wintu People. In their creation story, their elders came to earth through a spring (in Panther Meadows.)

The Hoopa, Yaruk and Karuk Peoples are original peoples close by Mt. Shasta.

To all these people Mt. Shasta is a sacred place of pilgrimage.

I met a Karuk elder Charles RedHawk Thom and he said it is a tradition among many his people to visit Mt. Shasta once a year, not more.

It has been a priveledge to accompany RedHawk and his extended family to Mt. Shasta several times and do purification ceremony on the exact spot Red Hawks grandfather took him to ceremony as a young boy, beside the same sacred spring the Wintu people were “created” from.

This spring has some of the best tasting water, I’ve ever tasted. (In my past I’ve sold drinking water systems, I know water.) You might want to bring a jar to bring some water home with you.

This site is 35 to 40 minutes from the 2005 DHO Gathering site this year.

The Spring is called the Mother Spring of Mt.Shasta.

These people are all very much alive and have living Elders.

toward Spring 2005, not there yet,

Irish Francis Rainbowheart

p.s. Over the years I have found the Forest Service in Shasta City to be an excellant resource.


Thanks for the info on the "locals" -

I am aware of three main springs on the Mountain:

  1. Widows Spring – which we will visit
  2. the spring on Panther meadows – where Ballard met St Germain (posing as a black panther) and was “awakened” and started the I AM Society –
  3. and the headwaters of the Sacramento River – which is the sweetest water I ever drunk –

And, amongst all our usual "frolicking amongst the trees" --- we also plan on:

  1. having at least 2 of Mother Marys folks with us for stories – and maybe a view of her Biography –
  2. and, Inshallah!  a visit to Shasta Abbey – to pay respects to our late God mother – Jiu Kennett Roshi –

by the by -

the only time I ever heard SAM make the all inclusive statement that he would taker as mureeds all of someones disciples - was refeering to Mother Mary - a number of us showed up - I was number 2 after Basira.

see yas on the Mountain

halim saul

DHO 2005 at Shasta

Beloved of God,

Wishing you a healthy and blessed 2005 from Virginia.


There is a proposed formal change to our relationship within and to the Ruhaniate on the table.  We are being invited to alter our format of the past 28 years, and work within and under another model.

We have been given four possibilities to operate from, and are being asked to choose one of them.  Since this is a major shift in and to our relationship, I do not wish to make the decision without your active participation.

This will be the sub-theme of our meeting, and I truly wish all members of the D.H.O. to participate in this discussion.  Please attend if you are able.  Thank you.

I will also be bringing this up at our European gathering ( our 21st year) in Germany this May, so I am hopeful that our decision will represent the heart’s desire of all our family.

Our Summer Gathering will be on Mount Shasta in Northern California.

  • Dates: June 27 (Monday) to July 1 (Friday) 2005. This will allow us the opportunity to not only visit Shasta Abbey, but also the Mentorgarten in San Francisco.
  • Place:  Stewart Mineral Springs, Mt. Shasta – Northern California
  • Theme:  Interacting with the Unseen World:  Mother Mary, Shasta Abbey, The Great White Brotherhood, crystalline consciousness within the mountain, healing springs, etc.
  • Costs:  $400. (Note: all staff receives neither reimbursement nor honoraria) 
  • Contact:  Jennifer Avian

Plus: Healing Rituals, zikrs, Ram Nam, walks and dance, Shasta Abbey (Murshid Sam's "guru sister," Jiu Kennett Roshi's Abbey), Mountain stories, great food, hot mineral baths, Fabulous Mountain Views & our traditional frolicking amongst the trees. Ya Hu!

And:  We hope to have some special guests from Mother Mary's sangha, and news (at least) of her new biography I wish to close with a few thoughts for the coming year:

Most importantly, let us again remember the words of the Master Jesus – "There will be wars and rumors of wars, but keep ye well in mind that which I have taught you."

As both our physical and political world undergo great calamity, we must be aware of Who we are, and what energy in flowing through us when we act.

I recommend the daily offering of the prayer Pir, with our concentration on Murshid SAM — asking him to guide us on the path which most furthers our spiritual growth.

Let us become the peace demonstrator who demonstrates Peace, the warrior who fights the internal war to become more not less Divine, the one who listens to God rather than only speaking to God. The one who is honest, not only to others, but to ourselves.

And, allow us the grace to re-dedicate ourselves so as to manifest our ideals of Selfless Service and a generous and open heart.

And, finally, please note that although Jennifer Avian is still our Camp Co-ordinator, Jude Sargent is now our secretary for all address changes, and Jean Pierre David remains our webmaster. Many thanks to you all for making this so smooth.

I send you all my love and blessings with my prayers for your growth and spiritual fulfillment in this newest year.

See you on the Mountain,

Yours in Service to the Real

Hakim Sauluddin

401 East Main Street
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902