The World Today

Dear family,

As we hear of the tremendous suffering which is affecting so much of humanity – from North Africa to Japan, and from Wisconsin to Washington, D.C. – please let us remember that we have been given tools to help alleviate and lessen such natural and human catastrophes.

To all Center Leaders: Please support the performance of the Absent Healing Ritual in your area. We have found that a regular Absent Healing Service adds baraka to the area, as well as to the people who are participating. It can also create zones of ‘peace’ and ‘tranquility’ where it is performed.

If there is no one initiated to lead it, than please consider sending a representative from your center to our DHO gatherings for training. The meetings do cost, but the training and initiations are without cost. If money for our meetings is a problem, then perhaps your local center can raise funds to send a representative to be trained and initiated as a healing conductor. Remember, that our staff receives neither payment nor reimbursement, and pays full fees and transportation. Our next gathering will be on Mt. Shasta (Northern California) from June 19 to 24. Please contact Jude Sargent for registration information. (

Once again, in all that we do, let us not forget our “root transmission,” which has highly spiritualized tools for us to use. Just to mention a few of these ‘tools,’ in addition to the Absent Healing Ritual:

1) the wonderful Buddhist practice of dedicating the ‘benifit’ of one’s practice to all sentient beings, with a special focus on Japan (for example).

2) holding one’s concentration on “Cancel” while watching (or listening) to the ‘news’ about horrific situations, and feeling the impact the negativity has on regular folks being lessened. This one was thru Ray Fetterman.

3) holding the suffering humanity in one’s heart during the “known and unknown” portion of the Absent Healing Ritual, as well as doing the Ritual specifically for those suffering in North Africa (as an example).

4) doing your healing-purification breaths for an area or situation.

There is no reason to feel helpless in these terrible times. We can interface with others of ‘good will’ on the inner planes, and Inshallah! make a difference.

Yours in Service to the Real

Hakim Sauluddin