DHO Letter: May, 2005

Beloved ones of God,

Much love and many greetings from Virginia.

This April-May was very full:

We started out with the planned (and then canceled) and then on again, meeting of the Federation of the Sufi Message. Originally scheduled to be at the Abode in upstate New York, it was canceled and then saved by Jean-Pierre and the New York Ruhaniat community – great job folks, and many thanks for doing all the last minute planning so wonderfully.

I had to miss the JK meeting in Boston, as I left immediately for Germany.

Our 21st year gathering at Haus Shneida was as wonderful as always.

We were over 65 adults and 17 youngens. Alhamdullilah!

Once again, our Godparents, POM Hidayat Inayat Khan and Murshida Aziza joined Sheikh Aslan Sattler, Sheikha Gita Owen, Khalifa Barakka von Kügelgen, Sheikha Latifa Fourier and myself in prayers, singing, zikrs, walks, rituals, stories, and our general frolicking amidst the North German sunshine. Sheikh Puran (and Purana) joined us from Switzerland, as did 3 of our St. Petersburg family. Subhan Spencer again took photos, and they should be on our web site soonish. It was also the season for White Asparagus – WOW! What a treat to eat local food in season and naturally ripened.

As an asidem, we now have a Ruhaniat Initiator in Russia – Alhamdulliah! Fatima (Illona) was initiated to the 9th year at Shneida. May our Russian family grow and prosper in the Spirit.

From Germany I went to Konya on business, and am happy to report that our local family is opening a large and beautiful hotel next to Rumi’s tomb. It’s called Otel Rumi. I look forwards to staying there this September.

Our summer gathering on Mt. Shasta has over 45 registrants, so Jennifer requests that if you are planning on attending, please let her know before June 6th – when she has to notify the Springs what our final numbers will be – for food shopping, etc.

Please don’t delay!

Jean-Pierre has placed on our DHO website (Dervish-Healing-Order.org) photos from Lama 33 beads, but also the Federation Retreat he pulled off in New York this past April. And, we are hopeful that some of the Shneida pictures will also be there soon.

He is also organizing a collection of spiritual names and their meanings from our various traditions – through Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid SAM, and more: great job – almost 2,000 names so far and growing. Mashallah! Check out the DHO website for a look – or even a detailed study.

So much is happening in our worlds. We are all so busy. The Mountain will be good for us – restful vibrations, clean air, clean water and many open hearts. What a wondrous combination.

All this plus, Shasta Abbey, Mother Mary’s students, Mountain Stories & great food.

I look forwards to our summer gathering, and to the many blessings that await us all.

I send you all my love, and my prayers for our spiritual fulfillment,

Yours in Service to the Real,

Hakim Sauluddin