DHO Update Report

Dear family,

Our 20th anniversary celebration of the Federation of the Sufi Message just concluded – here in Charlottesville – where it all started 20 years ago. The energy was sweet and the participants were heart filled. Joy abounds. 

We began with a Remembrance Ceremony for those who have passed away this past year, plus some who were both the inspiration and guiding force for this coming together to actually occur. And ended with a healing ceremony for all of our Inayati family. 

Now to prepare for our Summer at Shnede, and our annual DHO gathering. This time at Mt Shasta – June 16-22, 2019. 

Murad has written that Shasta Abby has confirmed our visit and will open their meditation hall for us.  Yummy. And Mary Beth has mapped out our route to Widow Springs. So, it looks as though we are all set to go. 

If you are planning on join us, and haven’t yet registered, please inform Jude soon. There are motel overflows available, but tempis fugit (Time Flies). Early birds get the best spaces. 

All blessings
Hakim Saul uddin

PS – We are confirmed for Friday evening, June 14 at the San Francisco Theosophical Lodge. As previously mentioned, I will be bringing with me, the one physical object that connects Mother Mary, Murshid Sam, and Joe Miller.

809 Mason Street, San Francisco, 94108. Doors open at 6:00 pm.
Meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Registration info:

If you stay in a motel, the Camp Fee from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon is $310. Camp fee includes meals and everything else EXCEPT housing. You will be responsible for booking and paying for your own motel.

If possible, please send your full fee to Jude. You can also reserve your place with a $100 deposit. Please let us know if you have dietary needs (dairy free, gluten free, vegan). If you want dorm housing, there may be some space left in the dorm or you can ask to be on the wait list if we get cancellations. $455. Camp Fee includes on-site housing and on-site meals.

Contact information for the local motels:

  • Hi Lo Motel (Recommended) about ½ mile from college – HiLoMotel.com 530-938-2731
  • Town House motel across street from Hi Lo – 530-938-4431
  • Motel 6 about 1.5 mile north of the college – 530-938-4101
  • At the South Weed exit is a Siskiyou Inn, Comfort Inn and Quality Inn

All DHO staff are volunteers and pay full fees. Left over monies are donated to a local charity.

Questions? Murad (Camp Manager) or Jude (Registrar).

The Last of Murshid’s Children

“The seeming death is the real birth of the soul.”
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hazrat Inayat Khan and Amina Begum had four children, and the last has now left us:

Hidayat Inayat-Khan
Born in London on August 6th, 1917
Passed away in Munich on September 12th, 2016

According to the wishes of Hidayat and Aziza there will be no funeral ritual.

In deep sorrow and gratitude on behalf of Aziza Inayat-Khan,

Ulma and Joop Moerenburg
Testamentary Executors

Condolences may be sent to:    memorial1917@gmail.com

Message from Hidayat

Dear Friends,

Below is a transcript of Pir Hidayat Inayat-Khan’s message at the recent Federation gathering. At age 99, he was full of fire, and his message conveyed encouragement as well as several warnings to those of us offering service in the spirit of his father.

“Let those who have ears to hear….”

Love and blessings,


Beloved Sufi Brothers and Sisters,

Most hearty welcome offered for the Federation Retreat offered for the first time in Berlin, following the kind invitation of Petra – Beate Schildbach.

We are looking forward to meeting each other, and each is respectfully expected to patiently face each other’s belief, in an atmosphere of Love, Harmony and Beauty. There are diamonds in one belief, rubies in another, and other precious jewels in all known or unknown beliefs.

Let us first relate to the historical words of our Master, who said:

“One of the words to which the term ‘Sufi’ is related, is the Greek term Sophia, meaning wisdom. Sufism is not a Religion, with a distinct and definite doctrine. There has never been a Founder of Sufism in any period of the world’s history. Wisdom has always be the central theme of Sufism. Several Sufi Schools still exist, and numberless followers of different religions benefit from the wisdom taught in these ancient schools. No doubt every school has its own method, following the personality of the leader.”

