Report: Lama Pilgrimage 2001

Beloved ones of God,

Honoring the 30th year of Murshid Samuel L. Lewis’s passing, almost 100 of us gathered at his gravesite onLamaMountainto pray, dance, walk, tell stories, play, and in general, honor his life and the limitless generosity of his spirit.

We counted over 50 full time pilgrims, and almost 40 part timers (plus the Lama staff).  We generated about $15,000. for Lama – approximately $13,000 in fees, and about $2,000 donated by us specifically to repair the roof of the main dome.

Pilgrims came all the way from Hawaii to Germany, and from all over the USA. Special guests of our DHO family included: Fatima Lassar (who shared her early stories of meeting and interacting with S.A.M., plus her remembrances of how all the early disciples came to him), Abraham and Halima Sussman (Abraham was in the original Sufi Choir, and shared many of the musical themes from our earliest days).  In addition, Siddiq von Brissen and Asha Durkee-Greer shared many stories of Murshid’s 2 visits to Lama, and of his burial.  It was so welcome for me to have others present to help tell stories.

Each morning started with an early walk to the Maqbarra and group practice there.  It was wonderful to do the Heart Sutra and to sing RamNamat the gravesite.  A fabulous way to start the day.

Food was overseen by Elaine Sutton; need I say more than that?  Many thanks to the Lama Kitchen Staff (David & crew) who took her suggestions and ran with them so well. Yummy! Ananda brought her harmonium, and we did lots of sung heart zikrs.  There was daily tea ceremony (thanks to Zakina & Siddiq who held the concentration so well, that most of the young girls decided they wanted to learn Tea), a walks class, Asha taught the prayers in the prayer room, there was also daily practice of “Sufi” Chi Gong with Morad, Elaine Sutton and Abraham led some great dances in the evening, and Zuleika visited, and led us all in a very special evening Zikr.  Thanks dear one.

All that plus Friday Lama Shabat, and an evening ofFatima’s newest game Sifat Bingo. We had a men’s group, and a women’s group.  (The men had a blast hanging out together in silence.)  In the Walks Class there were many new walks of attunement to the Masters Saints and Prophets: Ananda brought forth a powerful walk of the mother as protector and the eater of demons.  She also shared a Powerful Tibetan Bon practice of receiving the transmission of a departed teacher.  Noel shared the walk of Hanuman.  Sarah Emi brought through the walk of Sarah. And at least 3 of the ladies brought through various walks of Mary the Mother of Jesus (Tsukina, Sar’faraz & Ana Farishta).  There was so much wonderful participation I just hope I didn’t forget anyone.

In DHO news, Cathy Sar’faraz fromKansas Citywas initiated as our newest Shafayette. Alhamdulliah!  It was such a heart filled gathering.Some highlights for me was our attunement to Moineddin’s Maqubarra, our attunement to Shabda and the family on their Pilgrimage through Spain & Morocco, and our final healing ritual of the gathering.   Karin Fourier fromGermanyled us in an attunement to Brita von Kugelgen’s healing ritual at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp inNorth Germany.  This was a continuation of our performing the ritual at Places of Great Human Suffering, and it was the first time many of the Pilgrims had participated in such a process.   Brita plans on writing a full report soon, and Inshallah!  I shall pass it onto us all.

Next year is still being planned, but should be around the same time period (Late June).

I send you all my love and blessings and wish you all the very best that Allah can give you.

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin
Charlottesville,Virginia  July 11, 2001