DHO Update Report

Dear family,

Our 20th anniversary celebration of the Federation of the Sufi Message just concluded – here in Charlottesville – where it all started 20 years ago. The energy was sweet and the participants were heart filled. Joy abounds. 

We began with a Remembrance Ceremony for those who have passed away this past year, plus some who were both the inspiration and guiding force for this coming together to actually occur. And ended with a healing ceremony for all of our Inayati family. 

Now to prepare for our Summer at Shnede, and our annual DHO gathering. This time at Mt Shasta – June 16-22, 2019. 

Murad has written that Shasta Abby has confirmed our visit and will open their meditation hall for us.  Yummy. And Mary Beth has mapped out our route to Widow Springs. So, it looks as though we are all set to go. 

If you are planning on join us, and haven’t yet registered, please inform Jude soon. There are motel overflows available, but tempis fugit (Time Flies). Early birds get the best spaces. 

All blessings
Hakim Saul uddin

PS – We are confirmed for Friday evening, June 14 at the San Francisco Theosophical Lodge. As previously mentioned, I will be bringing with me, the one physical object that connects Mother Mary, Murshid Sam, and Joe Miller.

809 Mason Street, San Francisco, 94108. Doors open at 6:00 pm.
Meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Registration info:

If you stay in a motel, the Camp Fee from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon is $310. Camp fee includes meals and everything else EXCEPT housing. You will be responsible for booking and paying for your own motel.

If possible, please send your full fee to Jude. You can also reserve your place with a $100 deposit. Please let us know if you have dietary needs (dairy free, gluten free, vegan). If you want dorm housing, there may be some space left in the dorm or you can ask to be on the wait list if we get cancellations. $455. Camp Fee includes on-site housing and on-site meals.

Contact information for the local motels:

  • Hi Lo Motel (Recommended) about ½ mile from college – HiLoMotel.com 530-938-2731
  • Town House motel across street from Hi Lo – 530-938-4431
  • Motel 6 about 1.5 mile north of the college – 530-938-4101
  • At the South Weed exit is a Siskiyou Inn, Comfort Inn and Quality Inn

All DHO staff are volunteers and pay full fees. Left over monies are donated to a local charity.

Questions? Murad (Camp Manager) or Jude (Registrar).

Report: DHO at Lama 2018

Dear family,

Our Lama pilgrimage is now part of the ‘living history’ of Murshid Sam’s legacy.

Firstly, I am so happy to report that Murshid is alive and present, and vocal.

About 70 of us gathered for our week together, and his blessings were palpable. Alhamdulliah! The Lama community was as gracious as ever, and we felt welcomed and honored.

Five of Murshid Sam’s original mureeds were present:
Siddiq, Mansur, Fawn (Nasima), Surya (Less), and myself

We held 2 formal processions up to the grave site, and did the Absent Healing Ritual there twice. What a rush of blessings.

Ananda was with us – Yeah! – and led deeply touching sung zikr in both the Lama dome, and at the grave site itself. 

So many inner instructions were given: 

I was told to make 3 more Shafayats: Jude Sargent, Michael Endlich and Nazzruddin Eddie Greenberg. And, Siddiq was recognized for his many, many years of unselfish devotion with the title of Vakil (the Guardian). I loved his comment, when asked if he wanted this public or private -“I’ve been doing this for so many years, it might as well be public.”


Nasima came to me to share her instructions from Murshid. She had avoided the grave site, and was working in the kitchen. “He told me to be initiated,” she said. So, I initiated her as a healing conductor, and she will hold that post at Lama.

At our gathering, there were so many of our family who can hold both the inner and outer space, that we opened up the meeting to many presenters:
Although I opened with the first of the Absent Healing Ritual, each morning had a different conductor, ending with our newest initiated conductor. 

Our brother Aslan is undergoing Chemo Therapy, so there was no choir.

