Murshid Story

Dear all,

I feel moved to report an occurance I wittnessed at the Khankah in Novato (Garden of Inayat) in 1970.

Someone had brought over a film of some teacher talking (not our family), and the members of the Khanka were watching it in their dining room.

Murshid arrived, saw what was happening, went to the meditation room, and closed the door. I was not interested in the film, and was outside the room talking to Ayesha when Murshid stormed out of the meditation room and started to rake the Khankah over the coals.

I don’t remember exactly what he said, as I was attempting to make myself as small as possible against the wall as he fumed by.  He glanced at me in passing and said “This has nothing to do with you.” As Ayesha and I went upstairs, I heard Murshid say, “If I have hurt your vision or your heart I apologize. But I don’t give a damn about your ego.”

Happy Fall

hakim saul