Honoring our Godparents: Part 2

Dear family,

No honoring of, or appreciation for our God Parents would be complete without a special place for Moineddin Jablonski.

Truly a humble person, he guided and shepherded us for over 30 years after Murshid SAM’s passing.  Considering who we were (rebels and hippies), it was a difficult task (compounded by his failing health), yet he managed to do it in style and with grace.

Ya Shakur! Ya Murshid!
I am so pleased that this session will be organized and led by Murshid Saadi, one of his students. See below for more info and zoom link from Murshid Saadi.

Looking forward to joining with you on Jan 2nd (one day after his birthday) on Zoom, 
to pray, remember and rejoice in this ‘gift of life.’

All blessings
hakim saul-uddin

Saturday, January 2, 2021
8 am Hawaii, 10 am Pacific, 11 am Mountain, 12 noon Central, 1 pm East, 1800 UK, 1900 Western Europe.
Dear Friends,

Hakim Saul-uddin asked me to organise a session for the Dervish Healing Order to honor the spiritual legacy of Moineddin Jablonski, Murshid SAM’s khalif and dharma heir.

I know that Moineddin touched many of you, and you likely have many of your own stories of him. We could have many such sessions! If you have stories, perhaps you could share them on the DHO listserv around the time of his urs on February 27.

For this session, my choice has been to put together a “round table” with a few people whom you are unlikely to hear otherwise. They all knew Moineddin well during the last 20 years of his life and can talk about how he approached challenges and carved out a path for himself and others. These will include:

• Mei Ling Chang-Jablonski, Moineddin’s partner in teaching and life during this time, now working with her husband Isaac in a charity that restores native forest at the Kawainui Marsh, the largest wetlands in the Hawaiian islands. 
• Majida Nelson and Salik Hodges, mureeds and guides who worked closely with him during this time. 
• Malik Cotter, long-time friend, acupuncturist and healer, who hosted Moineddin’s Soulwork practice at his office.

We will intersperse the conversation with practices from or inspired by Moineddin. Hopefully, our session will provide some insights for those of you who never knew him in the body and offer a taste of his being.

The Zoom details are below and, as before, the session will be recorded. To allow for our guests from Hawaii, the starting time will be one hour later than our previous Saturday Zoom meetings:
8 am Hawaii, 10 am Pacific, 11 am Mountain, 12 noon Central, 1 pm East, 1800 UK, 1900 Western Europe. For other time zones, please check online via your browser. We expect a German translation, although that is not confirmed.

Love and blessings,

“As long as I shall live, this is Murshid’s house; therefore, O faithful companions, keep me living.
– Moineddin in The Gift of Life.

Honoring our Godparents: Part 1

Dear family,

As I have written many times, we were not alone, and unsupported when SAM passed in 1971. Many of his colleagues and associates came to our aid and stood by us. I have called them our Godparents. Our next cyber gathering will honor two of them, and will be hosted by their students.

Honoring our Godparents: Part One

Frida Waterhouse – presented by Murshida Aadya Perez-Chisti
(formerly known by us as Murshida Rabia Ana Perez-Chisti). (1)

Joe & Guin Miller – presented by Richard Power. (2)

(1) Murshida Aadya is currently the president and originator of the Sufi Universal Fraternal Institute, and was a long time student of Frida, who assisted her when she passed through the curtain.

(2) Richard Power is the current head of The San Francisco Theosophical Lodge, and was a long time student of the Millers.  He is also the author/compiler of Joe’s biography – The Great Song: The Life and Teachings of Joe Miller.

Saturday, November 7:

U.S. West coast – 9am-10:30am
U.S. East coast – noon-1:30pm
London – 5pm-6:30pm
Germany – 6pm-7:30pm
Moscow – 8pm-9:30pm

For the zoom link please contact: Murad

Looking forward to our time together again

yours in Service to the Real
Hakim Saul-uddin
Oct 15, 2020

PS: a short heads up –
Our series continues with a program on our former Pir, Moineddin Jablonski. 
Saadi will host this. More as we confirm dates – probably December or January.



Aziza Lusansky-Inayat-Khan

Dear ones,

it is with deep sorrow that I forward this announcement from Hamida.
Aziza is our last living God-parent, both for the DHO and for the Ruhaniat.

Ya Salamo! May she rest in peace within the Heart of God,
and may her reunion with her beloved Hidayat be Rainbows of Light,
and Love, and Laughter.

our healing service starts shortly, so I will stop here,
and write up more for her Memorial Page this afternoon.

