DHO stucco work. and news from Germany!

Dear family – Please see the sweet letter from Krishnadas at Lama.

Alhamdulliah!  we were able to make a contribution to the upkeep of the Lama infrastructure.

I am hopeful that we can do a return visit in 2010 (June).  Dates to be announced later.

and, Ananda & I are just back from Shneida in Germany – a wonderful meeting, and celebration of my 70th birthday – who would have thought it possible.  Thanks to all our German family for keeping the torch lit these 25 years.  Mashallah!

Big News:  we raised 2,000 Euros for the publishing of a German Language edition of In the Garden…Ya Fatah! the translation and design will all be done by our very talented family in Germany…what a great birthday present.  Thank you all. 

And, don’t forget our upcoming DHO gathering near Portland – June 22 – 26, 2009….

Please contact Jennifer Avian for registration.

And, especially during this time of uncertainty, fear and hope, let us hold the high ground, and remember our earliest lessons on the ‘Path’: That life’s true treasure is not the gold of the world, but rather the jewel of the open heart.

May our hearts be open and filled with the Love, Joy & Peace of God’s Grace.

I send all my love and blessings

hakim sauluddin

—–Original Message—–

Subject: DHO stucco work.

Dear Saul,Greetings from Lama where the snow is turning to mud — but we will get more snow no doubt.

We would like for the DHO to know that this past fall we used the DHO money for stucco work to restore the south and west face of the 2 straw bale structures that Beth and I live in. The houses now have a very stable protective surface on the storm sides. This was a grand success and model for the work to be done this coming summer on all of the deteriorating south faces of many of Lama’s structures.

We are appreciative and grateful for the money DHO gave for this to happen.

The money for the Maqbara awning structure is in a restricted account –“DHO Maqbara project”. Meanwhile, I will try to get an estimate from the custom awning place in Santa Fe.

I will be leaving Lama at after 8 summers and 7 winters — whew! — staying down the road at Annie’s Magic Tourtise community until September — still assisting up here part time for the summer. Then I shall travel on once Beth finishes the summer.

My intention is to still assist Lama with it’s summer program calendar in the future — all inshAllah.

Which brings the question — ? — If DHO is interested in returning in 2010,  we are willing to give you the prime calendar dates of your choice in June of 2010. Perhaps you could let me know when DHO has it’s summer gathering.

Lots of love to you and the DHO.

Krishna Das