Health and our Ruhaniat

Dear friends and family,

As we begin this newest year, I am moved to offer some thoughts on Health, Prayer and the active healing concentration held within our Ruhaniat by the Dervish Healing Order.

One of the more important aspects of Murshid Sam’s effect on people was not just his sun like energy, but also the razor sharp clarity of his mind. He felt that these were inter-dependent.

During my two active years with him, I rarely saw him in an agitated state. Mostly, he was not only clear, but also enthusiastically heart centered. He often remarked that “if one wishes to use the Zen Stick, one’s heart must be open.”

I also remember during a meeting he remarked, “ An idea dropped into a clear and focused mind will crisp like a potato slice in bubbling hot oil.”

It is this clarity and focused will (or purpose) which directs our ‘performance’ of the absent healing ritual. The reason why the healing conductor is an initiation, is so that:

  1. They are first trained, and evaluated, to insure that their ‘makam’ is sufficient for this work.
  2. They are connected to, and may draw from the inner clarity & barakka of our silsela.

To do successful healing, one must first have an open and focused heart. To attempt the absent healing ritual without these in place, puts the very health of the person being prayed for into jeopardy. When one concentrates with any negative, or even personal emotions, than one takes the risk that these negative (or personal) feelings will also be sent out. Not what the ill or grieved has asked for.

Some orders are very firm in their ‘qualifications’ for leading the healing ritual. And, some leaders in our own order have asked that their names not be put out to general distribution. Their concern is actual, and perhaps has some merit.

As of this writing, we are in the process of attempting a unitive approach to the healing needs of our Inayati family.

I am hopeful that in the near future, there will be a real “all order healing list” for all of us to send our prayers through.

This will be a major step towards unity, and your positive thoughts ar e requested.

Until these steps are accepted by all the various orders, please continue to support your local healing centers. It is very important that we have an active healing concentration in place for our own Ruhaniat.

If you are not on the DHO listserve, or do not know the Healing Conductors in your area, then please continue to place your requests for healing on Oursohbet and the Jamiat Khas listserves. No other entity represents our work.

Even better, join with your local healing circle to pray for our order, our spiritual family, and our world.

If all of us take on what Inayat Khan called the “problems of the day,” we will have a greater opportunity to alter our interactions with the world, and thus bring into manifestation the healthy, clear, and loving kindness we all seek.

Remember, Murshid Sam said that “the New Age will come about by itself.” And, Mother Mary told me that “if we were very fortunate, we could become the teachers of the teachers of the New Age.”

Supporting your local healing circle is a wonderful opportunity to manifest our spiritual ideals of Serving God by Serving Humanity.

I send all my love and blessings, and my prayers for our health, and the continued prosperity of our spirit.

Remember the DHO Gathering – outside Portland, Oregon – June 22 to 26, 2009. More data very soon.

yours in service to the real

hakim sauluddin
January 10, 2009

P.s. Do I need to note that Murshid Sam’s Urs is January 15th?