DHO Gathering – Summer 2002 – “Hu We Are”

Beloved ones of God,

Finally, the winter has departed and the spring flowers are upon us in all their glory. I pray that this is more than just a metaphor for the world situation, and that true and real peace will come upon us through awakened and forgiving hearts.

One might remember that amongst the Sifat i Allah (the 99 Beautiful Names of God) there is not a single one for Hatred, Hostility, or Revenge. But rather, there are many invoking Forgiveness, Love, Compassion, Mercy, and Peace.

May the Compassion and Loving Kindness of Allah shine through the worlds’ leadership and bring true peace to our troubled earth.

Murshid SAM was dedicated to Peace in the Middle East, and with this in mind, our gathering in Calistoga (Northern California) from Monday, June 24th to Saturday, June 29th – “Hu we are.” will focus on developing that Peace within our selves, and then spreading to (sharing amongst) our brothers and sisters in the world, with a special focus on the “Holy Land.”

Please join with us in Prayer and in Silence, in Ritual and in Spontaneity, in Stillness and in Movement, in Joy and in Laughter as we bring through the Living Peace from the Heart of Gods Grace: Bismillah er Rachman, er Rahim.

D.H.O. Gathering – Summer 2002 – “Hu We Are”

Dates: June 24th to June 29th (Monday through Saturday)
Place: Mt. Home Retreat. 2 swimming pools, great food, loads of outdoors.
Location: By Calistoga, in Northern California’s famous wine country.
Price: From $325 to $525 (depending on accommodations)
Reservations: Jennifer Avian

In addition to our prayers, there will be choir, chi gong, dancing, walks, zikr, ritual, story telling, and our general frolicking amongst the trees. We had such a great time here 2 years ago, we decided to return.

Looking forwards to seeing you “in the pool”

All love and Blessings
Hakim Sauluddin
April 21, 2002

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