Lama – 33 beads – an update

Dear friends and family,

Just a short note to acknowledge the wonderful people who celebrated with us at our 20th anniversary Jubilee at Haus Shneida (Germany).  Alhamdulliah!  We had a high energy and love filled gathering, with a number of Sufi Movement folks helping us honor the 20th year of bringing Murshid SAM's barakka to Germany.

We (Ananda, Aslan & myself) were joined by our God parents "Hidayat & Aziza" and all of the senior Ruhaniat and DHO leadership in Germany.  What a powerhouse of Love and Light!  Mashallah!

And, as promised a list of our senior leadership who have committed to participate in Lama Pilgrimage — 33 Beads:

Murshida Asha Greer -  Shifayat DHO
Murshid Sauluddin - Kifayat DHO
Murshida Khadija Goforth
Shiekh Siddiq von Brissen - Shifayat DHO
Shiekh Murad Finkelstein - Shifayat DHO
Shiekh Jean Pierre David
Shieka Ananda Cronin
Shieka Sarfraz Knight - Shifayat DHO
Shiekh Firdousi Wirick
Shiekh Mansur Kreps

With Special Guests:

Shiekh Mansur Johnson

Jennifer Avian is still accepting reservations
Dates are: July 9th to 14th.
cost is $300 - and All Money goes to the Lama Foundation

All love and Blessings, and see you on the mountain.
hakim sauluddin