DHO Letter from Hakim Sauluddin

Beloved of God,

Much love and many greetings from Virginia.

Amidst the turmoil of the world, the Sufi looks for an opportunity to serve.

The following upcoming activities offer us all that opportunity:

• Federation of the Sufi Message: April 6-8 in Holland.(May there be peace amongst all our Inayati family.)

• Harmony Council: April 27 in Madison, Wisconsin – Finding ways to bring peace between our Ruhaniat & the Sufi Order.

• Haus Shneida: May 22 – 28 in Northern Germany – a family gathering, our 22nd year. Ya Shakur!

• DHO Lama June in New Mexico: This year (June 21 to 27) will have honored guests, a preview of Mansur’s New Book on Murshid SAM to pre-purchase, walks, dance, stories, zikr, tea, Ram Nam, rituals, healing, alchemical transmission,, and of course, our procession to the Maqbarra. All this plus our usual frolicking amongst the new trees. AND, the Retreat Hut will be open for our usage. Cost only $350 for the week – all monies collected go to the Lama Foundation. For information and registration: Jennifer Avian

I have just returned from Turkey and Uzbekestan. In addition to visiting Konya, I also went to Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent. It has been a long time dream of mine to visit these “jewel cities” of Central Asia, the home of Tamerlane (I visited his tomb in Samarkand), and Hazrati Nakshiband outside Bukhara (after whom they named the Nakshibandi order).

There are very specific feeling at each of the tombs I have visited. i.e. Mevlana is very warm- hearted; Shemsuddin is very uplifted and `pure,’ almost an `empty’ feeling; whilst Nakshiband’s tomb has very strong feelings of discipline & direction along the `straight path.’

There were many more holy places I did not get a chance to visit – Inshallah! Next time. I found the Uzbek people warm and friendly, and their gracious attitudes reminded me of Turkish villagers 40 years ago. True hospitality, and open hearts. Mashallah!

It is a great blessings to see just how wide our spreading of the Message has become: Our family has initiated talibs from San Francisco to Saint Petersberg – the Brittish Isles to Morocco – Germany to Turkey; and from New York to Australia.

Alhamdulliah! May the Message of God reach far and wide.

And, to all who practice the Absent Healing Ritual: Sending the Peace of God through us, and directing this Peace towards the world at large is one of the DHO’s main concentrations. Please do this on a regular basis. This is still the simplest and surest way I have found to attune oneself to Hazrat Inayat Khan’s blessingsI send all my love and blessings, and prayers for your continued growth and the increased prosperity of your heart. See you on Lama Mountain !

Hakim Sauluddin
Charlottesville, Virginia