Workshop: Nourishing Our Health

Nourishing Our Health

A Workshop with Murad Malvin Finkelstein
Saturday, January 19, 2008
1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Held in Portland

According to the teachings of mystic and spiritual traditions from around the world, the health of our body is inextricably linked to the health of our minds, emotions and our spiritual bodies.

In this class, we will utilize teachings and practices (sound, breath, visualization, meditation, qigong) from Sufi and Qigong/Chinese Medicine traditions to:

» find and maintain balance in the midst of the chaos of everyday life;
» listen to our bodies’ messages to allow healing in our bodies and in our lives;
» find the balance between doing and being;
» nurture ourselves.

This workshop is designed to accommodate questions of the participants and allow for an active dialogue and tailoring of the presentation to participants’ interests and needs.

Murad brings stories and teachings from the Universal Sufi tradition, Sufi Healing and Chinese Medicine. He is a senior teacher in the Sufi Ruhaniat International and the Dervish Healing Order. Murad is an acupuncturist/OMD in Eugene and the former president of the National Qigong Association. He has 25-30 years of experience as a teacher of Sufism, qigong and Oriental medicine. In his teaching, he combines the wisdom of Sufism and Taoism/Oriental Medicine.

Suggested donation: $35. Sliding scale also available.
To register, contact Frank O.

Drop-ins are welcome, but space is limited – please call prior to the workshop.