And further on, our Master said:

“The Sufi Movement consists of members of different beliefs, united together in the ideal of wisdom. Wisdom does not only belong to a particular religion, nor race. Wisdom is a divine property, which mankind has inherited; and it is this realization that unites all Sufis of different nationalities, races, beliefs, all working for that great Ideal.”

Following these precious words of our Master, the main theme “Wisdom” is brought forward today as being an ongoing process consisting in the purification of the mind from fanatic concepts that do not correspond anymore to our time. When the Truth is formulated at the level of individual understanding, it is then diversified in various interpretations, just as water poured into colored glasses gives the impression of being shaded in the color of the glasses.

Similarly, as far as the concept “Religion” is concerned, some declare having found Truth in Hinduism, others in Buddhism, in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or in various other beliefs known or unknown to the world at large. When Truth, is brought down to the level of Human understanding, it is obviously clad in ancestral garbs, highlighting thereby arbitrary dogmas that have always been the fundamental cause of world- wide religious conflicts.

Spiritual Liberty implies being responsible for the consequences of one’s own short–sighted understanding of Truth; and False Pretense obviously offers a confusing example to those who expect to experience truthfulness at the level of Spirituality.

When practicing the precious teachings of our Master called the “Art of Personality,” one realizes that any role preformed, either spiritual or material, becomes sooner or later intoxicating, and under that spell, one cherishes the illusions of the game. Each moment offers an opportunity to reconsider the lessons of the past. In a fall, there is a hidden stepping-stone upon which one might rise above one’s shortcomings. Every effort made toward the fulfillment of one’s life’s purpose brings one step-by-step closer to the ultimate goal, seen as a humble contribution to the fulfillment of the Divine Purpose.

During that journey, the present is the consequence of a hide-and-seek game, played between past experiences and day-by-day reactions; whereas both past and present are under Destiny’s command. The future shall offer the fruit of the seeds planted in the past, which shall prove sooner or later to be either sour or sweet.

As known from fairy tales, there is a magic formula used to turn base metal into gold. This mystical tale symbolizes the work done in remodeling one’s self consciousness at a humble level. Modesty is not necessarily weakness; it is a feeling arising from the living heart, which is secretly conscious of its inner beauty, while at the same time veiling itself even from its own sight.

Each of us could be seen as an individual lamp shining out in different shades of light. The brightness of that light varies in accordance to the condition of the inner heart, and all are blessed with the same current of Divine Guidance, and in so doing, contributing to the Cause, assigned by providence, all along Life’s Journey.

When the doors of the heart are open, humility awakens, finding oneself face to face with the Divine Guidance, revealed as Wisdom and Purity, the true Essence of all that is understood by the term ‘Sufi.’

May 18, 2016

Today Is Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan’s 95th Birthday

Dear Family,

Murshid Hidayat was born on this day in 1917 in London, and survives as the only living child of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Pirani Ameena Begum Ora Ray Baker. He currently serves as Co-General Representative of the Sufi Movement International’s Pir-O-Murshid Council and oversees the Movement’s summer school each year in Katwijk, Netherlands.

He and his wife Murshida Aziza are our Dervish Healing Order’s God-Parents. He continues to write prolifically on aspects of the Sufi Message, and as an internationally recognized composer he continues his work of setting many of the 99 Names of God to music so that they may be sung as spiritual practices. Murshid Hidayat and Murshida Aziza currently divide their time between Holland and Germany.

The planet is blessed to still have him with us! May we all be as bright, clear and energetic as he, as we journey through our ‘chronologically gifted’ years. If you have a moment today, you might pause and send a deep breath of love in his direction. Like all of us, he could use the ‘juice.’

Together in the One,



Many thanks for the reminder.

May they have another 100 years of health, clarity, and happiness.

all blessings,


Report: Federation Meeting – 2011

Dear family,

just a short report on the Federation gathering which is happening now on the North Sea of Holland.

Firstly, the Federation is alive and well, and everyone is on the best behavior. The Spirit of Love, Harmony & Beauty permeates the atmosphere, and Joy is omnipresent.