With more time to pray together, we increased our regular offerings: 

  • Ahura Grace took over the dance night. and, Ya Shakur! she held the energy very well.
  • Murad led an evening of Sufi Qigong/Healing Zikr that had us extending our fingers of light with wazifa and clearing blockages and pain from our bodies. A number of people reported amazing elimination of pain.
  • Ahura Grace led us in a powerful evening of zikr that was joined by the neighboring Lama community.
  • In addition, our brother Noel Hanuman was feeling too frail for high altitudes and uneven ground, so Richard took over the post of honoring Hanuman, and did a superb job. Ram! Ram! Ram!
  • 1001 Bead Zikr at the grave site (Murshida Mariam),
  • Sufi Qigong 3.0 (Murad),
  • Morning Yoga (Richard),
  • Tea (Siddiq & Sakina),
  • the Kuan Yin Aspect (Sarfaraz),
  • Dream Diving (Azima),
  • The Hidden Jewel in the Amulet (Micheal Endlich),
  • Writing Down the Bones (in honor of Elaine Sutton-Ayesha),
  • Shamanistic Journey (River)
  • Mansur read excerpts from his newest book of memories of what Murshid felt and did in his presence. He is calling it “The Bowl of Saki” – with his commentary and memories following each entry. He remarked that he had so many more memories to share that were not in his book Murshid.
  • And, there were walks
  • Ram Nam
  • The Kali Mantra
  • The Maha Mudra
  • bed time stories, and homework. 
  • Plus a lot of new reminiscences from folks who were with Murshid. I loved Nasima’s story of how she got her name…

We followed Lama’s Friday night Shabbos celebration, with some Hebrew Tassawuri walks, a few stories I recalled from my youth, and then Nazruddin enlivened the evening with Humor as a tool for healing the heart. Funny! as usual. And, better yet, it worked.

Some of the Old Timers came by for a howdy too – Rahaman was a stand out in memory. 

Special Kudos to Murad who oversaw the Pilgrimage – from inception, through planning and into reality, to Jude, who kept us in check and arranged transport and ride sharing, and to Jamil, our Lama contact, who assisted in holding such a welcoming and loving space for us to gather together. Ya Shakur.

We also spoke about our ‘special donation’ to Lama:
Lama is planning on renovating the old kitchen, which is now unusable, and they are raising funds for it. I did not want our donation to go into a large pool, but wanted it to go towards a single specific purpose, as we have done in the past. They want a new entrance door to the renovated kitchen, and donating a door (way) feels so much DHO. I envisioned a blend of design on the outer side – New Mexico and Sufi – and a Zen theme on the inner side – so that when one enters – one is aware of where one is, and when one leaves – one is made aware of leaving the inner, and re-entering the outer (world). I would also love to see a small inscription on the bottom of the outer side –

“Samuel L. Lewis Memorial Doorway to Inner Peace”

Lama has contact with a gifted local woodworker…so it is a possibility. Depending on what he charges, we may have enough in trust to cover it. Inshallah!

Topping it all off, 30 of us joined Murshida Darvesha, on Sunday – the next day – for a celebration of The Dances turning 50 years old. About 125 folks showed up for the afternoon. It was rocking.

Photos of Lama – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2ld8edpzgpwzi1v/AAB1q3Am2QdZG1xk4OdX5Yxja?dl=0


We are hoping for Mt. Shasta in 2019 – June 16 to 21
Mark your calendars.

Mother Mary. The Great White Brotherhood. The Order of Melchizadek.
Flying Saucers. Widow Springs. The Zen Mission Society. Jiu Kennett Roshi.
Panther Meadows. and so much more of the Esoteric Transmission of our lineage.

The proposed housing is not expensive, and they are happy to work with us on food.

More soon.

Am now resting up at home in Virginia
sending love and hugs

your in Service to the Real
Hakim Sauluddin
Happy Freedom Day – July 4, 2018


Report: DHO in Oregon – 2016 – with Homework

Dear ones,

USA – DHO 2016 is now a loving and powerful memory.  Mashallah!

The atmosphere, ambiance, location, weather, superb food and open hearted communion of souls was transcendent. Some folks were so energized they actually radiated visible light.  

We had such an easy time there, the group voted to return to Portland in 2017.

2017 DHO
Alton Collins Retreat Center
June 18 (Sunday dinner) to June 24 (Saturday lunch)
— block these dates —

Inshallah! Lama will be ready for us in 2018.  And, our family on the ground at Mt. Shasta, are also looking for a new, different gathering place.  It will be sweet to re-visit Jiu Kennet Roshi, and Mother Mary once again.

