The Wintu or Wintun People of Mt. Shasta


The original Peoples closest to Mt. Shasta are the Wintu People. In their creation story, their elders came to earth through a spring (in Panther Meadows.)

The Hoopa, Yaruk and Karuk Peoples are original peoples close by Mt. Shasta.

To all these people Mt. Shasta is a sacred place of pilgrimage.

I met a Karuk elder Charles RedHawk Thom and he said it is a tradition among many his people to visit Mt. Shasta once a year, not more.

It has been a priveledge to accompany RedHawk and his extended family to Mt. Shasta several times and do purification ceremony on the exact spot Red Hawks grandfather took him to ceremony as a young boy, beside the same sacred spring the Wintu people were “created” from.

This spring has some of the best tasting water, I’ve ever tasted. (In my past I’ve sold drinking water systems, I know water.) You might want to bring a jar to bring some water home with you.

This site is 35 to 40 minutes from the 2005 DHO Gathering site this year.

The Spring is called the Mother Spring of Mt.Shasta.

These people are all very much alive and have living Elders.

toward Spring 2005, not there yet,

Irish Francis Rainbowheart

p.s. Over the years I have found the Forest Service in Shasta City to be an excellant resource.


Thanks for the info on the "locals" -

I am aware of three main springs on the Mountain:

  1. Widows Spring – which we will visit
  2. the spring on Panther meadows – where Ballard met St Germain (posing as a black panther) and was “awakened” and started the I AM Society –
  3. and the headwaters of the Sacramento River – which is the sweetest water I ever drunk –

And, amongst all our usual "frolicking amongst the trees" --- we also plan on:

  1. having at least 2 of Mother Marys folks with us for stories – and maybe a view of her Biography –
  2. and, Inshallah!  a visit to Shasta Abbey – to pay respects to our late God mother – Jiu Kennett Roshi –

by the by -

the only time I ever heard SAM make the all inclusive statement that he would taker as mureeds all of someones disciples - was refeering to Mother Mary - a number of us showed up - I was number 2 after Basira.

see yas on the Mountain

halim saul