Our God Parents {Hidayat & Aziza} are well, but aging – he is 93, and she is 88. Mashallah! Hidayat is still powerful and clear, and they both send their love.

Of the 6 families which hold the lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan, all but the Fraternity of Light are present, and they plan on being with us next year.

The Ruhaniat is well represented. Many thanks to our Schnede family for making such a strong showing.

Shabda is perfectly in his element. His strengths of great love and harmonious interaction are perfect for this time and place.

Today (Friday) is also Kamae’s funeral in Scotland, and we shall also acknowledge her life and work tomorrow. Many thanks to the family who traveled to Scotland to honor her.

In addition, I have sent out Mansur’s Letters From Moineddin, which I strongly suggest you read. This group is from the time of our separation from The Sufi Order. I feel it is important to always remember the past – neither forgetting it’s pain, nor attempting to fictionalize it. But, rather, rising above the pain, and dealing with the present from a clear heart.

Inshallah! there will be more to report later.

I send all my love and blessings

yours in Service to the Real


Hidayat Inayat Khan New Year Greetings 2006

The all-pervading "Goal" drives each of us without mercy into the Future, while at the same time hurling us into the ever-receding Past; and in our illusion of the Present, the magic game of Time deceives that Eternity, where the opposite poles Spirit and Matter meet in a continuum of space, inspiring our speculative concepts of reality or unreality, which are just only the reflections of our own point of view.

There is no experience in life which is really worthless, and there is not one moment which is really wasted, providing one is wise enough to carefully assemble the elements of past memories and learn from these, with the idea of accomplishing one’s life’s purpose.

As we proceed courageously through the darkness of the clouds of such concepts as preconceived ideas, communicating with each in their own language, and steadfastly displaying the banner of "Spiritual Liberty", our example could be interpreted as an invitation to the privilege of becoming living altars of all beliefs, while firmly holding on to the only secret that there is to inner peace, to happiness, and to spirituality: "The Supremacy of Truth", which cannot be defined in speculative human terminology.

Although one’s vision of right and wrong does not always correspond to that of others, yet each time that we set aside our own ego, even for a moment, we then offer a bit of our heart, and in return, the light of the “Spirit of Guidance” becomes brighter and brighter, clearing away the shadows of our limitations, as we sail on the great waters of Life, heading toward the unknown, where one may perhaps begin to realize that the sailor is at the same time the all –pervading “Goal”.

Hidayat Inayat-Khan

Update on the 2005 Federation Meeting

Beloved one,

I am happy to report that the upcoming meeting of the Federation of the Sufi Message is going to manifest once more, this year, with the participation of all the branches of Hazrat Inayat Khan as they were last year in Holland. Yes there will be representatives of the Sufi Order, Sufi Ruhaniat, International Sufi Movement, Fraternity of Light, Sufi Way and Sufi Contact.

So far 47 people will meet at the Sufi Books meeting room in New York City (in Tribeca) on Saturday and Sunday, April 23 and 24.

The meeting will start with a wonderful event at Saint Peter's Church on Lexington and 54th Street, called "Mysticism of Sound" with the participation of many great musicians including Pir Shabda and Michael Harrison who will play ragas, Talia Toni Marcus and a string quintet who will play "La Monotonia" that will be introduced by POM Hidayat Inayat Khan, with Murshida Khadijah Goforth who will direct turning dervishes during the poetry recital of Murshid SAM's "God Calls" and with Michael Harrison presenting his piano composition "Revelation".

Saturday night Zikar will be held at the Al Jerrahi center one block from Sufi Books with all the Federation attendees, the local family, all the great musicians and more cited above, Sheikha Fariha Al Jerrahi and her mureeds. Towards the One.... Sheikha Fariha has welcomed all of us with her great heart full of love without distinctions and differences.

All praise be to Allah.

May the vision and the work of the Federation of the Sufi Message continue.