Many thanks to all who presented, with special kudos to both Jude and Murad for making it smooth, and uplifting.  

The theme of our 2016 gathering was Peace in the World: Sending, bringing, creating and holding peace – within and without. This is not the peace of the cemetery, but rather a living and vibrant energetic. One cannot give what one does not have. As Murshid Sam clearly stated “I would like to see a peace demonstration, where the demonstrators demonstrated peace.”

The homework given was intended to facilitate this ideal. You may take on this practice if it touches your heart. Please note: This is a five night practice.

Each night, as you lie down to sleep –

Start with the invocation, and feel the Divine Love within your own heart.  Expand this love. Reach out and feel your heart connection to all our brothers and sisters:  Those who are with us, those who have already left this incarnation, and those who have not yet manifested.

Feel this shared and joined love as a cradle.  Holding, enfolding, and supporting you as you float within this cocoon of loving kindness and surrender.

  • First night:  from this place of inner peace and love – ask GOD what God wishes you to do – so as to manifest and share peace.

  • Second night: from this place of inner peace and love – ask one of the Rasuls what they would have you do – so as to manifest and share peace.

  • Third night: from this place of inner peace and love – ask one of the departed Pirs of our lineage (Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid Sam, Pir Moineddin Jablonski) what they would have you do to manifest and share peace.

  • Fourth night: from this place of inner peace and love – ask your personal initiator what they would have you do to manifest and share peace.

  • Fifth night:  from this place of inner peace and love – ask your high self what they would have you do to manifest and share peace.

You may write me a report if it feels appropriate to do so.

In late August I leave for Russia and Turkey.  Light a candle.

hugs and love,
hakim sauluddin


So many helped us in making this a memorable gathering –
Many thanks:
to Aslan, who offered choir, evening dance, and gave a loving report on the just concluded Federation meeting in Berlin (with our living Godparents – now 99 and 94, and still wowing them with the depth and clarity of the transmission);
to Ahura, who stepped in when needed, and led a number of dances;
to Siddiq, who held the early morning silent sit; to Siddiq and Sakina who offered formal tea (yummy); 
to Richard Mann, who led us in morning yoga and shamanic drumming; 
to Sarfaraz, who offered Healing 101 and 102 on a daily basis (still needed, and well received); 
to Murad, who led us in a webinar, a daily class and an evening of the Healing Zikr (great juice);
to Noel Hanuman, who organized and led a presentation of the Ramayana; 
to Fadhilla, who led the Loving Kindness-Meta Meditation;
to Michael Endlich, who offered both a seminar on amulets, and a meditation on light; 
to Katherine/Sophia for her first presentation of the Universal Worship, since being initiated as a Cherag by Saadi; 
to Ayesha for her mandala sohbet; 
to Shalimar for her soul collage;
and, of course to Nasruddin, who once again showed us the power of healing through laughter. 

With special kudos to Shamcher Steven – who helped uplift and update the wifi system at our wonderful retreat center-Alton Collins.  And we donated to repair their ancient dish washer and their wifi system.  All to the good for next years gathering.

I hope I haven’t forgotten any one.  If so, Ghafur! Ghafur! Ghafur! May the forgiveness of God manifest for us all.


Report: DHO Charlottesville – September 2012

Dear family,

What a splendid gathering in Charlottesville, VA.  Alhamdulliah!  The space was wonderful, the weather was just cool enough, and the food was plentiful.  And, of course, once again our staff did a remarkable job.


We were a bit rushed for time, as there was so much ground to cover, that I missed the final “home work” assignment – so here it is:

As you go to sleep at night, say the Sufi Invocation first –
then visualize a large white diamond upon the top of your head.
Breath it into your ‘crown,’ and make sure that you ask Quan Yin to assist you.

Inshallah!  There should be some great dreams forth coming.


So many folks to thank and acknowledge…we couldn’t have done it without you.

Special thanks to Murad who set up our contractual relationship with Ligmincha, and to Jude who carried all the weight of registration and the collecting of our fees  – and did it all long distance.

Many thanks to all of our ‘crew’ who did such a glorious job of manifesting Her Blessings:

Hadi David Hunter for making ‘camp manager’ a seamless, and inspiring manifestation of mastery.

Joe Jackson, for holding the morning post, and starting the day right.

