2003 Meetings

Dear DHO Family,

I am sorry to say that we must cancel the DHO Gathering this year. There is just too much happening in my life to organize it. My apologies.

However, there is an alternative for those with a taste for travel: Haus Shneida DHO Gathering – May 26th (Monday) to June 1st (Sunday) 2003. The timing is very auspicious, as it is the best time to eat the local white asparagus – we call it ‘spargle’ time – yummy.

The location is in North Germany – between Hamburg and Hanover. The house is fantastic – our Godfather, Pir Hidayat Inayat Khan, calls it Camp Wonderland. Pricing is very moderate. The food is fabulous, as is the setting, location and general ambiance. And wait until you meet our family from Germany, Russia, Holland, and the Czech Republic. You will be welcomed with open arms.

The teaching crew will be: David Dalley (dance), Scott Sattler (choir), Ananda Cronin (sung zikr), Subhan Spencer (photography), Hakim Saul (healing ritual, walks, Zikr Allah).

For more information please contact: Neli & Martin Kuechler

all love and blessings, and again my apologies for this years cancellation – hopefully we shall see you amidst the trees and the greenery

hakim saul