Love and blessings,


Report: Federation of the Sufi Message – 2004

Wednesday, April 21, 2004 was the opening of the Federation Retreat in Katwijk aan Zee, Netherlands, close to Amsterdam. Wednesday and Thursday were supposed to be rainy days and we were pleasantly surprised to see the sun even with moderately cold temperature. Ominously, the sky stayed clear during that first day. Inside the Temple Murad Hassil, built in a place where Hazrat Inayat Khan had profound meditation experiences, old and new friends meet in a warm atmosphere of unity and sympathy, as brothers and sisters. All records of kissing and hugging must have been broken that day. This year was the Sufi Movement's turn to host the retreat.

Hidayat Inayat-Khan opened with prayers and a few words of welcome, and Karimbakhsh Witteveen added his welcome to everybody. Jami Klein (Sufi Order International), Michael Schouwenaar (Sufi Contact) with Hannah (Ruhaniat's mureed) whom he met at the Federation's meeting in Kansas City, Dahan Bakker (Sufi Way), Moinuddin Clarke (Fraternity of Light centered around Columbus, Ohio), and Shabda Kahn (Sufi Ruhaniat International) represented with many others the branches that sprouted from the message of Love, Harmony and Beauty of Hazrat Inayat Khan. They all gave messages of unity and peace.

Pir Shabda Khan quoted Hazrat Samuel Lewis: "I'd like to go to a peace demonstration where the demonstrators demonstrate peace." All of us are praying repeatedly "Toward the One". This makes it clear that we must endeavor ourselves to practice this prayer to move in the direction of towards the One and towards unity amongst all of us.

The Sufi Ruhaniat International had the honor of presenting the first program. Pir Shabda Khan, Murshid Saul Barodofsky (Virginia), Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz & Kamae Miller (Scotland), Firdousi Wyrick, Vakil Forest Shomer, Abraham & Halima Sussman (Boston), Jean-Pierre & Monick David (New York City), Attar Boudewijn (Oregon), Farunnissa Rosa (North Carolina), Noor-un-Nisa Karyn Wyse (Florida & Colorado), Munir Peter Reynolds (Montana), Gita Onnen (Germany), Brita Kuegelgen and Hauke Sturm (Germany), Karin & Suleyman Fourier (Germany), Illona Vorslav and Natalia Safonova (Russia), etc… where among the many faces representing the Ruhaniat. Of course there were dances, Zikar and plenty of laughing. The Ruhaniat was compared to some "troubadour group" of the Federation of the Sufi Message.

The second day Hidayat remarked that "rules are made to be broken" during breakfast. He said it in jest and in French, referring to May 68 in Paris when the students wrote that phrase on government walls. Shabda told us that he expected an email confirming his meeting with Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan retracting his 1978 edict that had caused the Ruhaniat and the Sufi Order to follow their own ways.

The small group meetings of the morning allowed personal networking among attendees and presented a great venue to deepen bonds among members of the different branches of the Federation. The order of the day was to attempt to put abstract ideas into symbols. We all did it and all responded with great creativity to the challenge. This is a great group practice to exemplify concentration, meditation and creativity as a team.

The Sufi Way and the Fraternity of Light shared the afternoon presentations. The Sufi Way, followers of Murshid Fazl Inayat Khan, had a beautiful program with little talk but with singing practices, which created a deepening atmosphere. The Fraternity of Light showed their way of devotion in integrating Murshid's message into their lives and community.

The evening was reserved for the dances of universal peace that made people move, sing and be joyful with deep focus and concentration on the presence of the One. That day the sky stayed clear and the sun warmed us of his presence and compassion.

Friday was the most beautiful and warm day of all. After prayers the small groups had to create stories from sentences given them. Sufis are known for story telling, so we were asked to step in line with this tradition and compose our own stories. We heard stories about monkeys and a bird with blue wings, an elephant who adored roses, white bicycles (trust in God and do not forget to attach your camel "in this case bicycle that is appropriate to Holland"), etc...

Sufi Contact showed their way of following the path, with a strong concentration on Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan, single-minded and deep.

Then, the Sufi Order International turn came on. They had a message from Pir Vilayat for the Sufi Ruhaniat which confirmed that the 1978 edict was rescinded and that opened the way for reconciliation of differing point of views. Most importantly it will facilitate the work of unity to happen wholeheartedly at the local level among people of different branches. Pir Zia sent a message wishing all of us good luck and mentioning what had befallen at the Sanctuary that is at The Abode in New York State. It was an afternoon of sharing the deep sorrow expressed by Taj now that the Sufi Order Pir is so ill.

