Archive of Joe & Guin Miller recordings

forward by Murad:


Dear all,

Our dear friend Richard Power let me know that the San Francisco Lodge of the Theosophical Society has put a Miller Archive on its website ( The archive features free audio and video downloads of Joe and Guin Miller.

From the website: “Joe and Guin Miller were great American sages. Working together from the 1960s to the 1990s, they inspired thousands of people throughout the world. With their music, walks in the park, evenings at the SFTS and their deeply compassionate, one-on-one friendship, they touched many lives and offered a powerful example of the unconditional love and simple awareness that operates at the heart of all the world’s great mystical traditions.”

Downloads currently available include Joe’s talks (five audio, three video) and the audio of a concert performance by Joe & Guin.

Of course, the files are rather large, so if you don’t have a broadband connection the downloads could take a long time.

The lodge will add several more audios and videos to the archive every quarter for the next couple of years. In March of this year, the site will start provide streaming video and audio, so people can just play the content without downloading it.

Love, love, love,