Report: DHO at Lama – 2006

Beloved Family,

This years American DHO Gathering was at Lama Foundation, and I am happy to report that Murshid is alive and well, and Lama continues to lovingly care for his Maqbara. Alhamdulliah!

Our dream work (home work) reported many of his visitations and instructions. Ya Shakur.

Forty of us gathered together from all over the USA & Canada, and we raised $12,135.00 for Lama, of which $10,520, came from registration, and $1,615 was a direct donation towards the repair of their leaking community roof.

As part of our continued attempt to offer the original teachings of Murshid Sam, we felt it was important to reintroduce both the prayers, and the 10 Sufi Thoughts. The former were done before our morning meeting, and the later were used as a theme for the nights `homework.’

Mansur Johnson was our guest, and shared some more of his forthcoming book on Murshid SAM. Due in October 2006 from Peaceworks (thanks Saadi and Jelaluddin for taking this on).

New Mexico is experiencing it’s worst drought in 133 years, but the love and joy we experienced kept us all in such a heart centered place that few of us noticed it. In addition, Lama is greener than expected, and their new trees and plants are prospering with all the loving care they receive.

Very Special Thanks to:

  • Mansur Johnson for leading our procession up to the Maqubara.
  • Scott Aslan Sattler for the choir, and for leading Murshid Sam’s original dances at night.
  • Fadilla Bradley for leading us in the con-fraternity prayers each morning.
  • Siddiq & Sakina von Brissen for their Japanese tea classes, and for doing an all camp tea under the big dome – wonderful!
  • Elaine Sutton for being our Rabbi for Friday night Shabbas, and for her writing class.
  • Ananda Cronin for leading us in the Bon meditation that links us directly to a departed elder, for leading the woman’s circle, and for shlepping her harmonium through 27 airports so we could do sing zikr at the Maqbara.
  • Eddie Nasruddin Greenberg for a hilarious 30 minute stand up routine.
  • Noel Hale for manifesting the Heart of Hanuman.
  • Murad Finkestein for sharing his meditation experiences in the Taoist caves of China, and for leading Sufi Chi Gong.’
  • Asha Greer for holding the energy so well during tea, meditation, the woman’s circle, and for leading us into the Lama Meditation Chamber.
  • Jean Pierre for manifesting his practice of the 99 Names (or pathways).

And to all of our family who participated in the flowering of Love, Harmony & Beauty. Ya Shakur! Alhamdulliah!

We are also most pleased to announce that there were three initiations given at Lama:

Jean Pierre David is our latest Shafayette, and Eddie Nasruddin Greenberg, and Michael Endlick are now Initiators. May the Message of God Reach Far and Wide.

A few additional memories of the Lama Gathering:

  • The deep inner silence we all shared in the Lama meditation room (the old “Khiva”).
  • The loving and supportive Lama Beans who constantly blessed and
  • nurtured our work.
  • The kitchen crew who manifested delicious and nourishing food in cornucopious amounts.
  • Watching us all become children again and snuggling up for a bed-time story.

More News:

Next year we are talking about having our gathering at the Mentorgarten, and having an extended field trip to visit our historical elders favorite places – “Walking in the Footsteps of the Teacher.”

Plus, an additional day dedicated to a structured approach to the teaching of Sufi Healing. More on this soon.

This September I will return to Russia with Mujahid Havell – my 12th year. 2007 we are scheduled to be in Prague.

The Harmony Committee has finished its work, and the letters of support and regret are starting to circulate. Mashallah! It has been a long, painful and joyful process, but it feels worth all the effort. If there are any questions or comments on the letter, please feel free to write me.

And, Along these lines:

The 2007 Meeting of the Federation of the Sufi Message will be held in Charlottesville, Virginia.

April 11 -15. Mark your calendar, and pray that ALL the streams of the Sufi Message will be present and accounted for.

And, there will be a joint healing meeting of the Dervish Healing Order & the Sufi Healing Order in Kansas City – March 10, 11 & 12. Devi Tide and myself will be leading it. A landmark event.

I send you all my love and blessings and prayers for your continued health and inner peace.

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin
Jennifer Avian – our camp planner
Jude Sargent – our secretary
Jean Pierre David – our web master