Report: Holland & Germany

Dear family –

Happy Valentine’s Day to us all.

This is just a short report on my visit to the Urs of Hazrat Inayat Khan in Holland, and two meetings we held in Germany.

Firstly, allow me to say that I was given every honor at the Temple in Ketwig. Murshid SAM would be very pleased. After the formal service, I was asked to bless the cake and water – they called it praying in “the Oriental manner.” We would call it singing Fathia. It was a wonderful and very moving experience. The Urs was also a wonderful opportunity to meet with some of the leadership of the Movement. I took it upon myself to encourage
them all to attend the Leadership conference in April in Charlottesville.

As an aside, it seems that the heads of the 3 healing activities, will meet together in April. Alhamdulliah! Arjuna from the Movement, Himayat from the Order, and myself from the DHO. Ya Shakur. We are all hopeful that this is but the first steps in the cosmic dance of Love, Harmony & Beauty.

From Holland I went onto Germany: In Hanover and Berlin we had meetings with the German Healing Order, and after some strong prompting from Ananda, I initiated a number of new mureeds into the Ruhaniat. I look forwards to also moving some of the DHO’ers at our Spring meeting in North Germany formally into the Ruhaniat. After all, who has a better and more coherent study program for new mureeds than us Inayati’s. In addition, it is a program that all of us “old timers” have gone through. Alhamdulliah! We shall be setting up Gatha/Githa study programs for Germany.

May the Message of God Reach Far & Wide.

I send you all my love and blessings on this Day of Loves Remembrance.
Hakim Saul