Krishna de Caluwé's "Noorunissa" was played in the evening by a fantastic cast including Nawab, Saul, Monick and Rani Katleen (who is a shaika in the International Sufi Movement). Noor's story is well documented in many books; however, this show gave such human poignant dimension to it that many could only let some tears go by.It is  a moving presentation that was played in front of a deeply appreciative and impressed audience.

Pir Shabda concluded the evening with ragas and classical Indian music.

The morning sky was cloudy that Saturday but the afternoon was gorgeous again. It seemed that all the elements were conspiring in the celebration of our coming together in harmony. The walk from the Savoy hotel to the Temple takes thirty minutes along the beach and presents the best opportunity for physical exercise in the day.

The morning was spent with small groups again sharing our own practices. The afternoon was reserved for the presentation by the International Sufi Movement. The Sufi Movement showed some practices including the chromatic Zikar and the Universal Worship.

In the evening was a presentation of the new CD with the voice of Hazrat Inayat Khan (re-edited in close cooperation with Pir-O-Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan) and memories and reminiscences of the times of Hazrat Inayat Khan and his Companions, his brothers, who for years have led the Sufi Movement as Representative General: Maheboob Khan, Mohammed Ali Khan, Musharaff Khan, all of them a great inspiration because of their deep devotion to Hazrat Inayat Khan and also their deep spirituality.

A dance led all the participants into farewell until next year at The Abode of the Message in New York State.

Sunday morning saw the meeting of the Federation Council, which ended in harmony and with many "till next times". Present were representatives of the organizations: Sufi Way, Sufi Contact, Sufi Order International, Sufi Ruhaniat International and International Sufi Movement. Hidayat insisted to keep the name of "Federation of the Sufi Message". Shabda noted that the Ruhaniat would maintain its noted style of practices.

As we left at the airport to go back to New York, Pir Shabda on his way to Dulles, DC and Natalia Safovona on her way to Moscow, Russia, showed up at the same time. Pir Shabda shared his account of the meeting with Pir Vilayat Khan in Paris and we are most happy of such resolution after so many years that caused so much confusion for many. He can only remind one of the words of our godmother Reverend Master Jiyu-Kennett "to always place harmony and love before principles," when she accepted a glass of wine at Saul's house at the dismay of the six contemplatives Buddhist student monks present. Murshid Wali Ali had expressed our dilemma so beautifully in his letter published in the Ruhaniat mureed's manual: "how can a teacher after taking hand reject a mureed in the name of rules?"  That bond, that love, that friendship between a teacher and the mureed is forever, does not matter what, as Hazrat Inayat Khan said and Hazrat Samuel Lewis remarked in his commentary on the Path of Initiation and Discipleship (Chapter IV, page 64).

Love and blessings


Report on the 4th Federation Meeting in Kansas City – April 2003

Beloved one of God,

Like in the Conference of the Birds by Farid ud-Din Attar, this story begins with birds-beings of many worlds gathering to search for the unity taught by their great master Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Ideal for which they came together. The (hoopoe) hope and source of Inspiration of this story, who probed them all for the quest many moons ago, is known as Pir-O-Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan, the younger son of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan.

For a couple of years the Harmony Council met with representatives of three branches (Sufi Movement, Sufi Order and Sufi Ruhaniat International). Moineddin Jablonski arose to the occasion and joined wholeheartedly after Pir-O-Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan opened his heart and offered the healing olive branch publicly at the tomb of Murshid Samuel Lewis at Lama. In turn Moineddin wrote a beautiful letter to the members of the Sufi Order which touched their hearts and they then joined in. Thanks the Sufi Order who participated from the beginning in the Harmony Council, to Pir Vilayat Khan who
attended the Federation meeting in Katwijk and his son Pir Zia Inayat Khan who attended the Federation meetings in Katwijk and The Abode of the Message. Thanks to all of them, this was the fourth annual conference of the “birds” of the Federation of the Sufi Message.

