Honoring our Godparents: Part 1

Dear family,

As I have written many times, we were not alone, and unsupported when SAM passed in 1971. Many of his colleagues and associates came to our aid and stood by us. I have called them our Godparents. Our next cyber gathering will honor two of them, and will be hosted by their students.

Honoring our Godparents: Part One

Frida Waterhouse – presented by Murshida Aadya Perez-Chisti
(formerly known by us as Murshida Rabia Ana Perez-Chisti). (1)

Joe & Guin Miller – presented by Richard Power. (2)

(1) Murshida Aadya is currently the president and originator of the Sufi Universal Fraternal Institute, and was a long time student of Frida, who assisted her when she passed through the curtain.

(2) Richard Power is the current head of The San Francisco Theosophical Lodge, and was a long time student of the Millers.  He is also the author/compiler of Joe’s biography – The Great Song: The Life and Teachings of Joe Miller.

Saturday, November 7:

U.S. West coast – 9am-10:30am
U.S. East coast – noon-1:30pm
London – 5pm-6:30pm
Germany – 6pm-7:30pm
Moscow – 8pm-9:30pm

For the zoom link please contact: Murad

Looking forward to our time together again

yours in Service to the Real
Hakim Saul-uddin
Oct 15, 2020

PS: a short heads up –
Our series continues with a program on our former Pir, Moineddin Jablonski. 
Saadi will host this. More as we confirm dates – probably December or January.