DHO 2013 at Lama Foundation

DHO – Lama – 2013

Feeling the Presence of the Spirit of Guidance


 “Till we meet again Bodhisatva”

Dear family,
Hope to see you all soon.
Our annual gathering is upcoming:
Dates:  June 17 (Monday) to June 23 (Sunday)
Place:   Lama Foundation – New Mexico
Theme:  Feeling the Presence of the Spirit of Guidance.
As we prepare to visit Murshid Sam, here are a few things to consider: What success in this past year can you attribute to his teachings and guidance?  What have you mastered, and what are you still working on?  What has been your greatest trial, and what has been your greatest self discovery?  What brings him closer to you, and what brings on the feelings of separation?

Program:  Zikr at the Maqbara, Murshid Sam’s version of the Mahamudra, dancing, walks, chants, tea, Sufi Qi Gong, stories of our lineage, Shabbos, the Absent Healing Ritual, yoga, Ram Nam, Sohbet, bed time stories, home work, dream work, laughter as healing, amulets and gems, choir, and so much more.

Teachers: Hakim Saul Barodofsky, Ananda Cronin, Aslan Scott Satler, Rabbi Pam Frydman, Sarfaraz Cathy Knight, Murad Malvin Finkelstein, Eddie Greenburg, Michael Endlich, Siddiq & Sakina Von Briesen, Richard Mann

Register directly through Lama Foundation
(575) 586-1269

Base Costs: $400 for all 6 days / or $70 per day
plus additional housing cost (depending on accommodations)
Please note:
Staff receives neither reimbursements, nor honorarium, and pays full costs.
All proceeds benefit the Lama Foundation.

For further information or if you want to ride share (either needing a ride or offering) contact: Jude
SAM photo



As we witness the constant shifting on today’s world stage, it becomes apparent that we are amidst a growing disaster scenario.  The peacemakers are being targeted for death; the people of good will are being shunted off to the back of the room in silence, and the hate mongers and ‘incendiaries’ are creating, and directing angry and frustrated mobs.

This is the time to sharpen our focus on Healing and Peace.  The Absent Healing Ritual is a wondrous tool given us by Hazrat Inayat Khan.  Let us use it, or rather, allow it to use us as “Thy wisdom chooseth,” to counter hatred and distortions with Love and Light and the laughter of true Joy.As you read this, take a moment and breath Peace to all the troubled areas of the world.  I hope to do Murshid Sam’s version of the Mahamudra at his Maqbara this June.  Please begin your preparation for this practice now.

All blessings and see you on Lama Mountain
hakim sauluddin