It was late in Kansas City when they arrived on a cool night of April 2003. Hazrat Inayat Khan left this image of unity buried deeply in the trunk of the tree of his lineage. Many branches sprouted out in the years that followed and many more branches sprouted from the initial one. In the years past, birds who flew from the branches representing this beautiful lineage came together in Charlottesville, Virginia; then Katwijk, Holland; the Abode of the Message, New York and now in Kansas City.

One great branch is called the Sufi Movement headed by Pir-O-Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan. A second one is the Sufi Order headed by Pir Vilayat Khan who will be succeeded by his son Pir Zia Inayat Khan. A third one is called Sufi Ruhaniat International headed by Pir Shabda Khan who succeeded Pir Moineddin Jablonski and Murshid Samuel Lewis.

More birds from other branches were invited as guests and observers. Michael Schouwenar represented Sufi Contact in Harlem, Holland, which has around 150 members. This branch came through the inspiration of Gauwery Voute who passed away at the age of 101. She had been initiated by Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan in 1924. Murshid Elias Amidon represented The Sufi Way in England. This branch came about under the leadership of Murshid Fazal who passed away in his 50’s.

“Throughout the world men separately conceived
an image of its shape, and all believed
their private fantasies uniquely true!”
— Farid ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds

This was their fourth meeting reaching the valley of Unity. They flew back again from everywhere. Shaikha Hamida and Murshid Ameen Carp came from the far away Netherlands. Murshid Nawab braved snowstorms and cancelled flights but he made it anyway, one day late. Others were from California, Virginia and New York, and some from New England and as far away as some island in Washington State. They are all exceptional kind of birds. Zuleikha just coming back from a trip to India and Sri Lanka, gave an outstanding performance of dances and poetry. The next day she led a most beautiful Zikar of remembrance.

“It is a sign of Him, and in each heart.
There lies this feather’s hidden counterpart.
But since no words suffice, what uses are mine
To represent or to describe this sign?”
— Farid ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds

Saturday, April 5 was the first day. After Pir Shabda’s welcoming vision for this meeting, particular attention emphasized networking among small groups to get to know each other and deepen the ties of the one heart. Murshid Wali Ali, one of our great “hoopoe” leaders in the Ruhaniat, a symbol of inspiration, persuaded us to continue our search despite any hardship. Small group meetings focused on recognizing that we all come from the same parent, Hazrat Inayat Khan and on what are the special jewels of our lineage. The Sufi Order guided by the beautiful Devi Tide shared some insight on their work for the message. Devi read a letter by Pir Zia sharing that he was among us in spirit if not in form. That night, Tamam Khan blessed us with her original poetry giving voice to the original women of Islam, wives and daughters of Prophet Mohammed.

The second day we all enjoyed Murshid Nawab’s good humor that led us in contemplation and practices. Small group focused on each person leading the rest of the group in a favorite personal practice. Murshid Amen Carp and International Sufi Movement members led us in an uplifting Universal Worship ceremony. Zuleikha, who danced that evening, also shared stories and poetry with great grace.

The third day celebrated the Urs of Murshida Vera Corda. She was remembered for her focus on youth and she blessed us with the presence of her Great Spirit. Ben Burdick and Karim Baer from California and Daulat Rosdorff from Holland, besides also others, spoke of youth and the need of the day for young people to be attracted on the path. A lively discussion ensued on how we find a balance between getting out the teachings and making Sufi mysticism available without seeming like missionaries. Murshid Saul Barodofsky shared his powerful Allah practice and some great stories including the one when Samuel Lewis taught him to slow down and Murshid Wali Ali led us in the walks of the elements.

