A New Year’s Message from Saul

Dear Family,

Many of us are still reeling from the last US election results, and our governments shift in priorities.

Our teachings offer us both solace, and a vehicle for working amidst adversity.

Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid Sam, Nurunissa Inayat Khan, and our God Father, Hidayat Inayat Khan all were ‘warriors in heart,’ and some even served in the armed forces, or operated as behind the lines partisans.

Their courage is still inspiring, and offers us a pathway where both Heart and Hara are united in purposeful action.

What is most important amidst these times is to Remember who we are, and why we are here.

As mureeds, we are given the blessed opportunity to be channels for the Spirit of Guidance.

As the Absent Healing Service of Hazrat Inayat Khan invokes:

“Let us be a channel of thy Love, Light and Life, that we may be more able to serve Thee and humanity.”

It is now up to us to open ourselves for “Service to the Real.”

Let us direct our hearts-will towards manifesting Peace.  For it to be real, it must come from within us, and spread outwards.

As channels, or co-creators, we move the Divine Will through our actions – both within and without.

Sometimes, even the smallest pebble can start a landslide, or block a pathway outwards.  Murshid Sam told the story of Paul Brunton (A Search in Secret India, and Egypt), who was told by his guru (Ramanamaharshi?) to go to Prague in 193(5?).  He didn’t go, and Sam said that his absence opened the way for the Nazis to invade, and WW2 to begin shortly thereafter.

To carry the energy of Peace is both a duty and a privilage.  This does not at all mean to be passive and surrender to adversity.  But rather it is an inner state from which ones actions arise, and are cradled within.  This is Fudo in action – the merging of Heart and Hara towards the One.

We have much work before us, and it is most important to remember that we are not alone.  But are only the point of the historical march towards The Manifestation of the Message in our Time.

Fear not tomorrow, but rather connect to our transmission, and allow the Spirit of Guidance to direct your hearts actions in the outer world.

Sending only Love and Joy and Peace

yours in Service to the Real

hakim sauluddin