Hidayat Inayat Khan New Year Greetings 2006

The all-pervading "Goal" drives each of us without mercy into the Future, while at the same time hurling us into the ever-receding Past; and in our illusion of the Present, the magic game of Time deceives that Eternity, where the opposite poles Spirit and Matter meet in a continuum of space, inspiring our speculative concepts of reality or unreality, which are just only the reflections of our own point of view.

There is no experience in life which is really worthless, and there is not one moment which is really wasted, providing one is wise enough to carefully assemble the elements of past memories and learn from these, with the idea of accomplishing one’s life’s purpose.

As we proceed courageously through the darkness of the clouds of such concepts as preconceived ideas, communicating with each in their own language, and steadfastly displaying the banner of "Spiritual Liberty", our example could be interpreted as an invitation to the privilege of becoming living altars of all beliefs, while firmly holding on to the only secret that there is to inner peace, to happiness, and to spirituality: "The Supremacy of Truth", which cannot be defined in speculative human terminology.

Although one’s vision of right and wrong does not always correspond to that of others, yet each time that we set aside our own ego, even for a moment, we then offer a bit of our heart, and in return, the light of the “Spirit of Guidance” becomes brighter and brighter, clearing away the shadows of our limitations, as we sail on the great waters of Life, heading toward the unknown, where one may perhaps begin to realize that the sailor is at the same time the all –pervading “Goal”.

Hidayat Inayat-Khan