In Service to the Real
hakim sauluddin

Dear Shabda, Sauluddin and Aslan,

to our great regret Aziza, your Godparent, has left us, to join her beloved Hidayat. I am on my way to Munchen, and can tell you that the wonderful Schnede book will be shown in the Museum: so much living and loving energy it shows, and Aziza was so happy when receiving it last year.
If anyone feels like writing something, it can be sent to the Sufi Museum.
With love from Hamida

Godmother Aziza’s Upcoming Birthday

Beloved Godmother,

What a joy to have you in our lives.
You are so special to us, and we all deeply appreciate all the blessings you have shared with us.
In your honor we have started a new Shnede ritual, where the children are given candy in your name.
It has been very well received, and even the Big Children line up for some of your Baraka.
Thank you again for taking us on, and for holding the post for so many years, and for holding it so well.
We sing your praises, and send our love.
Yours in thankful service

Sauluddin for your DHO family

Int. HQ Sufi Movement wrote:

Beloved Ones,

Almost 9 months ago Aziza had to let go Hidayat to whom she has been dedicated for so many years. She will have her 95th birthday coming June 26.
She needs a lot of care as she doesn’t walk any more and stays in a wheelchair; the house is very good and the atmosphere is wonderful. So she has the care, there, and we here in Holland try to meet her from time to time and the three of us: Ulma and Joop Moerenburg and me, will meet her in Munich, together with a dear mureed who is living in Munich.
I thought how nice it would be if she would receive lots of letters.
There are two ways:
1) either by e-mail to my address <sufihq@xs4all.nl>, and I shall collate them together and make a booklet of it, so that she can read it again and again (or have someone read it to her).
I am leaving on June 24th, so I need to have them in my mailbox 17th of June, so as to have the time to collect them nicely. If you feel like it, you may add as many hearts or pictures as you want to add.
2) or send a postcard or letter to her to the following address:
Frau U. Lusansky-Inayat-Khan
Haus St. Joseph, WB-2
Luise Kiesselbachplatz 2
D-81377 Munich
Maybe you know of Sufis or others from whom you know that they would like to write: will you ask them please?
Most loving greetings from Hamida


Int. HQ Sufi Movement
Banstraat 24
2517 GJ Den Haag
Mob. +31(0)6 4071 8113

Hidayat’s Passing

It has been a great honor and privilege to know in person Hidayat Inayat Khan. I loved his feisty spirit, his humor, his mischievous side that he dare revealing in the intimacy of our French conversations.

The dearest moments that I shared with him were during his visits in Montclair with dear Aziza or driving together to the Abode of the Message and stopping for him to enjoy a soup that Monick had prepared. He refused to share as he held it and said “it is mine, Monick made it for me.” Of course it was done in jest but he could be funny like this at time.

Hidayat has inspired me greatly as he revealed very little of himself that I could relate to in comparison to the wealth of richness inhabiting his being. I was humble once when we had dinner with Michael Harrison and both started a conversation on the intricacy of the classical Indian music and ragas. It was as if they did not speak English any longer, they communicated with each other and we were witnesses to a communion of souls that shared a common

Hidayat’s writing that he shared will remain my source of inspiration as I saw him work on some of it with such great care, concentration in what exemplified mindfulness and singlemindedness seeking nothing less than perfection not only in the expression of his feeling and thoughts but in the grammatical structure as well.

In French he trusted me enough to share stories about his life, when he lived at Suresnes before the war and came back with his first wife. He talked about his experiences in the Vercors stealing a horse to exchange against a chicken. He wanted to understand why people of my generation sought alternative means of consciousness as he suffered greatly losing his own son to drug.

His friendship will remain dear in my heart and I will always love him as I love his dear Aziza who kept fussing about him and making sure that the kitchen produces food that he could eat. She was marvelous with him. She did not like us speaking French around her and we had to switch back to English as he cared so much about her feelings.

So many memories in Charlottesville, in Holland and in Montclair. My heart is full of gratitude to have meet an extraordinary being that has been such an inspiration over the years. He became a true God-father.

He tried to entice me to join the Sufi Movement and I declined. His heart was speaking as we loved each other but he respected my loyalty to the Sufi Ruhaniat and my dear Murshid Saul. So I told him to get Saul in the Sufi Movement and I will follow right away. This never happened.