Val Beasley, for leading the formal prayers of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Farrunissa, for the ‘retreat’ wazifa for the day, and leading the Goddess cycle of dances. AND: for bringing through the most powerful walk of Mother Kali I’ve yet experienced.

Asha for her formal tea, and for her wonderful “tea salon” where sohbet and friends blended into a rare brew.

Ananda for her sung zikr, and for holding me upright.

Murad for his Sufi Qigong, his evening zikr, and for his assistance and memory (mine is becoming doubtful).  He brought his acupuncture needles too.

Sharifa for her inspiring afternoon offerings on the spiritual realms of nature.  One comment which I recall was “Exquisite!”

Latifa for her dances, her drumming, and for her constant smile and willingness to adapt and flow.

And, of course, to Subhan for all the pictures he took.  Inshallah!  We’ll have some good ones to share on our website soon.

As usual, the walks were my favorite part of the gathering.  And, our sister, Rev Terre Magdalen came up with a glorious walk of Mary Magdalen, plus the walk of Mother Kali through Farrunnissa, and a number of walks of the Divine Feminine.

We also chanted the Kali mantra, performed the Absent Healing Ritual, and did a lot of practice.  Mashallah!

And, some more good news:  We raised $1,000.00 to go towards the repair of the Lama dome.  Yeah Crew!

Our next gathering will be on Lama Mountain: June 17th (Monday dinner) to June 23rd (Sunday lunch).

More details will follow, although Jude will once again be our beloved registrar.

And, finally 2 more:

1.  The statue of Nurunissa Inayat Khan will be going up in London this November 8, 2012.  Alhamdulliah! We hope to have pictures to send out soonish.

2.  And, as the world falls more and more into violent response to manipulated events, it is our duty and responsibility to hold the calm and clear thought of non-reaction, and to send all the Peace and Love we are capable of sending out.  Remember Murshid’s practice of the Maha Mudra (Three Jhanas). This is a great time to do it for the world. Please join us!

Sending all my love and blessings, and my prayers that God will bestow upon you all that you need to manifest your highest potentiality in this life.

Yours in service to the real,
hakim sauluddin
September 15, 2012


P.S. Here’s a fantastic poem written by one of the ‘campers’ —

“Dancing with Quan Yin”  by Bob Russell 9/9/12

She comes in dancing,
A shining young woman,
Naked as newborn,
the embodiment of modesty.

One of her countless arms
Is outstretched to the Heart
Of each of Her children.
Even those without legs
Feel compelled to dance with her.

Her breasts feed us all,
The left flowing with Compassion,
The right with Pure Love,
Flowing like golden milk
Engulfing the universe.

The dance becomes ecstatic:
With a scream of pleasure
Whole new worlds emerge
From Her ever-young Yoni.

Then, without warning,
A ruby the size of a mountain
Falls from the heavens,
Crushing my open Heart.
Nothing is left of me,
Still I dance,
And all the more fully,
To Her perfect pulse.

Crush my head
With a diamond mountain,
And my gut with an emerald mountain.
Destroy me utterly,
Oh most ancient of crones.
Teach me to dance with you,
Like you, through
All Eternity.

Report: DHO Portland – June 2012

Dear family,

Mashallah! We’ve been having yearly gathering since 1973, and this one was spectacular.

So many thanks to all those who helped make it all possible. Especially to Jude & Murad for their exceptional organizing skills, and dedicated loving service.

Camp was full: with a fantastic staff, great food, great practices, and a great setting.  All this plus cool weather, and tall trees.  What a joy.

Our theme was “Honoring the Great Mother – from the Goddess to the Crone”, and all of our practices, dances, walks, and zikrs were  dedicated to Her:

From tonal invocations to Mother Kali & Ashura, to walks & dances in Her honor, to ‘home-work’ working with Kwan Yin, to Ananda offering Zuleika’s zikr of the Feminine Divine Attributes and a Bon meditation, to Farida Fox sharing her “Charge of the Goddess,” to Akshura’s acupressure training, to Sarfaraz’s practice on the intuitition, to Aziza’s dream work, to Mariam Baker’s million bead tashbi zikr, to Fadhilla’s meta meditation, to Michael Endlich’s gift of 100 super high energy crystals, to Najat’s beginning our day with a special  ‘retreat’ concentration, to Aslan’s choir and dances, to Nasruddin’s laugh-a-thon, to Mansur Johnson’s walk of Murshid doing Mian Mir, to Siddiq & Sakina holding our formal tea space and doing an early morning sit, to Richard Mann’s morning yoga and Murad’s Sufi Qigong, to Heather Hoppe’s offering of the original breathing practices of Hazrat Inayat Khan, to Noel’s bringing forth the presence of Hanuman.  And so much more.

