San Francisco Theosophical Lodge Meeting

Dear family,   

As we begin our preparations for our Mount Shasta adventures, a note about our Godparents and a pre-Shasta meeting in San Francisco.

Looking back, I am still so grateful for the active support we were given, when we were suddenly handed Murshid Sam’s work to hold and continue. Our Godparents were a blessing and a strength, which enabled us to not only survive, but to mature and grow.  Joe and Guin Miller attended most of our yearly gatherings and literally sat there pumping out energy.  In addition to being our god parents, Joe and Guin were Theosophists, Buddhists and honorary Sufi Murshids. Joe was the only one of Sam’s intimates who never even hinted to me that he was the successor — but rather supported Moineddin and our work, both in general and in specific.

Upcoming before Shasta this June:
I have been asked to present at the Friday evening gathering at the San Francisco Theosophical Lodge, the Friday evening just prior to our Shasta retreat. Your participation is requested. It would be sweet to have some of us oldies around to remember and honor Joe and Guin. Meeting is without costs. And a dinner will be served afterwards.

Friday evening – June 14.
Doors open at 6:00 pm — Meeting starts at 7:00. pm
809 Mason Street, San Francisco, 94108  

I plan on bringing with me the one physical item which links Mother Mary, Murshid Sam and Joe Miller.   

Hope to see you at The Lodge, and later on at Shasta – June 16-22.
For Shasta registration, contact Jude — 922 Stanyan Street, SF, CA 94117

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin