The Story of Two Covers

Beloved ones of God,

Firstly allow me to thank all the folks who made the Pilgrimage happen so well and so smoothly. To Zuleikha who gave us a fabulous evening of dance, and story, of zikr, and love. To Asha who flew across country from one camp right into ours. To Mansur Johnson who brought the manuscript of his time with Murshid with him and read from it.  And, to all the dozen plus Murshidas, Shiekas, Khalifas, and the 50 beloveds who participated, and to our hosts, the Lama beans – especially Krishnasdas and Austin. Ya Shakur!

$11,000.00 was raised for Lama.  Alhamdullilah!


It is also time to share with the larger group the story of the two coverings, which were placed on Murshid's Maqbara,


When Murshid S.A.M. fell and went into a coma (late December of 1970), I called “auntie” Helen in Oregon, and gave her the news and asked for her prayers. She said she would be coming down to hold my hand through all of this. And, when S.A.M. died, she came down.

She brought with her a green velvet cover, fully inscribed in Arabic calligraphy. She said that when she was in town (Klamath Falls) making a few purchases for the trip south, she heard Mother Mary’s voice clearly in her head. (Mother Mary had died the year earlier) “Turn right here.” Mother said. She turned as directed, and found herself in front of a gift shop. “Enter.” said mother, and she did. “Get that one for Saul.” she was told. “Tell Saul that the calligraphy means something. It is not just decorative.” She went to pay for the velvet coverlet, and found that she had just enough money to pay for it.  This was especially important, as she and her family were as poor as ‘church mice.’

She arrived the next day, and when we went to see S.A.M. in the Mortuary, she placed the cover over his body, and it remained there until he was autopsied and buried.


About 2 months ago, a dear friend (Jerry Toporovsky) returned from a trip to India. When he was in Ajmir, he felt moved to purchase (for Saul) a cloth cover from the tomb of Moineddin Chisti. When he presented it to me, I heard the words Maqbarra and Murshid. So, I brought it with us to Lama to be placed on Murshid’s grave.

Both covers were placed on Murshid’s gravesite – I asked Mansur Johnson (as Murshid’s ‘senior’ mureed present) to assist me.

The cloth from Moinuddin Chisti remains at Lama. It will have a small box made for it, and it will “live” in the retreat cabin by the Maqbara.

The cover from Mother Mary (through Auntie Helen) returned with me.

Finally, the last morning, we did the healing ritual under the dome. Hadi David Hunter performed it. The energy was so deep and powerful it carried us all safely back home.

All love and blessings
Hakim sauluddin