This is the New Age in Person

Most beloved of God,

Much love and many blessings from Virginia.

This person is Saul Barodofsky, who was Dr. SAM’s driver and factotum, and was privileged to be present during many of the talks he gave at HOOM, which became the book, This is the New Age in Person. As you might gather, I am still active in the SIRS, and have taken on more responsibility as the years flow by. Hopefully, you are the correct person to address this issue to. So, I shall attempt it.

Firstly, and most important, I am so pleased that you have taken on the re-publication of this important series of talks. It is wonderful to see it in print again, and I applaud your use of the WEB as a vehicle for dissemination.Thank you also for the numerous citations of copyright, the links to the SIRS web site, and the distributing branch of Peaceworks.

However, I am told by some of the Ruhaniat folks (who are more literate than me – I am stricken with dyslexia and have never been able to spell) that your wonderful offering has many glaring mis-spellings. Is it possible to clean this up? It would be most helpful to all those who look for details amidst the big picture, and are distracted by mis-spellings.

On an other matter, I am SO PLEASED that you have re-formed the esoteric work of the HOOM as a new school. As you might know, I was very close to the Order after Dr. SAM’s passing – being their book distributor, and general “friend.”

I have kept track of some of the old family – I am in sporadic contact with the “former” Master Marthelia, and was in contact with Rev. Ben, prior to his passing. Aside from the correction of spelling, I volunteered to write this letter for the SIRS Editorial Board, because I am eager to connect our work again, as it was in the past, and I hope that this might be an opportunity to do so. I am teaching the spiritual walks, which Dr. SAM gave us, in Germany & Eastern Europe, as well as in the USA. In fact, I have incorporated the Symbol of the HOOM as a spiritual walk, amongst the series of the Symbolic Walks.

I hope this can be an opportunity to re-connect our Familial heart-space. Toward this end, may I invite you and any of the family who are moved to attend a 30 year Pilgrimage to Dr. SAM’s grave site – June 24 – 30th (2001) – at the Lama Foundation, above Taos New Mexico. Since he was one of the founders of your order, and the founder of ours, I have always felt that we were one family.

I send you all my love and prayers for a wondrous and Light Filled Easter.

your brother