DHO 2014 at Shasta

Our Magical Mystical Tour: The DHO on Mt Shasta-Part 2

June 22 (dinner) to June 28 (lunch) – 6 full days
Stewart Mineral Springs, Mt. Shasta, CA
Theme: Hearing the Inner Voice

2014 is upon us. Amidst the frozen pipes and fallen trees there are the beginning signs of Spring and Renewal.

 DHO-2014-ShastaOnce again we can look forwards to a daily Bowl of Saki retreat concentration; Absent Healing Ritual; zikr; mantra; laughter as healing; amulets and gemstones as healing tools; Sufi Qi Gong; yoga; tea; choir; dance & walks; Sohbet; rituals – both traditional and inspired; Sufi Stories; Home Work; and more R & R time together.  We are hopeful that we will be blessed with Hanuman’s presence.

PLUS all the Mountain trimmings:
Mother Mary, The Great White Brotherhood, & Flying Saucers.
With visits to Shasta Abbey (our God Mother Jiu Kennett Roshi’s cenotaph is there),
Widow Springs (for healing waters), and
Panther Meadows (X marks the spot for manifestations of the Brotherhood)

Costs vary based on where you sleep –
$670-$815 ($115 to $140 per night) – more for singles

Staff receives neither reimbursement, nor honorarium, and pays full fees.
Please make your checks payable to Jude Sargent
922 Stanyan Street – San Francisco, California 95117-3807
We hope to have a full crew. So make your plans, and register soon