What a non-stop offering of so many hearts, with so much love and blessings to share.  Please forgive me if I have forgotten to mention anyone

We even celebrated the Sabbath. Rabbi Pam led us in the celebration of Shabbos, which was an invocation and celebration of the Shechina (the Divine Feminine in Judaism).

What a rush!  What a joyous presentation of Divinity.  So many different zikrs.   And, we even raised $1,300 for the Lama Dome.


{Remember June 17 – 23, 2013 – Lama DHO – start your green drinks now.}


The Divine Feminine Energy will next be manifested this September in our East Coast DHO gathering: DHO Charlottesville, September 6th to 9th.

“Honoring The Great Mother:  Aspects of The Goddess, from the Maiden to the Crone.”

Once again we shall open ourselves to Her Grace and attempt to channel Her Beneficence, and Loving Compassion.

This September our crew shall include Asha von Briesen (Tea), Ananda Cronin (Zikr), Farrunnissa Rosa (Invocation of the Goddess), Murad Finkelstein (Sufi Chi Gung), Latifa Till (Dance), Saul Barodofsky (Healing Ritual & Walks), Shariffa Oppenheimer, plus Hadi Hunter (Camp Manager) – and others not yet confirmed.

Please contact Jude Sargent

Our setting will be the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Location is Serenity Ridge, a Bon Retreat Center.

The local community welcomes ya’ll.

And, Heather Hoppe is almost ready to ‘unveil’ our all new and improved DHO web site.  More on this soon.

All blessings,

hakim sauluddin for the DHO
July 11, 2012
Charlottesville Virginia

Report: DHO Mt. Shasta – 2011

Dear Family,

Our pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta was spectacular. Not only did we have the blessing of Pir Shabda’s company, but also the presence and blessings of Murshid Saadi and Murshida Mariam. All told, about 70 of us participated.

Once again our ‘field trips’ took us to places of great import: Shasta Abbey, Mother Mary’s old hotel, and Widow Springs on the Mountain. The snow was still in place on both Panther Meadows and Bunny Flats, so our time on the mountain was limited to drinking the ‘Healing Waters’ from Widow Springs.

Our ‘special guest’ was Jeff Whittier, who spent hours regaling us with stories of Mother Mary, and the ‘White Brotherhood.’ His book is finished, but not yet printed. Jeff brought some ‘final edition’ spiral bound copies for distribution. He told me he would inform us when it is printed, so we can order if we wish to.

The sound of the rushing river became our ‘leit motif’ for the week, and our homework was all water based. It was a time of letting go, and allowing the river to carry away all of our stress, pain, sorrow and troubles.

At least 4 people came to me after camp and said what a healing time it had been for them. Their anxiety and depression had abated, and they felt centered enough to resume their lives – Inshallah! on a new and clearer note.

Kudos to Mary Beth (who held the post of ‘road woman’ and local guide, making sure all was in readiness for us), Jude (who handled registration and finances), and Murad (who acted as our liaison with the camp, and the kitchen)…by the by, Murad’s daughter went into labor just at camp’s start, and he was needed at the birth, so he missed the first few days, but caught up with us at the end, and had time to give me an acupuncture treatment, plus leading a session of Sufi Chi Gong. Yeah!

Although our gathering was very full with practices and events, there was still time for reflection and repose. And what a fabulous place to do it in.

Special thanks to Solomon for helping me decorate the meeting space with his beautiful Bali textiles.

