DHO 2007 in San Francisco

Walking in the Footsteps of the Teacher

Our Summer Gathering is planned for June 14 to 19th, 2007 in San Francisco.


We will follow in Murshid SAM’s, Joe & Gwin Miller’s and Frida Waterhouse’s energy flow, as we visit their “favorite” places.

  • Our base will be the Mentorgarten, with visits to as many places as we can still find open:
  • Precita Park (to pick up glass and garbage prior to our dancing),
  • Potrero Hill (where the Call to Prayer in Sun Seed was filmed),
  • The Theosophical Society and Golden Gate Park (where Joe and Gwin taught),
  • and Inshallah! The Rock of the Prophet, The Garden of Inayat, and even more.

Our goal will be to catch any remaining energy left from our teachers’ passage. Remember

Murshid Sam’s story of catching Nyogen Sanzaki’s barakka at the beach (where Senzaki san used to walk) and finding himself in the ocean.

Our gathering will have 3 sections:

  1. Our regular gathering, centered at the Mentorgarten.
  2. An Open to the Public day on Sufi Healing, at a larger location: We shall focus our attention on Prayer, Breath, Attunement, Transmutation, Protection, Creating a Sacred Space, the Sending and Receiving of Energy, Cleansing the Auric Body, Sound, Color, Visualization, Concentration, Ritual, Clearing Past Life Impressions, Amulet Making & the Power of Jewels, plus the Astrological Walks, and the Walks of the Great Healers. Etc. {Our D.H.O. leadership group will be expected to hold this public focus}
  3. A Bus Tour to the many places our teachers walked and loved. I am personally looking forward to our hanging out in the Bus and doing zikr and wazifa together.

Housing has 3 possibilities:

  1. We are securing dorm space at San Francisco State College – clean, cheap and we can have a whole floor to ourselves.
  2. Alternative hotel or motel space – you book it yourself.
  3. Crashing with friends and family.

Please let us know if you plan on using the Dorm option, as we must let them know how many we wish to reserve very soon!

Costs will be as minimal as usual And, since our staff will receive neither reimbursements nor honorarium, we should pretty much stay within our usual budget.

Since this is a HEADS UP! Notice – more details will follow soon.
For registration: Jennifer Avian

And finally, there is some great news to report on the making of Peace.

The Sufi Order has agreed to send a full delegation to our 9th Annual meeting of the Federation of the Sufi Message, right here in Charlottesville, Virginia. April 11 -15, 2007. Inshallah! We shall have representatives of all 6 manifestations of our Inayati family present.

DHO & Ruhaniat members who wish to attend, please contact Amrita

And, following in this energy flow, Devi Tide (the Kafayat for the Sufi Order) and myself , will do a joint DHO – SHO healing weekend in Kansas City – March 16 – 18, 2007.
DHO & SRI members who wish to attend, please contact Sarfaraz.

I send all my love and deepest wishes for your well being and health in this new year.

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin