Update on the 2005 Federation Meeting

Beloved one,

I am happy to report that the upcoming meeting of the Federation of the Sufi Message is going to manifest once more, this year, with the participation of all the branches of Hazrat Inayat Khan as they were last year in Holland. Yes there will be representatives of the Sufi Order, Sufi Ruhaniat, International Sufi Movement, Fraternity of Light, Sufi Way and Sufi Contact.

So far 47 people will meet at the Sufi Books meeting room in New York City (in Tribeca) on Saturday and Sunday, April 23 and 24.

The meeting will start with a wonderful event at Saint Peter's Church on Lexington and 54th Street, called "Mysticism of Sound" with the participation of many great musicians including Pir Shabda and Michael Harrison who will play ragas, Talia Toni Marcus and a string quintet who will play "La Monotonia" that will be introduced by POM Hidayat Inayat Khan, with Murshida Khadijah Goforth who will direct turning dervishes during the poetry recital of Murshid SAM's "God Calls" and with Michael Harrison presenting his piano composition "Revelation".

Saturday night Zikar will be held at the Al Jerrahi center one block from Sufi Books with all the Federation attendees, the local family, all the great musicians and more cited above, Sheikha Fariha Al Jerrahi and her mureeds. Towards the One.... Sheikha Fariha has welcomed all of us with her great heart full of love without distinctions and differences.

All praise be to Allah.

May the vision and the work of the Federation of the Sufi Message continue.

Love and blessings,