Some highlights: Najat started each morning with a kilvat practice and focus for the day, Rabbi Pam Frydman read some stories and practices from a new paper she is writing, and led us in a Hebrew zikr – Wow! – Jean Pierre shared how he balances his spiritual practice and his work – Fadilla accepted the title of Shafayat & Nur Un Nisa was initiated as an Initiator – early morning Japanese Tea (thanks to Siddiq & Sakina) – Richard Mann’s early morning yoga – Aslan’s evening dances, and choral graces – Sarfraz’s walks of the Masters – our daily healing ritual (with 4 new conductors initiated) – the Europeans who attended – (Natalia {who finally got her visa!}, Simone from Germany & Zubin from Holland) – the mineral baths and sauna – the all pervading river – plus a number of ‘former’ priests from the Holy Order of Mans {one could feel their energy and devotion during the Walk of the Master Jesus} – once again, Noel brought through Hanuman, Mashallah! and we all followed him in the walk – Mansur shared some memories of Shamsher Beorse and his alternative energy projects – Nassruddin enlivened our gathering with fabulous humor, Michael Endlich made a short presentation on amulets, and, onwards and upwards.

Our visit to Shasta Abbey was much anticipated by the monks. They even requested that we sing the Gate Gate melody we did last time we were at Kennett Roshi’s grave site. In addition we recited the Heart Sutra, and lit incense, over her memorial, and sang Allahuddins “Till we meet again Bodhisatva.” We shared our box’d lunches with our hosts, and ate looking upon the most perfect view of Mt Shasta. Wonderful visuals! Fabulous energy!

If you haven’t visited their meditation hall you are missing something sublime. I found myself, moving into meditation with a single breath. Murshid Saadi remarked that it was the most powerful space he has felt since he spent 3 days meditating under the Bodhi Tree.

They have a new Abbess, from England, and although they were amidst a retreat, she took time to greet and welcome us. A strong and loving presence. May she do well.

A number of folks took pictures: Thanks to Ayshia who has already posted hers on the DHO Facebook page, and to Mansur who took a short video at the Abbey. These are wonderful, and bring it all back in spades.

So many folks made this happen. I hope I have acknowledged all of them. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We raised enough money to send almost $2,000.00 to the local “Meals on Wheels” – Shasta area is very economically depressed, and there is not enough money to feed the elderly and stay-at-homes.

In addition, there is a project to help save the Mountain from development and commercial fracking. Please contact Mary Beth if you feel called to donate, at globalhealing@mannapages.com , or +++Mary Beth Granberry – P.O. Box 153 – Mt Shasta, California – 96067.++++I sent my check today for $101.00…

We are still working on next year’s location. More on that soonish.

All blessings and love and many, many thanks

hakim sauluddin
June 30, 2011

Report: DHO Haus Schneda, Germany – 2011

Dear ones,

am back home, in between gatherings, and wanted to give a short report on our 27th annual meeting at Haus Schneda in the North of Germany.

The house itself is over 100 years old, and was stylishly built to be durable, beautiful, and inspiring…with much carved wood paneling and glass, creating a beautiful inner space. The grounds are wonderful, with old forests, and fish ponds, spacious lawns and a magnificent array of rhododendrons.

The house and grounds are currently owned by a Sudanese Sufi Order, and we have been made welcome guests since 1984.

Our new cook is a fantastic ayurvedic chief, and cooks lamb and chicken for us in addition to her wonderful vegetarian cuisine. May-June is Spargle season, and we had fresh, local white asparagus in a Hollandaise sauce. yummy.

The big news is that we had 28 young people and children with us this time. Mostly they have grown up coming to Shneda each summer, and now that they are grown up, they still do. Some even bring their girl or boy friends. It’s so wonderful to see the future walking alongside us.

Aslan joined us to lead evening dances and choir, Baraka acted as my translator, and Subhan once again took a ton of pictures.

I must say the meetings are growing higher and higher every year. Alhamdulliah! When one looks at the pictures of the same people only 7 or 8 years ago, one can hardly believe the growth in their light and love and laughter.

next stop Mt Shasta.

all love and blessings and see you on the Mountain next week


Report: Federation Meeting – 2011

Dear family,

just a short report on the Federation gathering which is happening now on the North Sea of Holland.

Firstly, the Federation is alive and well, and everyone is on the best behavior. The Spirit of Love, Harmony & Beauty permeates the atmosphere, and Joy is omnipresent.

Our God Parents {Hidayat & Aziza} are well, but aging – he is 93, and she is 88. Mashallah! Hidayat is still powerful and clear, and they both send their love.

