A Report on Doing the Healing Ritual in Places of Great Suffering

Dear friends and family,

This report comes from Jo Ann Dalley of Charlottesville, Virginia, who performed the Absent Healing Ritual of Hazrat Inayat Khan at a Prisoner of War Camp from the American Civil War on April 19th, 2001. She was assisted by her two daughters, Heather (14) and Elizabeth (11). Her report follows.


Andersonville was a Confederate military prison established during the American Civil War. Today it is a National Historic Site, and a memorial to all United States prisoners of war, as well as being a National Cemetery.

Acres and acres of lush rolling pasture, and hundreds of rows of bright white headstones mark the landscape. There is a visitors center with literature and a movie of the sites history. One out of every three Union soldiers who arrived at Andersonville died there amidst horrific conditions of confinement.

We did the Healing Ritual on a green hillock overlooking the prison site. As we began, we noticed that the impact of this places history, and the strong words and images we had experienced at the visitors center had already faded. All that remained was the inner peace and the deep sense of calm which the ritual brings forth. That and the wind and a few wild flowers amidst the State Memorial Gardens. All this plus our prayers for God’s Peace to abide with all those who have passed through that place.

Yours in Service,
Jo Ann Dalley