Report: DHO Haus Schneda, Germany – 2011

Dear ones,

am back home, in between gatherings, and wanted to give a short report on our 27th annual meeting at Haus Schneda in the North of Germany.

The house itself is over 100 years old, and was stylishly built to be durable, beautiful, and inspiring…with much carved wood paneling and glass, creating a beautiful inner space. The grounds are wonderful, with old forests, and fish ponds, spacious lawns and a magnificent array of rhododendrons.

The house and grounds are currently owned by a Sudanese Sufi Order, and we have been made welcome guests since 1984.

Our new cook is a fantastic ayurvedic chief, and cooks lamb and chicken for us in addition to her wonderful vegetarian cuisine. May-June is Spargle season, and we had fresh, local white asparagus in a Hollandaise sauce. yummy.

The big news is that we had 28 young people and children with us this time. Mostly they have grown up coming to Shneda each summer, and now that they are grown up, they still do. Some even bring their girl or boy friends. It’s so wonderful to see the future walking alongside us.

Aslan joined us to lead evening dances and choir, Baraka acted as my translator, and Subhan once again took a ton of pictures.

I must say the meetings are growing higher and higher every year. Alhamdulliah! When one looks at the pictures of the same people only 7 or 8 years ago, one can hardly believe the growth in their light and love and laughter.

next stop Mt Shasta.

all love and blessings and see you on the Mountain next week