“A girl fell in a river – in a flash.
Her lover dived in with a mighty splash,
And fought the current till he reached her side.
When they were safe again, the poor girl cried:
“By chance I tumbled in, but why should you.
Come after me and hazard your life too?”
He said: “I dived because the difference.
Of ‘I’ and ‘you’ to lovers makes no sense –
A long time passed when we were separate,
But now that we have reached this single state.
When you are me and I am wholly you,
What use is it to talk of us as two?”
All talk of two implies plurality –
When two has gone there will be Unity.”
— Farid ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds

In this conference we realized that we need many more coming together to reach Unity. We thought three, now five, may be we need thirty like the simorgh (si means thirty and morgh bird in Persian).

Demonstrating Peace in our family and in ourselves during this fourth conference, we exemplified the word of Murad Samuel Lewis: “I would like to see a peace demonstration where the demonstrators demonstrate Peace.”

Pir Shabda must be commended to have orchestrated getting all these branches and all these birds to sing and dance together, to exemplify love, harmony and beauty in the spirit of unity. True free bird-being longing for the one, are we not all? Everywhere I turn, I see the face of my beloved.

Thanks to all the hawks, sparrows, nightingales, eagles, including one named Allaudin and many others of Kansas City that did such a beautiful job hosting this conference in this very accommodating center.

Next year we shall fly to Holland, the home of the Universal Temple born of the vision of Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan for the Unity of the Religious Ideals.

Yâ Fattâh!!!!! May the power of the one open the doors of the heart.
Peace is power.

Love and blessings,
Jean-Pierre David

Peace to Suffering Humanity… post 9/11/2001

Beloved ones of God,

As a response to the tumult and hostility that resulted from the horrors of September 11th, the Sufi Healing Order has called upon the Dervish Healing Order, and the Healing Activity of the Sufi Movement, to join with them in prayers so as to bring Peace to Suffering Humanity.

They intend to use the Healing Ritual to do this.

I am very much in favor of working with our brothers and sisters in the other streams of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s barakka.  This cooperation has the potential of being a living manifestation of the ideals of the Federation of the Sufi Message, and I hope and pray that this step is only the beginning of many co operative efforts in the future. May the Message of God reach far and wide!

The prayers in the service itself give us the direction we have chosen to take when we take the ritual to Places of Great Human Suffering:
“and that we may impart to them, Thy Light, Thy Love, Thy Joy, and Thy PEACE.” 

However, and in addition, Hazrat Inayat Khan has also given us a Prayer for the Peace of the World, which I actually feel, is a more appropriate focus for the general concentration of world peace. 

“Prayer for the Peace of the World”
through Hazrat Inayat Khan:

‘O Thou, the Almighty Sun, whose light cleareth away all clouds.
We take refuge in Thee. King of all men, God of all deities. Lord of all angels.
We pray Thee, dispel the mists of illusion from the hearts of the nations,
and lift their lives by Thy all-sufficient power.
Pour upon them Thy limitless love, Thy everlasting life,
Thy heavenly joy, and Thy perfect peace.”  — Amin

We shall do this prayer at 11:00 p.m. on the 3rd Sunday of each month, just prior to our regular Healing Ritual, and invite you all to join with us in attempting to manifest our hearts desire for Peace through the recitation of this prayer.

As to the heinous crimes committed against us all on September 11th:

This coming November 24th (Saturday), I shall be in New York to do a previously scheduled meeting, and shall take this opportunity to offer the Healing Ritual at (or very close by) the World Trade Center.  This shall be performed for the souls of all those who perished in this horror, and also for the hopeful alleviation of suffering for their families  and loved ones. 

This later activity is being organized by our brother in New York, Jean Pierre David (who also manages our web site).  For those who wish to join us in prayer, we shall meet  for practices at 5:30 p.m., and walk to the site and perform the Ritual at 6:00 p.m. This is all Eastern Standard Time. 

To those of you who wish to join us at the site itself: Please do.  All are welcome.   

After the ritual we shall walk to the near by Sufi Book Store and begin our meeting.  As Murshid SAM used to say, “It’s always a plus to have some ‘old timers’ in the crowd.”

For additional data: Please contact Jean Pierre – jeanpierredavid@hotmail.com.

I send you all my love and blessings and my prayer that we be permitted to Serve God in the Real Work.

Yours in Service,

Hakim Saul
Charlottesville, Virginia
October 15, 2001