DHO Letter from Saul and Upcoming 2002 Gathering

Beloved ones of God,

As the season of Christ’s Mass approaches, I am filled with a feeling of ambiguity over the wanton destruction that has occurred in the name of God, and our response to it. Whilst, at the same time, I am so thankful that we live in a country where we are free to practice our religion or path, and that our larger community has reached out to the American Muslims with an open heart and willing hands. Alhamdulliah!

Now I can only pray that the Muslim community world wide will reciprocate to their own “minorities,” and make them an integrated part of their family – whether they be Kurds, Baluchis, Shias (or Sunnis), or any of the other oppressed “minorities” within the Muslim world, including Jews – Christians – Hindus – Zoroastrians – Buddhists, etc., etc.

It has been another very full year for us all: Our Germany DHO gathering was larger and more “juice-filled” than ever, and our 30 Year Pilgrimage to Murshid SAM at Lama was over flowing with love and joy and laughter (just as he would have wanted it).

Our second gathering in Prague (at the end of September) was truly international, with folks coming in from Holland, Germany, Estonia, Greece, and of course the Czech Republic. We performed the Absent Healing Ritual at the former village of Lidice for the victims of the Nazi horror there.

In addition, on November 24, we were in New York for a previously scheduled meeting, and joined with Jean Pierre David and folks from as far away as Seattle, Montana, and Virginia to conduct the Absent Healing Ritual at the site of the former World Trade Center. There were 14 of us at the site itself, and afterwards we had our gathering at the Sufi Bookstore with about 100 people joining us for prayer and stories and walks and laughter. It was wonderful.

Afterwards I went on to Boston to join with Abraham and Halima Sussman to relive the early days of the Sufi Choir (Jim Fellows joined us), and to have a meeting at their home. About 20 folks joined with us for prayer and laughter. We also went onto Logan Airport to perform the Service for those who were in the planes that left Boston and were crashed into the WTC. May their hearts and souls be at peace and reunited with God’s love.

Upcoming: D.H.O. GATHERING – Summer 2002 – “Hu We Are”

DATES: June 24th to June 29th (Monday through Saturday).
PLACE: Mt. Home Retreat. 2 swimming pools, great food, and loads of outdoors.
LOCATION: by Calistoga in Northern California’s famous wine country.
PRICE: From $325 to $525 (depending on accommodations).
RESERVATIONS: Jennifer Avian

There will be choir, chi gong, walks, dancing, Zikr, ritual, and our general frolicking amidst the trees. We had such a great time here 2 years ago, we decided to return.

Looking forwards to seeing you in the pool.

All love and blessings,
Hakim Sauluddin