re: DHO 2005 Meeting

Dear family..

Our summer 2005 gathering is upcoming.

We had spoken about meeting on Mt Shasta, and submersing ourselves in the “fabulous” traditions of the American Spiritual movement: i.e. The Great White Brotherhood, psychicism, and Mother Mary.

We hope to gather at Stewart Hot Springs – it has a long connection to the White Brotherhood, as well as excellent food, hot mineral baths, and good accommodations – as well as fabulous views of the Mountain.

The dates they have available are June 27 to July 1st.

And. they have raised their prices – so, our gathering will now cost  $400 per person. That’s all inclusive of food, and rooms and a meeting space.

So, who is willing to commit to coming?

Please let me know soonest, so Jennifer can book the space.

I send all love and blessings, and promise a real DHO report on Russia soon

hakim sauluddin