Murshid’s Urs – A Remembrance

Most Beloved one’s of God,

On the 32nd Urse of Murshid S.A.M. I felt moved to share a story from my time with him.

It was on our (Murshid, Mansur, myself & Wuta) trip to see his Uncle Harry in British Columbia, and we had made a number of stops along the way: Mt Shasta, where we just missed Mother Mary, Klamath Falls, where we met Auntie Helen and drove around Crater Lake, and passing through Portland, where he commented that he had always wanted to live in that city but God wouldn’t let him, and onto the Seattle area where we met Samcher Beorse, and where this reminiscence takes place.

It is 1970, and the local Sufi’s had booked a Unitarian Church for a welcoming gathering for him. Do remember that most of the Sufis who were around then were either direct disciples of Hazrat Inayat Khan or came to Sufism at a much earlier time then either Mansur or myself.

So, there we were at the podium, Mansur and me standing close to Murshid and him looking at the audience of mostly older people. Samcher introduces him at Pir-O-Murshid Samuel Lewis, and Murshid went ballistic — “I am a Murshid,” he sputtered. “Only Inayat Khan is Pir-O-Murshid.”

Samcher mumbles an apology, and Murshid starts with the invocation and then led the audience in the prayers Saum, Salat & Khatum.

There was short silence, and then Murshid exploded at them: “You have been doing these prayers for almost 50 years, and you still don’t get it.” He then had Mansur and me demonstrate some of the walks he had taught us, as an illustration of what his current work with young people was all about.

After the meeting — which was very short — we were all standing at the front door of the church talking to Samcher when the people in the audience started coming out and each one took his hand, shaking it and saying what a wonderful sermon he had given. I thought he would have apoplexy on the spot. They still didn’t get it.

Happy Urs Day Murshid

Allah Shakur!

all love and blessings,
hakim saul