Of the 6 families which hold the lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan, all but the Fraternity of Light are present, and they plan on being with us next year.

The Ruhaniat is well represented. Many thanks to our Schnede family for making such a strong showing.

Shabda is perfectly in his element. His strengths of great love and harmonious interaction are perfect for this time and place.

Today (Friday) is also Kamae’s funeral in Scotland, and we shall also acknowledge her life and work tomorrow. Many thanks to the family who traveled to Scotland to honor her.

In addition, I have sent out Mansur’s Letters From Moineddin, which I strongly suggest you read. This group is from the time of our separation from The Sufi Order. I feel it is important to always remember the past – neither forgetting it’s pain, nor attempting to fictionalize it. But, rather, rising above the pain, and dealing with the present from a clear heart.

Inshallah! there will be more to report later.

I send all my love and blessings

yours in Service to the Real


Report: DHO at Lama — June 20-26, 2010

Dear family,

It’s been almost 40 years since Murshid Sam danced off to glory, and last month we celebrated his life and teachings at Lama (where he is buried).

37 of us (the I Ching’s number for Family) walked, danced, processed, laughed and enjoyed the warm days and cool nights on the Mountain.

It was a harmonious and loving gathering, with our usual home-work, bed time stories, practices and zikrs, and rituals. We even had a couple of new practices come through:

We added the Gulf to our concentration, and created a HU Circle, where-in each of us could place our prayer or wish for God’s highest plan to manifest for specific areas and events (like the Middle East, the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, etc.).

Lama family treated us wonderfully, the food was lovingly prepared, the land sparkled, and our hearts were full of the Divine Love.

Please note: Lama residents are young, heart filled and dedicated – but Lama is woefully understaffed. If we know of any young’ens who you feel will benefit by a Lama experience – have them contact Lama. Their continued ease is our continued happiness.

Special – Special – Special Thanks to Nathan Freewind for designing, manifesting and installing the sun shade (a DHO funded project) over Murshid’s grave site. Not only is it beautiful, well constructed, and fabulously harmonious with it’s surroundings, but it works perfectly. We were able to sit by the grave and commune under the noon day sun. Yeah Shade! Yeah Nathan!

with additional thanks to Michael Endlich for the picture.


So many people helped to make this a successful pilgrimage:

Many thanks

  • to Mansur Johnson who led our procession up to Murshid’s grave site. He led us with the walk of Murshid doing Mian Mir, which Murshid had given him. It was very Saturn, and filled with power and dignity. No one was winded when we reached the top. Alhamdulliah!
  • and to Aslan, who led us in both choir and evening dances –
  • to Murad, who led us in Sufi Chi Gong, and an evening Zikr at the I.S.C. under the moon and stars –
  • to Siddiq and Sakina who served tea in the secret garden –
  • to Michael Endlich who presented Amulet making –
  • To Noel, who brought through Hanuman and regaled us with his story of the Ramayana –
  • to Mariam Baker, who brought her 1,001 extra large prayer beads from Turkey for a group zikr at the grave –
  • to Nasruddin, who was our ‘rabbi’ for Shabbos, was our retreat co-ordinator, and did a very funny stand up routine –
  • to Elaine Sutton who led a writing workshop, and made a fantastic Thai lunch –
  • to Azima who introduced us to ‘the indigenous 13 Grandmothers and their web of light – –
  • to Sarafraz, who shared Frida’s transmission with us, and brought her sweetheart to the Mountain,
  • to Ayesha for taking and sharing her wonderful pictures –
  • to Khadija Goforth for shipping a selection of Jewish pastries from New York to Lama (just in time for Shabbos),
  • to Jude Sargent for holding our ground, keeping us connected & manifesting her powerful love all these many years.
  • and to all our beloveds. Thank you all so much. I hope I didn’t forget anyone.
  • A very special thanks to Murad, who picked up the registration and Lama co-ordination in mid stream, and did a dynamite job.

Next year on Mount Shasta – (probably June 19 – 24 or 25) more data and information to follow soon.

Sending all blessings and prayers that Allah grant you all the peace and health and happiness that Allah has in store for you.

Yours in service to the real,

hakim sauluddin
Charlottesville, Virginia — July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday America!