Report: Federation Meeting – 2011

Dear family,

just a short report on the Federation gathering which is happening now on the North Sea of Holland.

Firstly, the Federation is alive and well, and everyone is on the best behavior. The Spirit of Love, Harmony & Beauty permeates the atmosphere, and Joy is omnipresent.

Our God Parents {Hidayat & Aziza} are well, but aging – he is 93, and she is 88. Mashallah! Hidayat is still powerful and clear, and they both send their love.

Of the 6 families which hold the lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan, all but the Fraternity of Light are present, and they plan on being with us next year.

The Ruhaniat is well represented. Many thanks to our Schnede family for making such a strong showing.

Shabda is perfectly in his element. His strengths of great love and harmonious interaction are perfect for this time and place.

Today (Friday) is also Kamae’s funeral in Scotland, and we shall also acknowledge her life and work tomorrow. Many thanks to the family who traveled to Scotland to honor her.

In addition, I have sent out Mansur’s Letters From Moineddin, which I strongly suggest you read. This group is from the time of our separation from The Sufi Order. I feel it is important to always remember the past – neither forgetting it’s pain, nor attempting to fictionalize it. But, rather, rising above the pain, and dealing with the present from a clear heart.

Inshallah! there will be more to report later.

I send all my love and blessings

yours in Service to the Real