DHO Retreat 2006 at Lama Foundation, New Mexico

Beloved ones of God,

Greetings and love from Virginia.

Our yearly gathering is upcoming, and this year we shall be returning to Lama Mountain
to celebrate Murshid Sam’s 35th urs year.

Place: Lama Mountain, New Mexico
Dates: June 21-27, 2006. (Wednesday through Tuesday)
Theme: Receiving the Transmission – Honoring Murshid Sam’s 35 year.

Staff to date: Shafayets: Murshida Asha von Brissen, Shiekh Siddiq von Brissen, Shiekh Aslan Scott Sattler, Shiekh Murad Finkestein, and Sarafraz Cathy Knight. Plus: Shieka Ananda Cronin, Murshida Khadija Goforth, Elaine Sutton and Hakim Saul. Plus the usual light filled guests.

Our focus shall be on attunement practices, and transmissional exercises.

Plus: meditation, zikr, tea, absent healing, spontaneous rituals, breathing practices, walks, Ram Nam, Chi Gong, visualizations, dances, choir, bed time stories, great food, and our usual frolicking amidst the trees.

For more information contact: Jennifer Avian

Price for the week only $350

As always: All monies go to the Lama Foundation. Staff receives neither reimbursement nor honorarium.

See you on the mountain.

Hakim Sauluddin
Charlottesville, Virginia