The Spreading of PEACE

Dear family,

We have just concluded a heartfelt and highly positive gathering of our Iniyati family.  Alhamdulliah! it went very well.  Amongst the many productive ideas that were put forth, this from Devi Tide {Sufi Healing Order} caught my hearts attention:

On this June 21st – we call upon all mureeds and family to offer up prayers for our planet.

◊ If you perform the Absent Healing Ritual – do it on this day for our Planet.

◊ If you celebrate the Universal Worship Service – do it on this day for our Planet.

◊ If you do ANY rituals of healing or worship – do them on this day for our Planet.

If you are not involved in group worship or process – then please on this day think of us, and open yourselves to our purpose, so that we may use your love and support as a ‘battery’ for the work we are doing in all of our names.

Please pass this onto all our family and beyond.

This is a golden opportunity to manifest our intention, and to link our spiritual breath-consciousness as One.

May we step beyond the limitations of our individual orders and stand together as Mureeds and Servants of the One.

yours in Service to the Message
hakim sauluddin