Report: DHO Calistoga 2000

Dear Family,

Once again we gathered together to form the Healing Circle on the earth plane. Alhamdulliah! Our gathering at Calistoga was a wonderful rest from our daily chores: There were two pools for swimming (one heated, one natural), the food was abundant and delicious. The meeting space was large enough for 3 circle dancing, and all the walks. The acoustics were deep and the vibrations carried out into the cosmos. The evenings homework and the resulting dream work were fruitful and inspiring.

The choir sang like angels, and most importantly, we all had a chance to catch up on the lives (and loves) of our family. Ya Shakur.

The concentration given for this year is:

Breath in “Use us for the purpose that Thy wisdom chooseth.”
And exhale “and guide us on the path of Thine own goodness.”

Do this as you fall asleep, and if it feels right, whenever the opportunity arises.

Advance Notice of Next Years Gathering:

Pilgrimage 2001 – A Visit to Murshid Sam.

Dates: June 21 – 30 – (to be reconfirmed)
Place: Lama Foundation – above Taos, New Mexico.
Costs: To be determined – but not much.
Accommodations: Rugged, tenting, hey there, its a pilgrimage.
Theme: Do something during this year to further the Message, and bring this as a personal offering to Murshid Sam.

This year (2001) is the start of the real millennium, and we feel that this would be a wondrous opportunity to gather at the Maqbara and offer thanks and prayers for the continued blessings we all receive. May the Message of God Reach Far and Wide!

Some folks are planning a group excursion – i.e. Morad and Rosie from Eugene would like to charter a bus and bring in the whole North West contingent together – singing and other spiritual diversions on the road – sort of like a Sufi Camp Trip. If you’re from that part of the world, you might like to connect with them – looks to be not only fun, but very cost effective.

Upcoming, I am looking forwards to our next gathering in St Petersburg this September 1st. There have been some wonderful walks coming through, and we shall explore them further in Mother Russia.

Speaking of the walks, Scott and I are working on putting the walks together in a manual for our teachers. More on that soonish. And, the T Shirts for the “In The Garden” republishing fund are almost gone – we still have some X-Large and XX-Large in Blue & Black – very striking – if interested please send $20 plus a few bucks postage – all proceeds go to the fund, which now has over $1,000. Thanks to Hauke Sturm in Berlin for the creative effort and printing. Allah Mu Barrak.

Finally, Farishta in St. Louis has just completed the healing ritual at the court steps where the infamous Dread Scott Decision was made. (Thats where the court decided that black people did not have human rights under the law). We were told, the St. Louis Arch was visible during the ritual and became filled with beings of light. May they continue to shine and illuminate our hearts, giving us the compassion we seek.

Thank you in St. Louis for heeding the call, and doing the work.

I send you all my love and blessings, and await our next gathering

yours in Service,
Hakim Saul(uddin)
Charlottesville, Virginia – July 11, 2000