DHO 2016 in Oregon

Dear family,

DHO Portland is now a full and happy memory, and we are starting to plan 2016.

As you know, our first choice was to be Lama and Sam’s maqbara.

We have just heard from Lama that the construction (with heavy machinery) will be occurring when we wish to be there, and that there will be both loud noise and restricted access to the maqbara.

Sounds like our timing for our Pilgrimage to Murshid Sam is off by at least a year.

Our second choice was to be Mt. Shasta, but the available group meeting space is highly restricted – with over priced bad food, and un-happy local residents. Also not our preferred venue. Sigh!

Portland, however, is happy to take us back, and their chef is both sweet and makes yummy food.  We also do NOT have to do any Karma Yoga, so the ‘workers’ amongst us can have a real “rest and recuperation” vacation.

Sorry for the lengthy letter, but I wanted to keep you all up on the process, as we spent precious meeting time going over our options.

So, unless Murshid Sam directs us in a different direction it is:

Portland DHO for 2016
Dates: June 19-24, 2016
Costs: double-$575 & triple-$475
Please get your deposit in early to Jude
see Calendar of Events page.

And, thanks God, our support staff will also be the same.

Remember to do your homework for the year.

all blessings and love

hakim sauluddin

Charlottesville, Virginia
July 13, 2015