Now that his soul freed itself from the garb, I will pray that his journey toward the light be quick and that he finds peace. The world is a bridge and he has now reached the place where he belongs and that he deserves.

Much love and blessings my dear Hidayat, my heart is with you and with all those that you love, especially your dear Aziza and your family.

Jean Pierre
Sheikh Salik of the Sufi Ruhaniat
Montclair, New Jersey, USA


The Passing of a Great Soul

Dear all hearts,

Upon hearing the news of Hidayat’s passage, I am reminded of our last meeting…

February 03, 2015 in Haarlem, Netherlands.

We spoke of the future:

His deepest concern was the continuation of his father’s legacy of Religious Freedom, vs the rising tide of sectarianism and separation.

He remembered an earlier attempt to contain the Message, and it’s disastrous aftermath.

His loyalty to the ideal of The Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty was life long: from his catching the “bowl” which had been dropped, to his rescue of the esoteric papers of the Sufi Movement from the Nazi invasion of Holland, to his behind the lines guerrilla fight against that same atrocity in southern France.

We are so thankful that he agreed to take the helm of the Movement, to make peace with the Ruhaniat and the Sufi Order, and to bring together the separated strands of his fathers vision of Unity — The Federation of the Sufi Message.

His legacy of powerful humility and dedication of purpose shall be an inspiration to us all.

Our prayers go out to his long time companion, Murshida Aziza.  May her journey forwards be light filled and an ease to her body.

Ya Salamo dearest Godfather and Elder.

We are so thankful to have had the blessing of knowing and interacting with you.

Please enjoy a picture I took of them during that lunch in Haarlem.

Hakim Sauluddin
Haarlem, Netherlands
September 14, 2016

The Last of Murshid’s Children

“The seeming death is the real birth of the soul.”
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hazrat Inayat Khan and Amina Begum had four children, and the last has now left us:

Hidayat Inayat-Khan
Born in London on August 6th, 1917
Passed away in Munich on September 12th, 2016

According to the wishes of Hidayat and Aziza there will be no funeral ritual.

In deep sorrow and gratitude on behalf of Aziza Inayat-Khan,

Ulma and Joop Moerenburg
Testamentary Executors

Condolences may be sent to:    memorial1917@gmail.com

A few thoughts on adab

Dear hearts,

I would like to make a few comments about adab, fana and our Ruhaniat.

Firstly, our Ruhaniat family has always been a raucous group of ‘dissidents’.  Starting with Murshid Sam, and all those he attracted.  Ram Dass called Murshid the ‘pied piper of the hippies’ and this may have been factual.

Our lack of respect of authority for it’s own sake was very unsettling to more “established” and more “traditional” sufi orders – like our brothers and sisters in the Sufi Order, and the Sufi Movement at the time (1960’s and 70’s).

But I do also recall, that we always gave proper respect to those we felt worthy of our respect: Not based upon their title or rank, but rather on their manifestation of a higher maquam. Like Joe & Guin Miller, and Frida Waterhouse who held no titles (didn’t want them) but accepted “Honorary Murshid” titles from Moineddin.

Fana is at the very heart of Sufi practice.  How else, save for Divine Grace, can we be in a position to receive the baraka. To manifest fana is to manifest mureedship.  All else is but the dance of the nefs.

Of course, some are much better dancers than others, but this does not necessarily indicate their rightness, nor their advanced state.

As we were all taught “and a little child shall lead them.”

To me this means that one who is in a natural state of innocence (fana) and non resistant, is more open to the baraka and Message of God than one who has already made up their mind as to ‘right and wrong,’ especially as it applies to other people and their opinions which one disagrees with.

I feel that it is not disrespectful to disagree, but rather it can be disrespectful in how one manifests ones disagreements.  Is it personal?  Is it about subject?  Or object?  And, can one disagree without negative feelings flowing through ones words.

Let us not blame and then execute the messenger.   But rather look within ourselves to see where our feelings of disagreements (read separation) are coming from.

For us to reach our goals we must discipline our inner observers.  Many of us have inner children who are wounded and afraid.  They must be dealt with first – lovingly and carefully.

As our God Mother, Frida Waterhouse said, “Take your child to the alter of the Most High within you.”  It is there that true inner peace can be manifested.  And it is only from that place that we can change the world.

All the rest is the dross of dunya.

all blessings

hakim sauluddin